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  1. North Korean Summit

    Bush made his "axis of evil" announcement in January 2002. The announcement that NK "admitted" to having nuclear weapons was in October 2002. Why did Bush wait 9 months to make the nuclear weapon announcement if he knew it back in January? Are you a nuclear scientist now? Why would you think it would be miraculous? NK was very close to having weapons-grade plutonium back in 1994. All they did was mothball the program. Why wouldn't they be able to finish the refinement in 5 months?
  2. North Korean Summit

    @CUBAREY: Yeah, NK restarted their nuclear program in 2003. No, they did not admit to running a secret nuclear program in 2002: 2002 29 January: U.S. President George W. Bush in his State of the Union Address named North Korea as part of the axis of evil, aiming to threaten the peace of the world and posing a grave danger. 7 August: "First Concrete" pouring at the construction site of the light-water nuclear power plants being built by the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization under the 1994 Agreed Framework. Construction of both reactors was many years behind the agreement's target completion date of 2003. 17 September: Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi becomes the first Japanese prime minister to visit Pyongyang, making a number of political and cooperative offers.[22] 3–5 October: On a visit to the North Korean capital Pyongyang, US Assistant Secretary of State James Kelly presses the North on suspicions that it is continuing to pursue a nuclear energy and missiles programme. Mr Kelly says he has evidence of a secret uranium-enriching program carried out in defiance of the 1994 Agreed Framework. Under this deal, North Korea agreed to forsake nuclear ambitions in return for the construction of two safer light water nuclear power reactors and oil shipments from the US. 16 October: The US announces that North Korea admitted in their talks to a "clandestine nuclear-weapons" program.[23] 17 October: Initially the North appears conciliatory. Leader Kim Jong-il says he will allow international weapons inspectors to check that nuclear facilities are out of use. 20 October: North-South Korea talks in Pyongyang are undermined by the North's nuclear program "admission". US Secretary of State Colin Powell says further US aid to North Korea is now in doubt. The North adopts a mercurial stance, at one moment defiantly defending its "right" to weapons development and at the next offering to halt nuclear program in return for aid and the signing of a non-aggression pact with the US. It argues that the US has not kept to its side of the Agreed Framework, as the construction of the light water reactors—due to be completed in 2003—is now years behind schedule. 14 November: US President George W Bush declares November oil shipments to the North will be the last if the North does not agree to put a halt to its weapons ambitions. 18 November: Confusion clouds a statement by North Korea in which it initially appears to acknowledge having nuclear weapons. A key Korean phrase understood to mean the North does have nuclear weapons could have been mistaken for the phrase "entitled to have", Seoul says. 27 November: The North accuses the US of deliberately misinterpreting its contested statement, twisting an assertion of its "right" to possess weapons into an "admission" of possession. Let me remind you what you said: "The Noth Koreans had already restarted their nuclear weapons program that is why Bush included them in the Axis of Evil speech." The above timeline contradicts your claim. "Also at the time of the invasion the US, French, British and even the Russian intelligence believed that Iraq has wmd's. So you can harly argue that the North Koreans believed that saddam did not have anything to defend hiself with." Wrong. Let's see... first you claim that NK and China doesn't have a mutual defense treaty, then you claim NK restarted their nuclear program before Bush named them as part of the "axis of evil", and then you claim the French and the Russians also believed Iraq had wmds. It seems you have a habit of making false claims.
  3. North Korean Summit

    Would that be the same Bush administration that claimed Saddam had WMDs?
  4. Not at all. In the books, only men have ever been depicted to smoke tabac, and until very recently, the only channelers in the world were women. Male channelers did not exactly have extended lifespans... Now, Ogier, on the other hand, is another matter. Perhaps they're immune to cancer?
  5. North Korean Summit

    Remember the sinking of ROKS Cheonan, and the subsequent shelling of Yeonpyeong island? Either side has the potential to blunder, or to start something that grows out of control. That's why de-escalation is so important.
  6. North Korean Summit

    Oh I'm sure nobody *wants* to initiate a nuclear conflict, but that's the dangerous thing about escalation: it grows out of control. Just look at the news a couple of months ago, Trump was openly contemplating a pre-emptive strike on NK facilities. *THAT* would certainly have started a shooting war, and once nuclear powers start shooting at each other, it's anyone's guess whether nukes would start flying soon after.
  7. North Korean Summit

    No, not just saying nice things, but de-escalation. Nobody wants to see a nuclear exchange.
  8. North Korean Summit

    Did I say the American immigration policy was threatening regional peace? No, I merely pointed out that it was immoral. NK/SK hostility will only end with a formal peace treaty, which NK does want, but not at the cost of its own security. SK does not have any real influence on relations with the North, its foreign policy is largely dictated by the US.
  9. North Korean Summit

    If Trump abides by his promise of ending war games with SK (a big if!), that will be a huge step toward de-escalation.
  10. North Korean Summit

    I think you need to look beyond naive concepts of good and bad here. Whether NK is a good or bad place to live is irrelevant to regional stability and peace. Here, I am simply pointing out that NK has never been a threat to the US, and its threat to regional stability is vastly overstated by American media. US-SK war games are just as provocative to NK as NK jingoism is to Americans.
  11. Good news!

    Racism is just fear and ignorance, and is no more evil than those. It's just a part of human nature. It's only what one does out of racism (or any other motivation really) that can be characterized as good or evil. Slavery is evil. Lynching is evil. Spouting racist crap on twitter is just idiotic. Affirmative action is also racism, but because it does something good for a change, many people refuse to admit it.
  12. North Korean Summit

    1. NK did not "dismantle" their nuclear testing facilities. The mountain under which said facilities were located in collapsed. 2. NK restarted their nuclear program in 2003. Bush named NK as part of an "axis of evil" in 2002. Bush started talking about an invasion of Iraq in September 2002. NK saw the Americans prepare for invasion, and saw that Saddam didn't have anything to defend himself with, and connected the dots. It doesn't take prescience to do that. 3. NK has threatened to restart its nuclear program in order to get aid. NK has also threatened to nuke SK and Japan if they were attacked. American propaganda turned this into NK threatening to nuke SK and Japan to get aid.
  13. North Korean Summit

    No need to rig elections, just need to entrench certain interests deeply among the political elite.
  14. North Korean Summit

    Then you should know that it's not so much that the American bases are there because those governments want them, but rather those governments are there because the Americans want them to be there.
  15. Good news!

    You know what's really degenerate? A society that thinks the use of a herb is immoral, but is fine with the government taking children away from their parents.