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  1. I would ask him not to leave out the little things. I think someone expressed this very well already, but the brilliance of these characters is in the small moments - Rand and Mat grinning at each other just before Rand gives his speech at the Stone, Rand pretending to be mad to scare away flirtatious court ladies at Cairhien, the incomprehensible jokes exchanged by the Maidens and young Aiel men... RJ includes so many little moments, some of them only a sentence long, easy to miss if you're not reading carefully, but they flesh out the characters so much, and I hope Rafe keeps those moments.
  2. Mat. He's hilarious, and I just love the tsundere vibe. He's a Gryffindor who thinks he's a Slytherin, and I love it. And he's driven by loyalty towards his friends, even as he curses them out with every step, which I also love. Rand. He's my son. Watching his spiral into depression and madness before becoming Zen Rand is just heartbreaking and I constantly want to give him a hug. Nynaeve. She's also got that same brand of funny hypocrisy as Mat, plus she is driven almost entirely by a desire to help people, which is the main reason why I love her. Min. She's the only person w
  3. I got Mat, which is somehow both surprising and not remotely surprising at all
  4. Not in any particular order, but: Elayne Faile Alanna Honorable mention goes to Gawyn, only because he has such little relevance that I periodically forget he exists - and Tylin is in a whole category of her own.
  5. Let’s Talk About The Tylin Thing **SPOILERS for A Crown Of Swords ahead** Ahh, The Tylin Thing. I finished my reread of A Crown of Swords (book seven in The Wheel of Time) a few weeks ago, and, try as I might, I just can’t seem to pick up Book 8. Something keeps bothering me about Book 7 — and has been bothering me since I first read the series two years ago: Mat’s rape by Tylin Quintara, Queen of Ebou Dar. It’s a controversial topic: half the fandom seems to view The Tylin Thing as I do (i.e., rape), while the other half view it as a humorous break from th
  6. That was my second guess. Thanks! Possibly stupid question, but what's the Big White Book?
  7. I'm rereading LoC and I came across this line in Chapter 6 - "Had anyone she pulled back from death's grasp ever said that they would rather have died than suffer the little extra she exacted?" What "little extra" was she taking from her patients? I assumed it would be something like life force, but, I don't know, that just doesn't seem quite right. That seems too... normal for her, in a way. What do you guys think? (Also, unrelated, but I love that she calls her victims her "patients". It's so unsettling.)
  8. I just really want them to play out the Rhuidean scene where Rand has to revive Mat exactly, word-for-word, as Robert Jordan described it in the book. If they do that, I can die happy. Seriously, though, I'm curious to see how they represent the One Power and the weaves. Part of me hopes we get to see everything, but then, there are times when a woman channels and Rand comments on how he can't see anything, and I wonder if they won't let us see anything in those cases, either. I really want to see the exact weaves when Nynaeve cures gentling, though. I also hope they k
  9. My perspective on Nynaeve has changed a little, which I wasn't expecting! When I first read it, I really didn't like her, but, looking at her now, two years later, I'm beginning to understand why she acts the way she does, and I think I'm starting to identify with her in some regards. She still frustrates me quite a bit, but I like her. It's a really nice change! It's hard to read such a massive series when you dislike some of the main characters, so I'm relieved to have changed my mind about her.
  10. I read WoT about two years ago, and now I've been struck with the terrible and all-consuming urge to re-read it this summer, so here I am. I'm wondering if my perspectives will change this time 'round. I look forward to talking with all of you and becoming part of this community!
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