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  1. Hi Joey, Welcome to Dragonmount. The Wheel of Time is an incredible series that has many devoted fans, many of which you may meet here. The Whitecloaks havve no real authority, at best it is nostalgic authority from people remembering 1000 years before during the time of Artur Hawkwing. You''ll learn about Hawkwing later in book two I believe (I haven't reread in a while, can't remember where you get his story right now). Other than that, it is merely a might makes right situation. The Aes Sedai do have a recognized authority in most countries, but not all. You'll learn more about that as you get further into the series. Hawkwing hated Aes Sedai, so also the Whitecloaks hate them. They (whitecloaks) consider Aes Sedai as darkfriends.
  2. I gave up HBO after GoT ended (would have been happier if I'd given it up before the final season). This does sound interesting though. I'll have to wait until Netflix or another streamer picks it up.
  3. They nailed Cenn Buie and Daise Conger - according to what I always imagined them to look like. The only small complaint I'd have from seeing these is that Michael Tuahine is quite less rotund than I've always expected him to be.
  4. Yes! Besides, I wouldn't waste Malcolm's talent on a throwaway role. Be'lal literally dies like a bitch. Famous last words: "No..." I can see Malcolm as Thom Merrilin, though. Come on guys, while Sean Bean's characters do get killed often in fantasy series, he's still too good of an actor to put in a throwaway role. Honestly, I think he could be a great Ishamael/Moridin, but I think that role has already been cast.
  5. I haven't been high in over 30 years, it wasn't the herbs Imlad. I'm not trying to mock or be rude by saying this, it was just pretty hard to understand. But having said that, my best guess is that @death masks bravery is trying to say is something about how a movie can attain symmetry / balance if the characters are introduced in the correct atmosphere/scenery. Doing so makes it more poignant and pulls the audience in deeper. If that is what his point was, I agree.
  6. Wow, they seem understated to me, yet still intricate. I really like those... My only question is why they didn't take one final (logical) step and make the front cover more in line with the most predominate storyline within that particular book. For instance, why have Mat's ashandarei the cover for book 9? Wouldn't Fires of Heaven or Knife of Dreams have been more appropriate? The Laurel crown would obviously been better suited to book 7, right?
  7. I did several, but Tiger King wasn't among them. That type of story doesn't interest me - though I can see why it interests others. A few I watched (And recommend): - A Very Secret Service (French/dubbed into English): This was hilarious to me, but I don't think it's for everyone. It's a comedy but doesn't have a laugh track, and many of the jokes are referencing events that occurred in the Cold War around 1960 so if you're not a history buff you may a miss some of the funnier situational jokes. I am really hoping that they will get to make a 3rd season. - The Witcher. Likely doesn't require synapsis. I tried many others, but most I didn't get into. There was another one that I wanted to get into - Poldark; a British historical piece about a soldier returning to Cornwall after the American revolutionary war. The acting was excellent as well as the cinematography. I watched several episodes before realizing that it was far to soap-opera-ish for my tastes. If that's your thing, then you'd love it.
  8. That was a nice Q&A blurb, but I think he wasn't completely truthful when he stated that he's read the books... just a feeling I got when he said that he had.
  9. Great to see more fan discussion! Welcome to DM
  10. I love that the WoTonPrime series is bringing more people to the community! Welcome
  11. I think RJ wasn't referring the anything like the modern day treadmill as you are thinking of @PaigeJohnson, he was likely referring to the type the Romans used to power the lifting of a crane boom (think: water mill wheel). In that context, his usage of treadmill isn't anachronistic and not an inconsistency. While trying but failing to find a good example online of how the Romans used them, I did find this article showing that the first treadmills weren't electric: Prison Treadmills These more modern ones were invented in 1818 according to the linked article, which would be too recent for WoT.
  12. Rods of Dominion - Tar Valon Library library.tarvalon.net › title=Rods_of_Dominion May 7, 2016 - The Nine Rods of Dominion were symbols of office (December 19th, 2005) during the Age of Legends. None of the Forsaken were among the Nine Rods of Dominion. Today, the Rods are largely forgotten and some historians, although not all, believe that the Oath Rod of the Aes Sedai may be one of the Nine Rods of Dominion. https://library.tarvalon.net/index.php?title=Rods_of_Dominion I'm not sure if there is anything in the Companion or the Encyclopedia; I don't own either of them
  13. That was pretty cool. Hearing him talk about it made me feel a lot more relaxed that it is in capable hands and we'll get a/the series we want to watch!
  14. I felt the same way, wanting to know more about what each character actually did in post-Tarmon Gai'don life. I think it's normal for readers that loved the story to feel that way. That we didn't get more is (I believe in notes/instructions to Harriett) due to RJ wanting to leave things for each character standing as we last saw/knew about each characters situation. That way, each of us if free to imagine them as we like, and not be constrained to a role that the author placed them in at the end which may have made some reader dislike the ending for a particular character. To be honest, after seeing how the HBO production of Game of Thrones ended, I think RJ made a good choice (if it was RJ's decision). There were several characters in GoT that I despised how their stories came to an end.
