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  1. Does the companion whether burnout can be healed since Satelle couldn't hold the adam but Suian could
  2. pretty sure that won't have worked as they mortal insulted the Aiel by desecrating their gift and that would've either caused a larger civil war or cemented all of them behind Couladin.
  3. Besides it was a coup, I don't they were overly concerned with legalities.
  4. Perrin would've been better written differently or just less ink period. We didn't need to know he really, really didn't like this or that and certainly didn't need 3 and a little more books of rescuing Faile, etc. Honestly Perrin could've disappeared for most of the story, only surfacing occassionally and no one would notice.
  5. It's hit or miss, like the fight with Sammael, the cleansing, the battle at the manor etc. are great and then other parts drag. PoD is skippable and I should know, it wasn't on audible right away like the others. Book 12 is mostly Rand and Egwene with cameos by others but note Rand's story is very grim until the end. ToM I think is very good and aMoL is what it is. Overall it's not the ending it could have been but the story went off the rails after LoC. Some people blame Brandon and think the last three are horrible. All in all, it's the best conclusion we could get and those others should stop complaining.
  6. I thought the first books were going to have their own season because those book set the whole series up. That seems like a setup to fail because you can't do Eotw and tGH in 6 episodes if you want to go until the end. Now, the later books can be condensed alot but Eotw and tGH aren't those books
  7. I don't recall which was which but Moiraine went to one place and the door burned but the door in Tear leads somewhere else, the snakes I believe and the tower isn't really open.
  8. Apple doesn't seem to want everything his way, probably 19th century slavery or whatever. Pay no attention.
  9. I'd like to know what the original plan for Gawyn was?
  10. Gawyn is a character who should've been killed off sometime after Elaida's coup because his only value after that was to serve as an object lesson of what can happen to someone who invests their whole being toward one goal and things go sideways and then proceeds to make all the wrong choices. This arc is real enough, it's just after the coup and letting siuan escape, he serves no purpose other than to take inkspace away from someone useful.
  11. As far as I know, the early books are going to be a book a season but if lasts that long, probably with tSR, that will change. Remember, the books, even though there's 14, only take place over 2.5 or 3 years so stuff will start happening out of book order around tSR.
  12. Of those disappearing/reappearing characters, I think Moiraine, Bryne and Morgase and Grinwell doesn't need to be in there at all. Nothing earthshattering happens at the farm, like 4 kings and some others.
  13. I'm guessing the earlier books may stay closer to a book a season but the later ones, like 7 one you could do multiple books a season
  14. You need the cleansing and some other stuff but much can be tossed.
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