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  1. https://nypost.com/2021/04/20/kate-winslets-daughter-makes-surprising-break-into-acting/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Who knows?
  2. For him to actually break through? You would think pretty big for a cosmic embodiment of evil/chaos/destruction/whathaveyou, but when Rand pulls him out during AMOL, he's described as small as a bird. So how big would that hole have had to be? Or was there something else binding him that had to be destroyed first?
  3. Power is power. Male or female, they need to enforce order.
  4. So at one point, Liandrin starts using the power on Rand to get him to tell what he was wiping off the walls (though why she needed him to do it is anybody's guess). About a half a second later, she drops the power and Moraine walks in. Given what we know about women sensing the power, how come Moraine didn't sense that Liandrin had channeled very recently? Even if she didn't know exactly what she had done, she probably would have had some questions and I doubt that she didn't know she had been doing more than channelling light.
  5. I think you need to have the physical abuse in the series just to show what power does to people regardless of gender.
  6. I would actually disagree with that point given the dailytrolloc, various leaks. It may not be on a formal basis, but we're finding out about a lot more directors than we think.
  7. Do we have confirmation that he's even on the cast other than a stray tweet that puts him in Prague?
  8. So I've been thinking about the Flame of Tar Valon weave and what it's effects. We know that it and balefire are opposites. Well, if balefire destroys people before a particular moment, would it be logical to surmise that the flame might be able to create a person ahead of that particular moment? Could it transport them to a different age or even a different possibility.
  9. Didn't Brandon say that Rand didn't know the song and that the Tinker's wouldn't have been able to learn it anyways, though? I saw that as being just a little bit over the top.
  10. I could almost see this looking like a Highlander "Immortal sense" in terms of camera frames and thematic sounds.
  11. I'm going with Marin on this one as well, which makes me wonder who they're setting up to be Bran.
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