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  1. I understood that they got this guy, Nick Dudman, who's some sort of a wizard when it comes to make ups, so I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of non-cgi monsters and all that. Here's the daily trolloc about him: http://www.thedailytrolloc.com/2019/06/the-daily-trolloc-92.html Oh, and the myrdraal speculation guy was also there, he's called Joseph Gatt.
  2. There was a rumor of a guy that visited Prague and had tweeted something mysterious about it being affiliated with Amazon. A fan had tagged him and he had responded "He would be very happy to be part of the Wheel of Time family". The guy looked like Voldemort irl - or a myrdraal. I've been trying to find those tweets a couple of times, but my skill with twitter is still on the level of a novice so it'll stay as vague as this. We'll see. I think what ever we as fans decide in our minds, my opinion is that the casting team has been in the range of what the books describe the TR people. In my mind I think I always saw Egwene and Nynaeve as sort of Italian by their looks, but I'll accept the people they cast. Funnily, so far as I've been listening to Wheel of time even today, I still have the old images in my mind, not the newly cast. I agree 100%.
  3. For what it's worth, I've been reading a lot of comments on many platforms about the casting and it seems pretty clear to me, that a lot of us has had our own images in our minds about what people look. Since TR folk are described as darker skin tone, it leaves room for interpreting and this is what KV Hendry and Rafe and co came up with. For me it's close enough and it comes down to writing and acting now. At least, I think people raging about the show "going woke" are over reacting.
  4. So far I like what I'm seeing. Young actors/actresses that look the part. I'm especially happy for Madeleine Madden as Egwene and Barney Harris as Mat. Here's a short clip from Barney's IMDB: (WITH THE BLOODY HAT!) https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6905444/videoplayer/vi1536015385?ref_=nm_ov_vi
  5. So, this Josha Stradowski was just announced as Rand Al'Thor. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4413036/ Quick look into his pictures, I can imagine him as the Dragon Reborn. Can do cool eyes, can do warm and playful. At 189cm he's also tall enough imo, because that was what we all really wanted to know!
  6. I've been visualizing this in my mind during my current re-read (re-listen) and I imagine it something like this: Saidar: a warm sunlike glow that flows from upward direction behind the neck of the channeler. For filming purposes you could have a flow resembling blowing cigarette smoke or something like that for shielding and severing. I imagine it having calm waves that ripple slowly around the channeling woman. Saidin: a pure white and black glow that keeps flowing in a torrents around the channeler. Weaving I imagine as thin lines coming in an arc all around channeling persons head and either touching the target as such or forming a loose rope kind of weaving or forming other things like a fire ball in a chosen place. Anyways, I agree that this needs to look good in the show or it will be a lot of awkward. (apologies for any miss spelling, some things are hard to describe in English for a non-english speaker.)
  7. If my wishes about the casting would come true, the show would be bankrupt pretty fast. Lan = Mads Mikkelsen Lanfear = Eva Green Thom = Peter Capaldi (Hugh Laurie would be brilliant and he can sing, too!) Ishamael = Billy Zane (I KNOW!) I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with what ever they come up with, though. Those are just the ones I pretty much have in my head while going through the books.
  8. I suppose the sudden changes to #wotwednesday were because they realized it's too ambitious. They simply wouldn't have enough interesting things to announce every wednesday so they backed on it. Also, they might have reconsidered if it's good for the building of hype to have news every week. Just a speculation.
  9. Likely in two weeks at #wotwednesday . There was already a rumour of some bald actor who actually looked like irl myrdraal, but can't remember his name.
  10. It's not likely they cast a huge name for any of the characters that stay in the series for all the seasons. It would be too big of a commitment for the actors and would probably limit the options by a great deal. For Moiraine a big name was a good catch, but for others, especially Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Elayne, Nynaeve and Lan I don't see it likely. As far as I know Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage took a big portion of each episodes budget in the last seasons and knowing that, I'd imagine following series would want to avoid same happening.
  11. Bain and Chiad for sure. There's something tingling about them.
  12. From one of the Rafe's tweets I got the understanding that "some parts of the EotW" will come in the later seasons. This might mean the prologue, when Rand and Lews Therin start to coexist more. Again, who knows?
  13. I think comparing GOT and WOT is more of a financial and popularity case. Obviously Wheel of time TV-series wouldn't be launching in this scale if Game of Thrones wasn't as popular as it was. Also I think the target audience is somewhat the same. But comparing the worlds and characters and calling the other bad compared to the other is in my mind pointless. I've read both book series and enjoyed them both very much. I'm very excited that there's going to be a mass of fantasy series coming up in the streaming services during the following years and I'll probably have a look at many of them. The Lord of the Rings -series, Game of Thrones prequels, even The Witcher, although I haven't read the books nor played the games.
  14. Oh, I'm slowly diving all through it. :) Atm I'm mostly at the tv-series section but I'll never be stopped! :)
  15. We don't yet. My guess is most of the cast has been already chosen so it would be logical to have a big casting reveal for august #WotWednesday . Or they might just publish the cast irrelevant of the #wotwednesday , since by that time they probably have even more interesting stuff to announce. But who knows?
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