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  1. Exactly what happens to all of the Turnedj post TG after the Dark One is sealed away? I would imagine that they wouldn't automatically revert. Plus, could it be possible to "re Turn" those people to the Light?
  2. Okay, so in Illian Moiraine says that Sammael is a lord and is hunting them. Exactly how does she know that he is Sammael? Or that Bel'al is Bel'al?
  3. Moiraine & Siuan 'tingling'

    So tingling fries are done?
  4. I think I remember BS saying something along the lines of not what everything Min said was really that important. Maybe she just badly glimpsed what Alvia's role was and badly interpreted.
  5. Cuendillar parties, perhaps?
  6. I would suggest that the fact that the Dragon Reborn's death didn't occur until several, several years after the initial diagnosis the foretelling of the Dragonborn's death was no more important than the foretelling of Joe Schmoe's death who may die today or die 15 years down the road. Also, in as far as the death sentence for channelling, I think he moved to acceptance rather quickly on that one and was more concerned with keeping the damage solely to himself and not to other people.
  7. Denial in the sense that he's facing the notion that he might be the "anti-Christ" of his world and really doesn't want to be, but I don't think that has anything to do with the five stages of grief. And he's also dealing with denial about Tam not being his biological father, but he moves pretty fast into acceptance at the end (sad acceptance, but acceptance).
  8. And if that's possible, triparting a soul should with channelling and non-channeling parts should be as well. I also I wondered if that was an idea Jordan might have played around with, not that it was what he actually put into the book.
  9. Plot hole: Mat's death

    Here's what Moiraine said: I'm not saying what you're suggesting is impossible, but it does raise some questions.
  10. Ah Lanfear, the ex girlfriend from Shayol Ghul (in this case, literally). I could easily see her trying to crash Lews Therin's wedding with a half drunk bottle of Cristal from the previous night.
  11. I think that's stretching the model just a little too thin. Denial doesn't just mean you don't automatically believe everything that you're told about yourself. Rand really didn't have any reason to believe that he possibly or actually was the Dragon Reborn until maybe the end of the Great Hunt (and I would say it was only firmly concluded at the end of the Dragon Reborn). All he knew is that he was a guy who could channel, which he seems to have accepted rather readily on at the end of the first book. He doesn't want to do it or harm anybody else, which is understandable, but he's not in denial about the situation. Anger at level two let's just say that if you had to deal with a bunch of stiff necked nobility who thought they were the Creator's gift to the universe and that their you know what didn't stink you might get a little ticked off as well. That wouldn't really have anything to do with grieving. That's frustration. Rand's not bargaining in the sense to avoid the grief. He's trying to change the Dragon from what he thinks it will be to what he wants it to be. 5, 6, and 7 to a large degree illustrate that. He also perseveres with hope that he can cleanse saidin, which everybody else assumes is a fool's errand. If anything I'd say that he was suffering with stress that very nearly broke him. Finally, I must say that the Kübler-Ross model is specifically aimed at a terminal illness. Unless you want to call living a terminal illness and then you've abstracted it to the point of useless.
  12. Well, Rand was the Dragon and he can't channel anymore (and I would presume that he would get the power back in his next reincarnation).
  13. Bela. Okay, kidding aside, I wonder if another idea for the Dragon Reborn would have been that his soul was divided into three based on the trauma of the first events and imparted into Rand, Perrin, and Mat. In that case, you could have Rand with Elayne, Mat with Min, and Perrin with Aviendha.
  14. While Nynaeve has the power, Moiraine has the experience and knowledge. Think of her as the .1 that tips the 50.0 over to victory.
  15. Plot hole: Mat's death

    Who would have healed him? And Moiraine is pretty clear that Mat should have been dead from that.