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  1. You can't really tell if a tree has died or not until it starts rotting away. The farmer probably assumed the tree was dead when it was just dormant.
  2. Without the Aes Sedai, humanity would have been wiped out during the Trolloc Wars. Actually, scratch that. Without the Aes Sedai, humanity would have been destroyed by crazy male channelers long before the Trolloc Wars happened.
  3. No, it was definitely about Rand. Especially the first two books.
  4. She literally complained (mostly to herself) for 4 books about how she was being jerked around by fate and loving Rand was not something she was planning on doing. I'd say that's plenty of personal aspirations right there. The difference between her and Elayne is that Min put aside her own desires in order to help Rand save the world. In this aspect, she is very much like Rand himself.
  5. Not really. Belal referred to fencing as a "harmless sport" before they learned how to kill with it, so presumably it did not violate the Way of the Leaf.
  6. The Tinkers forgot their history. This was revealed in the Rhuidean vision in book 4. In the prologue of EOTW, LTT asked if Ishamael had "the Voice", which is basically the human version of Treesinging.
  7. The Forsaken are feared because they are evil people who can channel. Men who can channel are feared because they become crazy people who can channel. Who would you fear more, an evil mafia boss, or a crazy psychopath? For most people, there's little difference.
  8. The Tower does a lot of things that defy common sense, like restricting the age of novices even in the face of dwindling numbers. These things all have a reasonable basis, but they become unreasonable when circumstances change and the AS refuse to change the way they do things. This is due to several factors: 1. Aes Sedai are long lived. Most AS are over 40 years old, many are over 80. As such, they are naturally resistant to change. 2. Aes Sedai are ruled by the Amyrlin and the Hall, and both have to fight each other to get anything done. Keeping the status
  9. Keep in mind that the length of the borderlands is about the length of continental US, so imagine from the Atlantic to the Pacific and that's how long of a border they need to cover. The real world equivalent of Aes Sedai would be artillery pieces. Can you imagine trying to defend that much territory with only a few hundred pieces of artillery?
  10. The apples and grass thing is not a Ta'veren effect, it is a form of treesinging practiced by the Aiel during the Age of Legends. Rand gained that ability when he regained LTT's memories.
  11. That is just a result of Sanderson trying to tie up all the loose ends. - Siuan and Gareth dies: fulfills Min's vision - Tenobia and Bashere dies: allows Perrin to become King of Saldaea - Gawyn and Egwene's death: ties up Egwene's arc, and likely by popular demand If Lan had died, that would probably have warranted a whole chapter on Nynaeve grieving and dealing with it.
  12. People can say what they will about RJ's verbosity, BS is still the series' greatest weakness. Sanderson has two major failures: 1. Trying to tie everything up in AMOL only 2. Mischaracterizing Mat Although books 12 to 14 were supposed to wrap up all the plot lines, BS was still opening new plot hooks in books 12 and 13. The Slayer arc went on too long, and Perrin was wasted in AMOL as a result. The Black Tower arc was also unnecessary. Mat should have finished rescuing Moiraine in book 12, and the final two books should have been devoted exclusively to
  13. No, all jests aside, the point of AMOL is that the only way for the Dark One to win is if all of humanity voluntarily turned to him. In other words, so long as one person resists him, the Dark One has failed to achieve victory. It might sound like a tall order, but remember that he has an eternity to work on it.
  14. Not really a horde, just a squad or two, and he didn't last very long either.
  15. I would say that's more his plan B. If he could overrun humanity with trollocs, he absolutely would.
  16. Doubtful. Ishamael only went to Hawkwing once he finished his conquests. Throughout the 3000 years, Ishamael's actions were designed to slow down or even regress mankind's progress. If his trollocs could have defeated Hawkwing, he could have started a second trolloc war.
  17. To put it simply, the Borderlands exist because everything north of them has already been consumed. Case in point, see Shienar. The Borderland nations have no leverage over the southern nations. They cannot just "let some Trollocs through", because those Trollocs will just raid and pillage borderland villages. We have some examples of such dynamics in real world history. During the Warring States era of China, more than 2000 years ago, the Kingdom of Zhao held the northern barbarians at bay. That did not prevent the other six Kingdoms from fighting each other or fightin
  18. Myrddraal can sense channeling. They are used in the ritual to forcibly turn channelers to the Shadow, where 13 channelers channel through 13 myrddraals. They have otherwordly abilities and can bind Trollocs to their will. I think the idea that Myrddraal are those trolloc spawns that would otherwise be able to to channel if they were human makes a lot of sense. However, I don't believe they were "exposed" to the OP or TP in the womb, no more than human channelers are "exposed" to the OP while in the womb. Instead, they are simply "throwbacks" to the human stock, and their otherwise
  19. Sounds like you missed a lot of subtle hints about their growing attraction to each other. My advice is to just take it in stride and keep reading. The Wheel of Time is not meant to be read just once. The Eye of the World, especially, is a pleasure to read the second time around. You will certainly pick up all the subtle hints then (and not just about Lan and Nynaeve!).
  20. No, it was not obvious at all. You only think this because you have hindsight bias. Moiraine had no inkling that the Dragon Reborn would be associated with the Aiel. Nobody did. Nobody knew anything about the Aiel except that they were crazy badasses. People in Emond's Field knew Tam left the Two Rivers when he was young and came back with a wife and a babe. That's it. Nobody knew what Tam did, and most people did not even realize that Rand was born outside the Two Rivers. Nynaeve knew it, and she lied to her. It would have been highly unlikely for anyone else to tell M
  21. I think that's debatable. While it certainly wasn't rape, Myrelle did take advantage of the situation. In any case, it's irrelevant, because nobody cared about the sex. It was the act of passing the bond that was considered a crime, because the Warder had no say in it.
  22. That's not really an issue. In AMOL, the Shadow already has a unified leadership.
  23. If you're referring to warding the Shadowspawn, there is also a passage in The Dragon Reborn where Lan and Moiraine did not sense a warded darkhound. Lan also mentioned how Aes Sedai and Warders are not able to detect gray men.
  24. 1. The Last Battle Trollocs overran the combined might of the borderlands. Even if this wasn't as massive as the Trollocs War hordes, Egwene only had a fraction of the Light side's forces. 2. Aginor hasn't been around for 3000 years, yet the Shadowspawn self-propagated just fine. We did hear about the Darkhounds, there was an army of them at Shayol Ghul. 3. Yes, Shadowspawn can be warded to avoid Aes Sedai detection. In The Great Hunt, one such draghkar almost killed Moiraine. 4. The light side had access only to a handful of "renegade" Ashaman. The Shadow h
  25. In the Trolloc Wars, a united White Tower with more powerful Aes Sedai could not hold back the Trolloc Hordes, yet Egwene and her broken Tower could run roughshod over the Trollocs? The Seanchan knew to deploy assassins against the White Tower, why didn't the Shadow deploy warded draghkar and gray men? The Shadow had both Black Ajah and Taim's Ashaman. They also had the knowledge of the Forsaken. A circle of 72 would have outgunned anything the Light side could have fielded.
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