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  1. If it gets that far, I see Mat taking taking out Demandred being the light's general but really I think the later books will be rearranged quite a bit since books 7-11 occur at basically the same time. Book 14, even though Brandon is my favorite author is a bit of a mess, which I think has more to do with lack of notes and other constraints. Also you either have to drop the Sharans or drop other things and give slightly more background earlier
  2. Now that I think of it Loki is a better choice and maybe I used the wrong words, Ishy is clearly evil but he wants to come off as good until the trap closes.
  3. Anthony Hopkins is great at blurring the lines between good and evil that's basically what Ishamael does. Lanfear might be a name too, just based on her interactions with Rand and she's not in every scene. They need to be careful with her because you need someone who can play an ex with serious issues but not overplay the psychotic elements
  4. If Jodie Foster were Moraine(too late now but oh well) Anthony hopkins could be Ishamael. Actually now that I think of it and having watched westworld, he'd make a great Ishy who'd draw eyes and then killed in season two or whatever in favor of someone else for Moridin.
  5. she's probably too old to play Egwene but Nyneave maybe.
  6. Which is among the problems with that interlude also somewhere along the line Mat develops stockholm syndrome. Also one of the themes is the inability of some male characters to hurt women so while he has the quickness and skills to escape, he lacks the will.
  7. A few of the characters, other than Moirane will probably be names. Like Thom, Lan or tam would be good choices and given Westworld on HBO got two of the biggest names in Hollywood, I don't see why Amazon can't reach that high
  8. If they get that far, I assume they'll drop the whole Tylin diversion as that has rape, kidnapping and stockholm syndrome in it. I don't know how they'll handle Ebou Dar if it gets that far but won't be the same as in the books.
  9. Haven't heard of most of them but if any of them are over 25, they're probably too old to last 8 seasons max, unless they film back to back
  10. If they don't cut Gawyn completely, he won't make it passed the coup because he serves no crucial purpose. I hope though that making Egwene or some other female isn't just for the sex scenes.
  11. Egwene also needs something to blow up in her face too because she's too perfect. Everything she tries she succeeds at.
  12. Logain and the Ashaman need something more important to do which will likely happen. One reason, other than sexism, for some not to like the flame of Tar Valon is Brandon wrote it and for some, everything he wrote is trash and everything RJ wrote, no matter how boring, is fantastic
  13. Besides, Amazon probably has a little more budget leeway than HBO and it's stipulated in his contract that Sean Bean must Die in fantasy series
  14. Get Sean Bean to do it so he can be in one fantasy series where he doesn't die before the end.
  15. My thought is they either cut Gawyn or kill him in the coup because he serves absolutely no purpose after and little enough before it. One character they will cut or greatly diminish has to be Valan Luca. Some of that is useful but most is just idiocy. You can cut Thom, not only are his parts some of the best but he could serve as an omniscent narrator type, getting some useful info to characters.
  16. Watchers would be bored to tears if Egwene got anywhere near the amount of screen, especially later books when all of her screen time is politics.
  17. @Jaglovertechnically it took 5 books and two authors because I believe she was kidnapped at the end of POD, rescued in KOD and brandon had to tie up a few loose ends in tGS. I agree that WOT fans should not be complaining about GRRM being long winded as one of his faults.
  18. First it has to get to the end but yes I think the end will be different if they get there. The last battle was a bit of a mess, probably because RJ took too long getting the story to book 11, didn't leave enough notes and Brandon didn't have enough time to do it properly. After all, you don't name a place Caemlyn in a story chock full of Arthurian mythology and then destroy it off screen.
  19. I hope they don't give Moraine an accent, in the audiobooks, I don't believe she has one and she ran away from Cairhien to avoid becoming queen so she would supress it.
  20. WOT is not a hard TV-MA like GOT but it is definitely not TV-14.
  21. Yeah, no one in WOT, at least none of the main characters, decided the loved who they married. Rand it was Ta'veren, Mat accidentally married Tuon and Faile and Perrin were ta'veren. Nyneave was love, Egwene was so Gawyn wouldn't be completely useless as a character.
  22. If they cut Min, someone has to take her role of keeping Rand grounded until Gathering Storm and Min is basically there only for worldbuilding and play with knives. Also many, many more people know Arthurian and Norse Mythology than know who Cassandra was.
  23. Pillow friends isn't about checking boxes and anyone who knows or gets interested in the books will know that. It's a blatant attempt to inject sex into story. Does this mean their Middle-earth series will have sex scenes, I know, maybe Aragon and Arwen could have a secret tryst.
  24. I really wish they would drop pillows, I don't think it will get them significantly more viewers.
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