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  1. @MaedelinI don't know what that means except with all the punctuation you mean to be insulting so
  2. Like @Agitelsaid, it's magic and so can't really be compared to something in our world
  3. You could probably have better known people for the recurring roles who don't appear that much to draw viewers. Also, if they're using the wolf brother stuff then you should have a better known to play Elyas to help the audience understand. Not saying Jeff Bridges but a name would help people suspend disbelief far enough for the wolfbrother stuff
  4. @DragonFairyI was trying to be funny but sometimes I assume everyone follows the same things I do, sorry. What I meant was that pillow friends would just confuse a lot of the audience.
  5. Maybe they'll be flashbacks but it does begin with Eye of the world
  6. Yeah Faile didn't make him rescue her, she didn't use compulsion on him. You look at it @Sabioas a character flaw in Faile that made Perrin like that, whereas I look it as a flaw in Perrin that he'd doom the world for such a selfish reason. I will say, part of this issue is that RJ took three whole books and Brandon still needed to mop up in a fourth, a situation that should've taken a book and a half at most. More than anything is the fact that RJ slow walked Perrin's arc from Eotw.
  7. Probably the same way some of the star wars fandom reacted when they found out the galaxy far, far away had more than white people and aliens in it.
  8. Red ships I mean the ones that were in the prologue of ToM I believe.
  9. Just like the red ships, maybe it would've been explained later but can't be now.
  10. @SabioI'm pretty sure the Aes Sedai who were collared thought the Seanchan were pure evil and the female channelers Luthair took at the beginning of the conquest.
  11. Besides @Pandemoniumone of the reasons I think alot like GOT is because it revels in its graphic violence, sex and crudity and being offensive. I didn't watch the show but I hear it wasn't kind to women. If people weren't happy about Arya's role in Ep3 when becoming an assassin was the whole point of her story from after Ned dying, they really won't like Moiraine, Nyneave, Egwene, cadsuane, etc.
  12. Oh yes @Pandemonium because two white guys, a white princess and one black guy for comic relief was oh so perfect. Star Wars is a GALAXY far, far away, not nordic countries and some black people for comic relief. It's fiction and new characters can look like whatever the director wants, not what white male fans want.
  13. @CrystallineTartwhat does that even mean. The sickness is initially the taint and later is because Rand and Moridin did what any fan of the original ghostbusters knows not to do.
  14. First of all, Social Justice really isn't a bad word but I do agree a modern agenda has no place in a medieval fantasy.
  15. I think the main reason people dislike Faile is because they dislike Perrin and so she gets it. Also I think you see a culture clash and her major develops occurs books 6-12.
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