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  1. Ok I found out who Lan was, now you two can get back to your I'm really not a racist but... a mod tries to shut you up, can't and the thread gets locked. I'm signing off this thread now, incidentally, this is why humans can't have nice things.
  2. First of all, lets not get another thread locked. Second, to my remembering Lan is never described, at least other plains and angles. RJ describes everyone else but beyond what I said above, I don't remember anything more.
  3. Since Lan isn't someone famous, my guess is Thom or Tam will be but whatever they do, I just hope they cast Thom right.
  4. Besides, if it were about the Black Tower odd are it wouldn't be in the prophecies as it was and probably always will be the Dragon's creation.
  5. I see your point about bizarre @Jagloverbut I don't see Min's relationship being romantic as truly necessary. Elayne is there to bind Andor and more to him, Aviendha is there for the Aiel, Min serves no real purpose in that way. Min was also the most reluctant I thought, in books read and commented about by nerds, we all know she fills the Cassandra role but most views won't know or care about that. Besides, until the docks he has Moiraine and who knows if they'll have her vanish? Although she really only vanishes for a few months but with the slowdown it feels much longer. He also has Nyneave, I just hope they don't demote her if they don't vanish Moiraine. Anyway, with the changes to Elayne and Aviendha, Rand have three beautiful women at his call, who may or may not be in love with each other, would be parody.
  6. Considering filming may have already begun, I'd expect more cast, especially if it's someone big, like the living to the end challenged Sean Bean or someone else big for a limited role, they probably don't want it leaking.
  7. Mine too, only after the rebellion he takes up space for more important events.
  8. One character they will probably cut or kill early is Gawyn who serves absolutely no purpose after getting his butt kicked by Mat who's barely able to stand. Killing him in the tower fighting if done well could be much more effective than having him linger for 10 more books, accomplishing nothing and then dying a pointless death in a duel.
  9. I really they'd left pillow friends on the cutting room floor but as they're obviously not, I just hope it's done tastefully, not a sex-measuring contest with GOT.
  10. @MladenI'm pretty you Merrilor right and often people who read it English misspell things. Like I've seen Amirlyn alot over the years in English and 3/4 of the time, I still misspell it.
  11. That wouldn't work as Elayne is the daughter heir and then queen so unless you reconfigure the whole Andor story. There's a whole thread what to keep and what to drop which you should look at but I think with other cutting, they'll be room to keep Min if they want. Before you look at thread, I'll just suggest to you that there are books worth of material no longer there as everything overdescribed will now be visual.
  12. Probably not as the pattern is impartial as we see with Rand's journey in tDR, some people find sacks of buried treasure while other villages go mad and three people die before it stops. Also with Ishamael only partially caught, he could manipulate Ta'veren like Hawkwing.
  13. I'm just finishing my relisten of EotW and my thoughts are alot of the episodes will have backstory about various characters and adjustments. Like A Place of Safety, which has to be Shadar Logoth will have the Aridhol story but also maybe flashing to the real Mordeth. I'm think RJ meant Mordeth to be one thing when he was writing a trilogy but decided to keep him in the longer story. I think his character has to be more well established since TV will want to make him something other than a leftover RJ didn't know how to handle. If ep 5 really isn't EotW, it could be Wisdom, featuring backstory of Nyneave and emonds fielders that she's interacted with. It could be info heavy too as you could put almost anything in with that title and of course the rescue, provided they're keeping that White cloak vs. Perrin subplot. Wherever they put it, they have to keep some of the journey to Caemlyn as it's important, like the channeling bits and Mat being consumed by the dagger. Alot can be left though as it has no bearing on anything, like all those named farmers and the jumping back and forth in time is just confusing. Maybe an honorable mention to Els and perhaps a flashback if her name in mentioned but no more. Some elements of Books 1&2 might be combined too since I don't know how you get 10 eps from EotW alone, considering half the book is gone because you aren't describing anything. I doubt you can squeeze 2 books in 10eps but the Fal Dara stuff, along with Suian might be in Season 1 but the Eye and the blowing of the Horn would be too much for one season. It's not like most of the later books where they don't really have an epic ending like Dumais Wells or the Cleansing
  14. Okay, I tried. The Brandon hate was the reason I stayed away from dragonmount, maybe this time will be over idiots arguing the difference between light black and dark white, all the while proclaiming I am not a racist.
  15. I forgot @Polskijabut yeah, you need to have the linedancing scene, the fishing one, Aes Sedai need to slowly be revealed as human.
  16. I think they'll be all types considering the people they meet are from every culture but I agree with someone who in another thread said Ramin Djawadi has to do it. I probably spelled the name wrong but he did Westworld and GOT which sound fabulous
  17. Yeah that's one reason Gawyn might have to stay until suian falls, Mat wiping the floor with Gawyn and Galad even though he's just risen. All of Mat's old tongue scenes. I hope they include the Mat vs. Couladin fight. If they get that far, I hope we see Perrin parting the balefire and Egwene goggle-eyed like you can't do that. I also want the fight at the manor and see how they'll do it because part of that scene being epic is the narrator telling us those weaves hadn't been seen in 3000 years. One more, Nyneave accidentally healing Logain and then realizing whoops, I healed a false dragon.
  18. Like some powerful people in WOT and real life, he was probably one thing to the commoners and another thing entirely behind closed doors. Had RJ lived, we might've gotten a worse picture of Lews but the notes probably concentrated on more important stuff. Some of the foresaken probably switched sides and then realized they were in way over their heads but it was too late by then.
  19. I didn't mean to minimize his TAR ability, it's just that not using the fact that your bad guy is related to two of the most important good guys seems off. Like the one time Nyneave accidentally ran across Slayer as Isam, it really messed with her head. If he's in TV show maybe they'll use him more.
  20. Slayer seems like a missed opportunity, I mean he can enter TAR in the flesh, he's related to Rand and Lan but TAR is the only skill set every used. I also wish we knew how and why he was made.
  21. Since I've only listened to the books, never read them, I've going to have to adjust to hearing someone other than Michael Kramer and Kate Reading as characters.
  22. They should mostly look alike but Mat doesn't, give it a rest or lodge a complaint with Amazon and don't watch.
  23. When RJ wrote EotW, which along with the white actor list, is being used to justify racism, it was still meant to a trilogy and not everything in there should be taken as canon. Like several of Min viewings in there do not happen, we never see Egwene sisters and I'd think the Amirlyn's sisters would mentioned and named if only in passing and there are other details. So everyone who does it just stop trying to justify the difference between light black and dark white based on vague descriptions which may or may not be accurate.
  24. This may be obvious to everyone else but what are the fake looking pictures for, next the real ones?
  25. Yeah Nyneave is the weakest Aes Sedai with Foresaken level power.
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