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  1. If we get Falme I'll die happy. Mat blowing the horn especially is 'that one moment' I hope they nail.
  2. I always thought the important takeaway from Rand's Rhuidean experience wasn't his own struggle with the truth of Aiel history, it is the fact that he exposes the Aiel to that truth. THAT is what proves he's Car'a'carn. All clan chiefs go through the glass columns. The impact of that knowledge on an entire people is infinitely more traumatic than any one man's trip through the ter'angreal, as well it should be for the chief of chiefs.
  3. What about the taint? The fact that it exists would suggest that saidin is also real.
  4. Can anyone direct me to discussion (if there is any*) about Lan's character being influenced by the Welsh 'Y Mab Darogan'? *if not, let's discuss!
  5. This is clearly a george rr martin thing, but listen to the second verse. Plus I just heard this song and kind of love it. http://dinosaurfeathers.bandcamp.com/
  6. I usually refer to all 'fan art' as 'Fart'. But for wot stuff I make exceptions. Keep it coming, my flatulent photoshoppers!
  7. I almost, ALMOST got the sword and the dragon on my collarbones. I coundnt remember which went where, and that sht woulda hurt! And I'm a sissy.
  8. Did he put himself on the Sacramento list?
  9. either that or we all have to shave. Could whoever is bossing Taim (a very powerful saldaean) around possibly have infultrated the saldaean royal family as well...? Homegirl queenie is kind of crazy.
  10. if one was 13x13'd, then stilled/gentled would the bond be broken?
  11. What did the redneck Aes Sedai say when she got collared by the Sul'dam?
  12. I'm pretty sure we can't know this, but are there True Power angreal?
  13. Would the three oaths affect asha'man channeling while linked to aes Sedai?
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