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  1. Didn't Brandon say that Rand didn't know the song and that the Tinker's wouldn't have been able to learn it anyways, though? I saw that as being just a little bit over the top.
  2. I could almost see this looking like a Highlander "Immortal sense" in terms of camera frames and thematic sounds.
  3. Oh come on. Asmodean as the Wedding Singer.
  4. I'm going with Marin on this one as well, which makes me wonder who they're setting up to be Bran.
  5. Thom, Tam, or possibly Ishamael. I'm leaning in heavily the direction of Thom. Major enough to attract his talent, yet remote enough so that you don't have to spend that much time on him in the first season. Although if it is Thom perhaps we don't want to look too closely at that multi-patched cloak of his
  6. I don' know if this was covered in the books, but did they ever cover why Suian didn't have Logain executed after he was gentled? I don't think the other nations were that okay with him still walking around as a "guess" of the White Tower, example or no. Did she somehow sense that he was still ta'veren pre-Min's viewings?
  7. Quick question, do you have Saidar only "visible" when from the POV of another channeler, or do you drop that. And what about sensing the ability. Go Highlander route?
  8. Maybe he likes it. After all you can't get stale if you're pushing daisies by the end of season one.
  9. So, most if not all of the ta'veren we see are either of the light or light leaning. Given that ta'veren are products of the Pattern and the Pattern is neither entirely of the light or the dark is it possible that there are ta'veren who are dark leaning?
  10. Or when Lan gives her an impromptu swimming lesson.
  11. So, any ideas and suggestions on the soundtrack, whether they be styles or particular songs or composers? I'd really like to hear some Celtic music as part of the track.
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