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  1. I haven't done a re-read in a while now, however, I think there are many 'tells' or indications when Rand is seizing the source, particularly during the period where he gets physically sick and dizzy at the point of seizing. There is also the worry of LTT taking it away from him... So anyone that is around him a lot would definitely notice, and anyone with very high intellect and insights into using the Power would also be able to deduce I would think.
  2. There isn't enough context within the quote you gave... however I think you're referring to when Semirhage has Cabriana (sp?) and her warder. If I recall correctly, there was a definite, but subtle sado-masochistic feel to that scene. You can simply think of it as torture, or you can read further into it than Jordan explicitly states... either way, it was torture taken to a new level.
  3. Uggh. You're not the one that gave this following answer, are you?
  4. In this era of instant gratification I'm very curious how many / what percentage of the overall audience (or public in general) actually have the attention span to wait a week for the episodes. I am speaking in light of the fact that to this point, Amazon series are expected by everyone to be available as full seasons at the release. We're all aware of GoT's popularity, and it was released weekly. However, the public expected this from that medium/source, whereas it isn't expected from Amazon. As a die hard fan of the book series, I'd wait only if I was forced to. While I definitely like the idea of having a week to digest and discuss what occurred in episode 'X', I don't have other known fans around me (in person) to have anyone to talk to about them. Dragonmount is my only option, and typing/waiting for a reply isn't the same as being able to speak and listen. For viewers that aren't familiar with WoT, I suspect they'd lose interest if each and every episode isn't utterly amazing. I mean, there is figuratively an infinite amount of choices that people have to spend their time on. One other point, I have (somewhat to my own shame) on more than one occasion continued to watch bad/crap series simply because it was available as a full season. Conversely, I have always 'binge watched' a good series simply because it was available; there was no chance that when time permitted I'd stop to simply savor the ride.
  5. Wow, you've got a lot more insight into the crew than I've ever thought of digging into. I knew of Rafe prior to this since I was a fan of Chuck when it was still being produced. Agents of Shield, not so much. I always felt they severely screwed it up, not reaching even one tenth of its potential. I don't know how much of that should be put on Rafe's shoulders, but he was involved... As far as the actors, I've only seen Rosamund and to a much smaller degree, Daniel. I have no real bones to pick with these choices, even though these characters look very different in my minds eye when I'm reading the books. For the Emonds Fielders, I am most happy that we got unknowns. These are very likely going to be "make or break" roles for both the series and each of their careers, we can only hope that each will be able to give stellar performances, endearing themselves to the viewers. Failing that, I think we'll not get more than a season or perhaps two before the show is cancelled. This is going to be the most difficult for Zoe as Nyneave and for Barney as Mat. First impressions in the books for these two were horrendous as RJ wrote them. One was a prissy, know-it-all martinet, the other a lazy, no-good shirker.
  6. I agree with Elgee. It's sweeping, but it isn't epic. WoT needs epic music.
  7. Here's a link: It appears like this is may actually be what will be the opening theme music. they are using the trademarked wheels.
  8. I'm expecting more casting news, and possibly some photos of some sets
  9. I don't know, maybe it's the half bottle of Glenfiddich, but can you imagine this song: Playing as Rand approaches Shayol Ghul for the final showdown?
  10. For me, there is no way to limit it to one scene, I absolutely want to see the big items like those mentioned above, but just as important are the (borrowing Leigh Butler's term) Moments of Awesomeness where battles aren't involved, such as: - Tuon and Karede finally understanding that Mat is highly competent and a "Lion on the open plain" - Nyneave overcoming her block - Salidar committee realizing they didn't install a 'malleable' Amyrlin - Perrin's realization that Tam, Abel and others are accepting his suggestions as orders - Verin's big reveal - Nyneave's discussion with Weilin Aldragoran at the queen's lance in Saldea. - Mat and Birgitte having a long conversation and finally requesting Mat to pick one language and then stick with it. - Any of the three Taveren not realizing how much women around them are googly-eyed because of them. - Almost anytime we're given the inner thoughts of Mat and Nyneave, while at the same time those thoughts are so very much opposite of the truth of the brave/righteous actions they are taking. So, so many others. Impossible for me to omit those
  11. I think it is to help the long-time reader bridge the gap between actor's appearance and the image they've held in their mind. Also, they haven't yet (apparently) been given the green light to show the actors in makeup and costume, if the actors already have been in costume...
  12. Min is incredibly important to the series overall. Her abilities are utilized as exposition and foreshadowing to the reader/watcher, and as 'ace in the hole' information to the Light side, from Moiraine to the Amyrlin Seat and to the Dragon Reborn. Cutting her character would be beyond crazy; we'd not be getting anything like the stories RJ wrote. She's one of my favorite characters and I did hope that her role would have been cast already Another thing I've been looking forward to is how they will bring her visions to the screen. They'll need to be careful or it'll be cheesy, but done right, it will be quite cool to see them. Remember the 'starlight vs darkness' for when Rand is alone, compared to how much better the starlight does when Matt/Perrin are with him? Things like that will be awesome.
  13. I think the early absence from Fal Dara was entirely a mechanism to serve plot points. The reason I think this is because of the general population's perspective Aes Sedai have that Mystique about them, noone knows what they're doing, where they're going, or what their motivations are. While Rand is no longer unfamiliar with A.S., there was still a lot about them he doesn't know or understand. I think in this case, RJ was merely using that Aes Sedai mystique to build Rand's angst about his situation. RJ needed the hero to be apprehensive about his situation prior to the events that were just ahead; more A.S. , meeting the Amyrlin Seat, etc. If I'm correct about this, it's a bit of a departure for RJ. His writing style was very thorough; he nearly always had hidden purpose for every little bit of information he gave, and very rarely had "throwaway" information concerning major character arcs. (I'm guessing this is the reason you have been wondering about it also). As this is very early in the series, I wonder if he originally had something else in mind for her absence in this instance...
  14. Lol. He's not done so well in that area yet. Always the sacrificed good guy. I wouldn't mind set pictures either, but mostly I want to know who is playing who. I'm preparing myself now for disappointment, since I have such a strong mental picture of each character, but most especially Nyneave and Min.
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