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  1. Min is incredibly important to the series overall. Her abilities are utilized as exposition and foreshadowing to the reader/watcher, and as 'ace in the hole' information to the Light side, from Moiraine to the Amyrlin Seat and to the Dragon Reborn. Cutting her character would be beyond crazy; we'd not be getting anything like the stories RJ wrote. She's one of my favorite characters and I did hope that her role would have been cast already Another thing I've been looking forward to is how they will bring her visions to the screen. They'll need to be careful or it'll be cheesy, but done right, it will be quite cool to see them. Remember the 'starlight vs darkness' for when Rand is alone, compared to how much better the starlight does when Matt/Perrin are with him? Things like that will be awesome.
  2. I think the early absence from Fal Dara was entirely a mechanism to serve plot points. The reason I think this is because of the general population's perspective Aes Sedai have that Mystique about them, noone knows what they're doing, where they're going, or what their motivations are. While Rand is no longer unfamiliar with A.S., there was still a lot about them he doesn't know or understand. I think in this case, RJ was merely using that Aes Sedai mystique to build Rand's angst about his situation. RJ needed the hero to be apprehensive about his situation prior to the events that were just ahead; more A.S. , meeting the Amyrlin Seat, etc. If I'm correct about this, it's a bit of a departure for RJ. His writing style was very thorough; he nearly always had hidden purpose for every little bit of information he gave, and very rarely had "throwaway" information concerning major character arcs. (I'm guessing this is the reason you have been wondering about it also). As this is very early in the series, I wonder if he originally had something else in mind for her absence in this instance...
  3. Lol. He's not done so well in that area yet. Always the sacrificed good guy. I wouldn't mind set pictures either, but mostly I want to know who is playing who. I'm preparing myself now for disappointment, since I have such a strong mental picture of each character, but most especially Nyneave and Min.
  4. If what you're asking for is what I think you're asking for, I think that site has been gone for about 3-5 years. But the encyclopaedia-wot.org is still up. It provides chapter by chapter summaries, and also has a comprehensive character list with descriptions. It was updated thoroughly until A Memory of Light. For AMoL, it was only updated for a few chapters. I always use that and Leigh Butler's Tor reread when I decide to reread. For more involved questions, Theoryland interview DB is still up, as Theroyland forums are still active, (about as active Dragonmount maybe). The most community involvement these days seems to be on social media, especially FB. Of course, we'd prefer you'd ask questions here first 🙂
  5. There were rumors being spread that he'd killed the good queen Morgase. He also publicly declared amnesty for male channelers. In a world taught to fear men that can channel, this would be received by the population like someone had just placed hundreds of poisonous snakes inside their homes.
  6. I know this isn't a particularly unpopular opinion, but my own list of things that I thought dragged on and would have like to have been abridged to about 1/2 or even 1/3 of the length that each turned out to be: 1. Faile's rescue subplot 2. Bowl of Winds subplot 3. Salidar politics subplot 4. Elayne's succession I do realize how each was important to each character's development both physically and psychologically. I even see the necessity of each to the overall plot, but wow, just too long. Even on my first read through, I couldn't wait to get beyond each of these plotlines, inwardly groaning when I came to a chapter dealing with them. I still love the series, and I even rank it above LOTR; it is my favorite fantasy series.
  7. I can understand liking that relationship, but I always had issue with the way it just happened out of nowhwere. We never actually saw it start, it was just there, full-fledged suddenly in The Eye of the World, with no preamble or development. That just felt false an unearned to me. After that though, it all worked fairly well for me. I just didn't like how it came into being fully developed off-screen. But once it was there, in all of the following books, yes, it did work, and it was rather well done, though it wasn't one of my favorites. I don't see it that way anymore imlad. The way it was presented in the beginning it is understandable that readers think that. In the beginning, we didn't really know any backstory on neither Lan nor Nyneave. However, later in the series we learn that Lan never had any relationships that went beyond the physical. Nyneave had never really considered any man worthy. When Nyneave was able to track the party after Lan had taken steps to hide their trail, that was a huge attraction to him. Nyneave liked that Lan was able to respectfully admire her talent also was an attraction for her towards him. Basically, this was supposed to be two people that never met anyone that met their standards for potential mates until they met each other. Quite similar to Galad and Berelain, actually... but who didn't see that as very believable?
  8. Elessar's feelings as he wrote above are almost exactly how I see this. In particular, RJ did an amazing job of letting us into the character's internal thoughts. Recreating this on screen requires time for character development. The audience will need to get not only acquainted with each main character, but also come to know what makes each character tick. Without this, later books (tv series seasons) will seriously suffer I took the revelation of condensing books 1 and 2 into a single season with a huge dose of: 'Well, so much for expecting a great TV series". If character development is sacrificed for expediency, which it will almost certainly have to be if EotW is to be depicted in 5 hours, then we will also lose the 'why' regarding character actions; or, how the story intrinsically reveals character motivations (as RJ did masterfully). We will also certainly lose another of RJ's brilliant talents, his subtle placement of meaningful foreshadowing. These are two of RJs three most brilliant traits, in my opinion.
