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  1. Maybe he likes it. After all you can't get stale if you're pushing daisies by the end of season one.
  2. So, most if not all of the ta'veren we see are either of the light or light leaning. Given that ta'veren are products of the Pattern and the Pattern is neither entirely of the light or the dark is it possible that there are ta'veren who are dark leaning?
  3. Or when Lan gives her an impromptu swimming lesson.
  4. So, any ideas and suggestions on the soundtrack, whether they be styles or particular songs or composers? I'd really like to hear some Celtic music as part of the track.
  5. I'll throw this one out. In the Stone of Tear where Rand kills all the Trollocs and Myrrdraal and then breaks down when he can't resurrect a child.
  6. Honestly, I say that if they can get Zoe Robins anywhere close to that in terms of costume, I will be very happy: http://www.thedailytrolloc.com/2019/08/the-daily-trolloc-102.html Not that much of a fan of the Perrin image, for some reason. Comes off as way too wild for Perrin's character.
  7. You haven't heard that quote from Marilyn Chambers: "You can stab a breast, but God help you if you kiss one." R at most.
  8. I'd put more of a bet of him reupping the sexual tension between Moiraine and Siuan.
  9. Guess who didn't read the book. https://www.distractify.com/p/the-wheel-of-time-cast
  10. The Daily Trolloc had a pretty good analysis on the quote http://www.thedailytrolloc.com/2019/08/the-daily-trolloc-101.html I'm guessing big three, possibly big five + Lan and or Min
  11. It's also a MeToo moment when you think about it. Also, given the fact that they are going to have to adapt the material somewhat, depending on the actor you want you could expand the role.
  12. I'm thinking it's going to be that, and that the reason it got postponed is that something didn't quite go through completely (either a contract didn't get fully signed or somebody may have had a prior engagement). Hopefully we get the big five plus maybe a couple of others (Min, Lan, etc).
  13. *sigh* I'm only surprised it took this long. https://twitter.com/rafejudkins/status/1144900564481916934 #SickSadWorld
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