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  1. Hello All - I'm going to reread these if anyone would like to join. I'd love to bounce thoughts and opinions off someone other than my animals. 😅
  2. Recappa Sedai! I ADORE you! Thank you for taking the time for your YouTube channel!
  3. I think as of right now, my fav is Egwene. I pondered over this question foreverrrr.
  4. Such a warm welcome, gosh. I wasn’t expecting anyone to reply. A lovely surprise! I’m only 5 chapters into ‘The Eye of the World’ (neeeewb!) but honestly can’t put it down. I expect to have it finished within the next few days. Although I know I’m not far, my favorite part is how attached I already feel to these characters! I love it!
  5. Hello everyone. My name is Rae. I'm new to this series. Loving it thus far though. Glad to find a fanbase. Hope to make some friends. ^_^
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