  15. If RJ had not made any enemies strong, there wouldn't have been a real story. Imagine if all of the 'bad guys' were literally only rats, for instance. Would you have been as interested in a 14 book "epic" series where the worst enemy was a huge number of rats? I find it somewhat of an ironic complaint since most readers complain that the Forsaken were under-powered and too tame. They didn't get taken to anywhere near their potential is typically the complaint that I've read.
  16. "Bloody" definitely is British cursing, but it is so common it probably isn't considered to be a curse word anymore, I don't think it would cause offence to anyone anymore. I've never heard the English use "Flaming" as a curse word, or seen it used in written form as such. I've always felt it was purely Jordan finding a way to make his world unique. Perhaps one of our British forum-goers may confirm.
  17. I don't recall getting an exact answer from within the books, but I think Jordan implies that because Channelers touch the Source, they are revitalized/rejuvenated. At least, that is the way I've always taken it to be. I haven't ever thought to ask that question myself, much less try to look it up on this forum or elsewhere. There may be something said about this in the books when we meet one of the Channelers (Kin/Damane) that are really old but haven't been bound by the Oath Rod, which shortens the Aes Sedai's lives. More properly said as: The Oath Rod reduces the potential length of life of the Channeller.
  18. Wow, it seems to me that some people need to take a step back, take a chill pill or something similarly relaxing, and then realize that not everyone on this board is writing in their native language. Sometimes, people take offense when someone else hasn't communicated concisely enough for the hearer's/reader's liking. This often occurs when someone is trying to communicate in a language that isn't their first and possibly not even their second language.
  19. Welcome to Dragonmount! I'll check out your discussions, it's always nice to hear other's take on WoT.
  20. The books are available in audio book format, narrated by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer. Dragonmount may have them (check the STORE), but I only saw the ebooks available. https://www.amazon.com/Eye-World-Book-Wheel-Time/dp/B00026WUO6
  21. I haven't done a re-read for a few years now so my memory of it all is a bit shaky, but I do recall that Jordan gave little bits along the way. The first and largest being from Moiraine as she instructed Egwene and then Rand. In later books, and as each channeling character has moments, you sort of learn along with them. For instance, you'll learn a lot about the male half of the source when you reach book 6. What I'm getting at is that I don't recall there ever being a top to bottom listing of how the 'One Source' works and how it is utilized. Jordan just clarified points where the story needed to be clarified with regard to the magic system. I think he did it this way so that it was a constant story, rather than a huge exposition.
  22. I submit the following chapters: - Lews Therin creates Dragonmount - "Dragonmount" (EotW prologue) - Moiraine tells the story of Manetheran - "Tellings of the Wheel" (EotW chapter 9) - Rand and Loial 'steal' back the Horn of Valere and the ruby dagger - "Beneath the Dagger" (tGH chapter 19) - Mat blows the horn - "The Grave Is No Bar To My Call" (tGH chapter 47) - Perrin awakened by wolves to the shadowspawn attack on the camp - "Shadows Sleeping"/"Nightmares Walking" (tDR chapters 4/5) - Mat blows a hole in The Stone - "Into the Stone" (tDR chapter 54) - Rand defeats all remaining shadowspawn in The Stone with one channeled weave - "The Stone Stands" (tSR chapter 10) - Rand in the glass columns in Rhuidean - "The Road to the Spear"/"The Dedicated" (tSR chapters 25/26) - Nyneave shields Moghedian - "Into The Palace" - (tSR chapter 54) - Perrin, Faile and all of the 2 Rivers defeat the shadowspawn - "Goldeneyes" (tSR chapter 56) - Mat dissecting the best plan of battle to Lan after a glance at the map - "Before the Arrow" (tFoH chapter 42) - Mat coercing the Cairhienin and Tairens to follow him into battle - "This Place, This Day" (tFoH chapter 43) - Moiraine sacrifices herself - "Choices" (tFoH chapter 52) - Nyneave bests Moghedian again and forces her to lead them to where Rand fights Rahvin (tFoH chapter 55) That's my list for books 1-5. As time permits, I'll add more for the rest of the books if noone else mentions them.
  23. I don't like the comparison at all. RJ certainly didn't intend for readers to make a connection like that either, as far as I can tell. I have to admit that Rommel was one of the few German Generals that believed in proper ethical treatment of POWs, and wasn't a card carrying NAZI (like most of them around Hitler). He was implicated in and forced to commit suicide for the July 44 plot to assassinate the Corporal, but we don't have proof (that I'm aware of) that he was actually part of the plot. Having said that, considering slavery (channelers/da'cavole (sp?)) and torture, I suppose that Mat leading the Seanchan isn't too far removed on the ethics scale from being a General for Nazi Germany.
  24. I won't watch one minute of this series beyond the realization that she wasn't included - if that is what is occurring. This isn't something that I am giving a knee-jerk reaction about... I am willing to allow artistic license to a degree as well as changes necessary for change of medium, but dropping her character is way outside the degree I'm willing to go or accept as needed due to medium.
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