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  1. I don't like the comparison at all. RJ certainly didn't intend for readers to make a connection like that either, as far as I can tell. I have to admit that Rommel was one of the few German Generals that believed in proper ethical treatment of POWs, and wasn't a card carrying NAZI (like most of them around Hitler). He was implicated in and forced to commit suicide for the July 44 plot to assassinate the Corporal, but we don't have proof (that I'm aware of) that he was actually part of the plot. Having said that, considering slavery (channelers/da'cavole (sp?)) and torture, I suppose that Mat leading the Seanchan isn't too far removed on the ethics scale from being a General for Nazi Germany.
  2. I won't watch one minute of this series beyond the realization that she wasn't included - if that is what is occurring. This isn't something that I am giving a knee-jerk reaction about... I am willing to allow artistic license to a degree as well as changes necessary for change of medium, but dropping her character is way outside the degree I'm willing to go or accept as needed due to medium.
  3. My daughter keeps asking for it, I'll probably get it for her at Christmas.
  4. I rarely have time anymore, but when I do, I still keep going back to Hearts of Iron IV, despite the bugs and the horrendous AI... It still the most comprehensive WWII sim I've found or heard of.
  5. Lol, Four Feathers was slow and probably boring to many, but it wasn't too bad... Heath Ledger gives a good performance. But to be honest I've never watched the movie from start to finish, always caught it after it had already started and always had something else interrupt it / distract me away. I wouldn't recommend it wholeheartedly, but it's better than watching golf on a Saturday afternoon. Separately, I believe the Sudan was the setting, not Egypt.
  6. I'm a latecomer to this series, I only started in after Towers of Midnight was published. So obviously I wasn't part of all that speculation and theories put out by fans at that time. I did become quite active (for me) in Dragonmount and to a lesser degree Theoryland, quite impatiently awaiting aMoL. That we now have the evidence public from Terez's post on Theoryland that @Sabio linked regarding Taimandred , I am a bit taken aback for several reasons. - I had not known that Terez was one of the Taimandred believers (or Jason, for that matter, but I've never had personal interactions with him). - I am surprised that she (Terez) made it public in 2015 and that I'm only now finding it for the first time (bad on me...). - I had always taken RJs denial of it as absolute truth After a few days to think it over, it still seems to bring RJs memory, or better said as his integrity, down a notch in my mind, but only by a single notch. I remember reading that RJ was an active lurker on fan forums, and it's easy for me to speculate that was because in his mind he was not only writing an epic fantasy, but also writing a mystery series. He clearly loved to be able to surprise his audience. He also loved to give his characters their Moments of Awesome (previous phrase is copyrighted/trademarked to Leigh Butler, used without permission) at times that readers weren't expecting them. Given his penchant for this, I can on one hand personally forgive him for changing his book(s) simply because his fans had figured something out, and he wouldn't be able to have the grand reveal at the time of his choosing. But on the other hand, it makes me wonder if possibly this was the impetus/catalyst that started the whole backslide into the overly long side plots of death?
  7. There are already hints/clues that they won't be trying to keep it to a single book per season. The chapter titles that have been given so far for season one suggest that at least part of The Great Hunt will be in season one. To my knowledge, there hasn't been explicit confirmation of this from Rafe or Amazon. As a diehard fan, I wanted it to be that way (1 book per TV season) through most of the series. In my mind it would have been perfect to have the first 6 books as 10-12 episode seasons. Following those, the TV series could condense books 7 and 8, together into a single TV season, then also books 9 and 10 into a single season. After that middle portion, for books 11 through 14, the TV series would go back to a full season per book. (The events from the prequel New Spring could be interspersed as flashbacks throughout the early and middle seasons.)
  8. I tried seasons 1 and 2 of Syfy's Van Helsing via Netflix. Its just another Apocalypse series, only instead of zombie apocalypse its a vampire apocalypse. But I stayed through it... I don't recommend it unless you're into cheesy fantasy. I only watched it to have a means of shutting off the real world for a while.
  9. LOL, I do the same with my team... what is it about football and superstitious fans? I actually record that games, then I check the scores from my phone about 1 hour after start. If my team is ahead I will start watching the game, with the ability to fast forward through all the commercials. Edit... Aw crap. Now I've just jinxed my strategy and I'll have to just watch the score from outside.
  10. he's doing quite well, but I think DROY is his ceiling, unless he overtakes sack lead and maintains the top. He's a force to be reckoned with though.
  11. I'm not familiar with these three as books, and only Shogun by its adaptation. Pride and Prejudice isn't my cup of tea, but my wife has watched it many times. (I did enjoy Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but only because it was intended to be a farce, also I'm not trying to be callous about your choice here.) I think I did intend to read Shogun at one point but have no idea why I didn't... that was a decade or two ago. As for The box of Delights, I might look into it, but it's not as fun trying to watch things like that as an adult when your children are past the age of enjoying those. I read Harry Potter after having it recommended to me. I was already well into adulthood, but had a young daughter that I wanted to get hooked on reading. The films weren't great adaptations, but they pulled most of the right emotional strings. My daughter has read the series at least 10 times now, and we have watched the movies many times together. They just aren't enough to be among my favorites. I didn't realize that the 3 novels you mentioned were all part of a series until I googled them. That's a series I'll check out.
  12. Hey all! I have been wondering, with WoT about to be on screen, what is your all time favorite adaptation to date? It can be to either large or small screen, but it must have been in print before going to screen, even if it was obscure. For me, there are two that are equally my favorites, (but I'm likely forgetting some important one(s)) 1. Lord of the Rings trilogy 1a. Gone to Texas (The Outlaw Josey Wales). Looking forward to some of you reminding me of others that I like.
  13. This ^^^ Couldn't stop laughing. In my mind it cements Alan Tudyk as one of the best in the horror comedy genre. I also loved Shaun of the Dead and to a lesser extent, Zombieland Like @Illian Tear mentioned. I'm going to watch Zombieland 2, but I'll wait for streaming... it's not something I'm willing to pay $12 to see in a theater.
  14. I agree with these but I also think you missed the symbolic one. The one you missed among your three is that RJ appears to have symbolically paralleled the White tower to the Catholic church. They're both unbending, exclusively one gender for all important positions, and set on traditions even when flying in the face of common sense.
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