  9. She is integral to the defeat of the shadow. Without her, Rand wouldn't have stood a chance. She is what the pattern provided to Rand to be the guiding influence to him. His 'parent' from a perspective of the One Source. She had to protect him while he learned his power, influence him until he could control it, then advise him after that. Having said that, I don't think she is the glue that holds the series together. I think the 'glue' is Love/principals/values/morals that the Two Rivers folk in particular have in their DNA. Never give up, always fight evil. Whether it is stated explicitly or not, all of the main and secondary characters from the Two Rivers live by the same mantra as the Aiel: “Til shade is gone, til water is gone Into the shadow with teeth bared Screaming defiance with the last breath To spit in Sightblinder’s eye on the Last Day.”
  10. That scene is in the Dragon Reborn chapter 7. Moiraine, Lan, Perrin and Loial are chasing Rand across the south as he heads for Tear. It is only Loial and Perrin that had been fishing: "Once, three days after setting out, Moiraine joined them, stretching herself out on the streamside and undoing rows of pearl buttons to roll up her sleeves as she asked how the thing was done. Perrin exchanged surprised looks with Loial. The Ogier shrugged. “It is not that hard, really,” Perrin told her. “Just bring your hand up from behind the fish, and underneath, as if you’re trying to tickle its belly. Then you pull it out. It takes practice, though. You might not catch anything the first few times you try.”" One source you might use (but wouldn't have helped with this question because it isn't included in the chapter summary): http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/
  11. I found myself thinking about this all day after posting the previous post. I ended up having to go and have a look for myself, but was only partially successful; here's one I found that sort of goes with what I mentioned above: " INTERVIEW: Oct, 2000 Orbit Interview (Verbatim) ORBIT BOOKS Which character in the Wheel of Time do you most identify with? ROBERT JORDAN I always identify most with the character from whose point of view I am trying to write at that moment. I try to get inside their heads, inside their skins. Sometimes this has disadvantages. I have gone into the house at the end of the day and, before I can say a word, my wife has said to me, "You were writing Padan Fain today, weren't you?" Inevitably, when she says this, I have indeed been writing some character you would not like to be alone with. But if you mean which character do I think is most like me, well, Lan Mandragoran expresses the ideals I was raised to aspire to, while Perrin is perhaps most like me as a boy and young man. On the other hand, my wife claims I am a perfect Loial! "
  12. Interesting to think that, but it's been mentioned in the past on these forums that both RJ and Harriet think Perrin is the charactor within the books that is the closest to RJ, in terms of both appearance and character. I don't have any quotes for you on that, but you may enjoy checking it out on the database on theoryland.
  13. Just a few years ago, when there was no real expectation (only some small amount of hope) there would be a screen adaptation of Wheel of Time, I had stopped trying to find answers to questions like this. I stopped because the original author/universe creator was no longer writing and is sadly unavailable for clarification. Having said that, the last three books are full of plot holes just like the one you mention. Most of these plot holes at least aren't glaring to most reader's on their first time through, since the books were exciting and most readers are emotionally invested in the characters, many gave Brandon a passing grade. Others became incensed and wrote scathing posts on this site and others. I'm not saying Brandon's not a good writer. I'm saying that writing in a world so deeply developed, only the original author has the resources/writing ability and (in some cases at least) motivation to ensure all things were true to the constructed universe/world. That is because the original author is the source of the knowledge. Brandon Sanderson had to pen a continuation and ending to a journey started years earlier where the original author had at least 2 decades of thoughts and inspirations to fall back on. RJ had also purposefully left very large amounts of plots, characters, motivations, even points of laws of physics (for Randland) hidden for revealing at specific points, to reach a very specific ending. In my opinion, we got the best we could get - at least I have come to be content with what we have been provided. I am happy for both Wheel of Time fans and for Brandon Sanderson that he was given the opportunity to write an ending to a story that would otherwise have been left unfinished. I know I haven't answered your question directly, but for me there isn't a good answer within context of the Randland universe. This is what we have since RJ couldn't complete his opus. I do hope that the Amazon series stays as true to the books (particularly the masterfully written beginning books) as possible.
  14. Troll much? I move that this thread be deleted.
  15. Hello Scott, My experience was almost completely opposite to yours, except for not wanting it to end. I discovered and read through the first 13 books in less than 2 months in the summer of 2011, then couldn't wait for the final one. Once it came, I had no desire for the story and Randland to end. As for your major question posed, I'm biased towards book in hand. The stories on audio books are the wrong pacing for me more than half of the time I'm listening to them. Whichever you choose, be sure to come back and discuss once you've finished it. Cheers
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