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  1. with time being a cycle, the Light does not ultimately win either. it is just continuous fighting/battling/etc for both sides.
  2. about Seanchan, I recall some source telling that there are more stedding there than in the main area (between Aryth Ocean and Aiel Waste). I do not remember which source.
  3. her pregnancy (and/or her unborn children) seems to be a Light-sided reason. a Darkfriend probably would not care about her offspring. and as far as I recall, there has not been any pregnancy where either parent was a Darkfriend.
  4. something like that. from first movie, the matrix seemed to be based on the past; at least in architecture. edit:: if I recall correctly, "matrix's year" was somewhere in the 1990s and the actual year one or two centuries after that.
  5. entering the matrix seems similar to entering telaranrhiod. and the effects in "real world" while there seem equivalent.
  6. the matrix to me is more comparable to telaranrhiod than to "Randland". I posted about it in some thread, but am not sure where the thread is now if it still exists.
  7. if I recall correctly, there were other tall humans in the books besides the Aiel. singing; that could have been something they were taught.
  8. not entirely sure, but I think Moiraine was told rather than she coming to the conclusion. when was she told? I think shortly before her conversasion with Rand.
  9. just noticed the thread title. did not notice at the time of my previous post. like another poster told, "his" refers to the ferryman. it seems she did not want the ferryman to think about her more than necessary.
  10. about Rand's knowledge of the Prophecies; all Two Rivers folk seemed to have some idea of the Prophecies before Moiraine arrived. he seemed to get a clearer understanding of them in book 2. and he read the actual Prophecies around the beginning of book 4.
  11. how good (or how bad) any of the books are; kind of varies between different readers. me; all of them have seemed good.
  12. fan fiction or canon? from looking at their respective Wikipedia pages, it seems that the same production company made both movies; so I take not fan fiction. canon; all references to the original movie seem to be accurate.
  13. gotten the sequel (Mary Poppins Returns) days before my first post in this thread. some chance that the old man did not die; and that the other bank directors were mistaken. the sequel had a character that looked similar; that character mentioned several scenes from the first movie. some chance of those two being the same character.
  14. from what I recall of Memory of Light, fighting Slayer was only part of Perrin's Last Battle time. some of the time he rested, and towards the end he dealt with Cyndane/Lanfear.
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