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  1. now remember author's name; P L Travers, pseudonym of Helen Golf. as far as I recall, Compulsion was never done through any indirect means anytime in this series. my impression of Mary Poppins was that she tried to make the children ethical; not necessarily try to control them.
  2. Moiraine is for sure a "key" character, but am not sure about she "holding" the series together. as far as I recall, she is present in prequel through book 5 then reappears towards the end of book 13 and present in book 14. if I recall correctly, she is mentioned in at least some of books 6 through 12. the main character of this series seems to be Rand; present in all of the main books, but only mentioned in the prequel. if I recall correctly, there is no character that appears in all 15 books.
  3. the future seemed to change when the Aiel were added to Dragon's Peace.
  4. as far as I recall, Mary Poppins did not have direct contact with the old man. from my understanding, Compulsion requires direct contact. world of dreams; going there seemed to be the children's idea. and also Bart's. not Mary's. and she seemed to not attempt to control them. time traveller; that seems doubtful to me. Mary Poppins seems to be an ethical person.
  5. terangreal that require the One Power I take would be disabled inside stedding. adam I take to be one of those. terangreal that do not require the One Power, those I take would work in a stedding.
  6. Al' has 2 meanings in this series. in the Borderlands, it means "Lord". in Two Rivers, it means "son of". Great Hunt mentioned that difference.
  7. about adam for men; Knife of Dreams revealed copies of the original. some chance that they had more than what was revealed. edit:: like others posted, Randland would likely be united if the Seanchan were to come against them.
  8. primary source for the Mary Poppins movies I take to be a set of books that are titled "Mary Poppins". I do not remember the author. I do not recall her killing anyone. Light sided Aes Sedia can also kill; not just Black Ajah. main difference would be killing with the One Power. Light sided, only when life is threatened or anytime against Shadowspawn/Darkfriends; Black Ajah, anytime against anyone/anything.
  9. some other things in the Starscape prologue:: -Egwene wears a green kerchief. later in the books, she prefers the Green Ajah. -Egwene's thought of leaving the Two Rivers some day. later in the book she does. -speculation of Trollocs in the mountains. in book 4, Trollocs approach Two Rivers from the mountains; likely also later in same book. edit:: from Eye of the World chapter 6 (Rand's thought): he eventually meets all 3. the weave Moiraine describes in chapter 9 (done by Eldrene); sounds somewhat similar to Egwene's last weave (Memory of Light).
  10. Jessica Jones (live-action show):: -Kilgrave character seems to perform something similar to Compulsion. -some other character allegedly be able to heal people and to check health. Matrix trilogy:: -Neo kind of similar to Rand. --both had a savior type role. --both at first did not believe in that role but later seemed to accepted it. --both had magic. --both were prophesied about. --both the main character of respective series. --at least this character being reborn. -Agent Smith kind of similar to Ishamael. --both the enemy of respective main character. --both battled respective enemy in the sky; and on land at different times. -Matrix kind of similar to telaranrhiod. --both kind of separate from "real world". --magic being able to be performed in both. -train station kind of similar to dream accessing place; both kind of a in-between place.
  11. started the omnibus April 1. am within the prequel; gotten through chapter 2 in this time reading.
  12. update:: bought the ebook omnibus today in the morning; through a recently bought nook tablet. might be awhile before I start reading.
  13. other similarities to Doctor Strange movie:: -an evil entity/person; named Dormammu in movie -his followers believing of having immortality -Dark Dimension in movie maybe similar to True Power of this series
  14. Doctor Strange (live action movie):: -there being magic and people being able to learn it. -magical objects and at least 1 object that can aid in magic. -magical effects similar to this series; gateways, weapon making. -mirror dimension similar to telaranrhiod --respective place reflecting real world --changes in respective place generally not affecting real world --respective place being able to be entered in by magic
  15. another character parallel to Camulod series:: Galad and Ambrose. -both had/have 2 sets of half-siblings (Galad, one through mother and two through father; Ambrose, one through either parent) -at least one half-sibling having magic (Galad, 2 of his 3; Ambrose, just 1) -at least one half-sibling being a leader (Galad, all 3; Ambrose, just 1) -both gaining a leadership role by the way, not sure if "Ambrose" was how the series spelled his name.
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