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  1. Doesn't sound like a huge sacrifice to me. 😂 But yeah, Lanfear is indisputably the most beautiful woman in the series. Keep in mind though, that we never really know if we are seeing her true appearance, or it's just another illusion.
  2. Perrin was only there to bring in Masema. How exactly would he have doomed the world? The most that can be said is that he stopped caring about his leadership role, which he never chose in the first place. Faile was simply more important.
  3. Jearom was beaten by a farmer with a quarterstaff. Very unlikely that he was killed. Valda certainly had more experience than Galad, but his mindset led him to underestimate his opponent. It's telling that Valda was awarded the title of Blademaster by judgement, not by dueling another blademaster. Swordsmanship is a complete package, and the right mindset is a big part of that. I would say Galad is objectively a better swordsman than Valda: he didn't win by chance, he read Valda correctly and lured him into a fatal trap.
  4. I like the explanation of Demandred going insane from using the TP. Demandred's mannerisms remind me a lot of Baalzamon, and I don't think that's a coincidence. Definitely give props to BS for that!
  5. It's important to keep in mind that False Dragons are rare, and most cannot even channel. In 3000 years, only a handful of False Dragons were remembered as powerful channelers: Guaire Amalasan, Yurian Stonebow, Raolin Darksbane, Davian, Logaine. That is an incredibly small fraction of male sparkers. I do not include Taim in this list, since as a DF, he probably received training from Baalzamon.
  6. While I agree that the Shaido arc wasn't the most exciting story arc, this is part of a general slowdown of the pace of the story. RJ deliberately chose to explore side-plots and broaden the scope of the story. While Perrin was dawdling in Ghealdan, Rand was playing politics in Cairhien and Caemlyn, Mat was babysitting the wonder girls in Ebou Dar, and Egwene's playing politics with the Salidar AS. Pretty much nobody was doing anything of note until Rand, out of nowhere, cleanses Saidin. I also disagree with people's criticisms of Perrin putting Faile above his so-called duty. Remember that way back in book 4, Rand chose to stay away from the Two Rivers and Perrin chose to return. Rand decided that saving the world was more important than saving his loved ones, while Perrin decided that saving his loved ones was more important than helping Rand save the world. Those were their choices, and they stayed true to them until the end. I completely understand Perrin's choice, and I would have done the same thing in his shoes. Mat is fortunate in that he never had to face that choice. Unlike Rand and Perrin, nobody ever expects Mat to do any saving, so when he does save the day, everyone is pleasantly surprised. When Mat saves the wonder girls and Moiraine, everyone thinks he's amazing. When Perrin saves Rand, everyone thinks he's just doing what he's supposed to do. Worse, when he drops Rand's political plots to save his wife, everyone berates him for "abandoning his duty". People seem to forget that he was only in Ghealdan to rein in Masema, and he did so in the end, after saving his wife. I'd say he had his priorities straight!
  7. I imagine that if Jordan left notes about something explicitly happening, it wasn't meant to be just an oblique, off-screen, reference. Perrin was criminally underused in the LB. He fielded the largest army at Merrilor, yet had no part in the subsequent decisions and battles? He would have been a far better field leader than a heavily pregnant Elayne.
  8. Not really. Slayer has always been a minor character, and thematically, it just feels out of place for Perrin to spend the entire LB fighting him. If Slayer has to be a part of Perrin's arc, it should have been wrapped up in a few chapters, and Perrin should have moved on to more important things. Jordan's notes said Perrin becomes a king. Somehow, BS interpreted that to mean Perrin becomes Neo. 🤔🤔🤔
  9. The only thing I didn't like about Perrin was his role in the LB. While Mat was directing the battle and Rand was confronting the DO, Perrin was fighting... Slayer?
  10. Judging from Avi's visions, Randland is going to undergo an industrial revolution after the LB. This means that technology is going to be a potent balance against channelers. The invention of firearms means channelers will be more vulnerable than ever.
  11. The best romance is undeniably that of Perrin and Faile, for being both the most fleshed out and the most character driven. Most of the other romances in the book are all plot driven. Mat has to marry Tuon because of Prophecy. Rand has to marry Min/Elayne/Aviendha because of Min's viewing. Gareth Bryne has to love Siuan because the rebel Aes Sedai needed a general. Only Perrin and Faile love each other because they wanted to.
  12. To me, the worst romance has to be the Egwene/Gawyn romance, mainly because both characters are insufferable. How about the Graendal/Aran'gar romance?
  13. You are lucky in that you were able to finish the series in one go. A lot of us had to wait for the books to come out, and as such re-read the series multiple times without the ending.
  14. Tam does not have the warder bond, so his strength and reflexes are slowed by old age. It was mentioned that Aram was able to press him hard. Tam has a lot of wisdom, so he's a great teacher, but in actual combat, he would probably be bested by Gawyn (aka Slayer of Aging Blademasters).
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