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  1. I liked your vid. Hope you get paid To do Wot more often.
  2. They're not promo shots for Wheel of time. She'll likely have a wig in the show, as will Rosamund.
  3. The story was never about Rand. It was about all of them who's choices enabled him to become what he was and do what he did.
  4. I'd rather have less of this kind of censorship and more of the things RJ wrote.
  5. The death of his wife/gf could also be the cause for the wolf dreams to start. Maybe Noam, with same kind of trauma, could replace Hopper as Perrin's teacher. It would make Perrin's struggle against the wolf side also more emotional to maybe see her dead ex there and angry Faile in the waking world. Dunno, might be good tv.
  6. Well, I've been listening to the audio books and Michael Kramer's Ishamael sounds very similar to BZ. I guess that's what made me so sympathetic towards him. I thought he did pretty well in the silly Winter Dragon and I understood his motives for doing it were good: Actor and fan doing a favor to a friend. So imo the hate towards Winter dragon should not be directed at him, I think he's a good actor and would probably do a good job in the show.
  7. The way I heard it is that Billy Zane is actually a big fan of the books and didn't know all that well what he was stepping into. So that would indicate he knows very well who Ishamael is and how long he'll be with the series.
  8. Yes, Logain was born 972NE and the series begin 998NE so that makes Logain 26yo.
  9. Looking at his facial appearance and body built, I'm inclined to say he's our Padan Fain. Hooked nose, thinly fellow. We'll see. He's got chops to do Thom, Tam or Fain imo so I can only guess and I'll be happy with any.
  10. I think it was mentioned they have named horses for the series, as in acting horses. I think we had a picture of Maddy with (alleged) Bela.
  11. Well, I wanna see a trolloc. Big, ugly, snouty/beaky/horney Trolloc. Also, wouldn't mind seeing actors in their role costumes. The obvious answer is casting news though.
  12. There's a difference between being strong and being a bodybuilder. There is no gyms in Randland, nor do we see Perrin having 7 meals a day and pumping iron 24/7. So, strong yes, but any sort of bodybuilder mass would have worn off at the latest after they leave Two rivers and a blacksmith don't need that kind of muscles, only the ones he works with.
  13. I'm not concerned at all. I tend to rather have my expectations low and just try to enjoy tv-series as they are.
  14. Afaik there's no info on it yet, while Amazon has published series previously in binge-style. I'd prefer the weekly episodes, because of the hype it's able to build and it is easier (and more lucrative) to content creators who get to do more content that is valid for longer time for viewers.
  15. I thought the way Min dresses had something to do with some bad experiences when she was younger. I think it's mentioned around the time she spends with the tower Aes Sedai that she doesn't want to give the impression she's pretty and fragile because iirc she was sexually harrassed when she was younger and she blames the dresses. EDIT: Which itself is an important topic, and would not require LGTBQ-subjects.
  16. The shadow doesn't use circles, because they don't trust each other. The Dark One favors the strong and encourages fights between darkfriends. So, while the shadow COULD wield full circles, they would have to be forced to do it.
  17. At that time Nynaeve wasn't an Aes Sedai and accepted can't have warders. So if Moiraine had let Lan either be without the bond or sent him to Nynaeve, I think he would have just sought death. They don't tell much about the sex between Lan and Myrelle, so I can't really say much whether or not it was consented or not.
  18. I pretty much agree with Jaglover. I think Elyas is problematic to keep as a character and they really need to put some meat on the bone for Elaida to be as indepth character as for example Cersei was. I'd live to see all the forsaken (they include in the series) expanded,at least with cinematic histories and how they joined the shadow and a bit of what they did during the War of shadow.
  19. Wrestlers are bodybuilders, showmen and models of sorts. Not swordsmen or soldiers. Daniel looks every bit a swordsman to me, no need to lube muscles and wear thongs.
  20. Well, to me he seems reasonably muscular for a warder I'd say. What often confuses me is that some people view different nations and cultures in Wheel of time representing a distinct culture of the real world. I like to think RJ took bits and pieces from here and there to complete his nations. So Shienarans for look like mongols with their top knots, while wearing european style breastplates with mail, armed with japanese katana/nodachi-style swords and european lances. While the Seanchan are dark skinned and small in size they seem to have same kind of imperial structures as the Romans had and they also have people as property. I think andorans I could point to a distinct region which seem to be northern europeans / celtic people. Only they gave their longbows to Two Rivers.
  21. So we have our Lan played by Daniel Henney. By the looks of him and what little I've seen him act, he'll fit right in.
  22. Oh, and the scene where Moiraine goes fishing, cheating with one power!
  23. SPOILERS Cleansing of Saidin is one among the scenes I wait. I think it was a wondrous thing to happen, yet action packed and emotional. Lan fighting Demandred in the Last Battle. Especially how that one ends. Two Rivers boys charging trollocs shouting in old tongue. Dumai's wells for sure.
  24. This just came up on Twitter. It's written by a member of Team Jordan.
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