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  1. DemandredFO

    Elyas, first meeting, behavior

    Elyas has another advantage
  2. DemandredFO

    What to keep, what to drop?

    Just because game of thrones does it, doesn't mean WOT has to.
  3. DemandredFO

    What to keep, what to drop?

    Just dropping all of Valan Luca and having physical scenery instead of description will cut down. Combined Ishy and Be'lal since B shows up and gets killed, I wish I knew if RJ intended more for B. Oh and you need Narg, Narg smart. The Tylin story I think will be cut because WOT doesn't need a rape controversy. I think the travelling people could be cut down or left out entirely since they don't add much. Also I think the latter seasons will diverge more as books get cut down and there's time to expand on stuff Brandon either left out or had to edit for time, like adding seanchan and AS together at the tower. If you include that Min vision, the WT/seanchan lack of resolution has to change. Where you need to add though is the OP battles because the descriptions sound cool but you can have 5 mins of Nyneave and Moghedien do a staredown in an ancient museum
  4. DemandredFO

    The casting thread

    I agree Tam would be a good big name actor position since he's not that active on screen. Moiraine and Lan probably big names too. Thom I don't think big name because he's too active. If this series makes it to the waste, they'll have to used forced perspective since the Aiel are all basketball player tall.
  5. DemandredFO

    Pick one thing that you'd change and why

    I think the sharans were a victim of RJ spending too much time on stuff that went nowhere, like Luca or took too long to wrap, faile's rescue. Don't get me wrong, I listened to the whole story cover to cover so to speak because story as a whole made up for the less than stellar parts. In this regard I think Brandon gets unfairly blamed by some when he had no control over the first 11 books. E.g. the Sharans should've been introduced in FOH or something and not as a Deus Ex Machina bad guy army.
  6. DemandredFO

    Matt's past life

    Matt is Aemon reborn
  7. DemandredFO

    Padan Fain, thoughts?

    Yes but if the wheel never changes and can never change, as I believe RJ or someone said, why would it need a backup plan?
  8. DemandredFO

    Concerning Gawyn

    Gawyn was told all his life about being special and Elayne's protector. Then, his sister turns out to be a superweapon and Rand is well Rand. Also he's a follower who eventually realized he was following the wrong leader. Personally, I think that's giving gawyn and RJ too much credit since I think RJ wrote Gawyn for one story but a different one happened.
  9. DemandredFO

    Padan Fain, thoughts?

    Like with everything else, RJ spent too much time on the faile rescue or Elayne and Nyneave at Luca's show, etc. and literally ran out of time to do justice to Fain, a proper white tower battle, a proper TG, take your pick. Brandon couldn't finish everything in three books so he did the best he could. But yes, like other characters and plots, Fain's potential was wasted
  10. DemandredFO

    What ever will I read now?!

    Brandons books are very good, as is the Demon Cycle by Peter V Brett but that series is very adult so be warned. Peter F. Hamilton is very good for Sci-fi. I also really like Guy Gavriel Kay, he's historical fiction.
  11. DemandredFO

    Dune to WoT

    Rand, Mat and Perrin are norse mythology and anyway, Mat's the classic wise guy i.e. smart alec, character and perrin is the classic leave me alone character
  12. DemandredFO

    Inefficient Seanchan testing

    I don't think it's ever said but I guess the Male A'dam was created after the strike on Shayol Ghul to control mad male Aes Sedai. I think Moghedien explains some of this to one of the wonder girls I think.
  13. DemandredFO

    The Ripples (spoilers)

    Pretty sure the Prologue scene is the aftermath of Lews Therin doing the same thing Rand did in the Stone of Tear to kill all the trollocs with Callandor but instead of Trollocs, the lightning generator was changed to kill all Lews Therin descendants.
  14. DemandredFO

    Series pacing, thoughts?

    I think part of the reason people don't like Brandon's book because with pre-existing pacing issues he had to squeeze everything in and the end result wasn't perfect. The whole Valan Luca arc totaled up between Mat, Elayne and Nyneave, probably wasted half a book or more and Perrin's storyline from start to finish was a mess. The biggest problems were he married his editor and he fuelled Tor's rise so there was no one to tell him no. Some of the slow parts don't have any redeeming value but this will be all we have since there are no more notes.
  15. Maedelin my guess is even had RJ lived to never finish WOT, Min would've faded. Her visions are important but when you're in the thick of battle, fire is more valuable than Sight. One the themes or whatever you'd call it of WOT is lack of communication, no one talks to one another. Though in Min's case I think keeping Sight to herself was wise because if she spread it around, it would've gotten back to a not-so-friendly Aes Sedai. Also, if your main problem is Brandon, know that RJ died and the series barely got greenlit to finish. Was it perfect no, Brandon admitted that but RJ bears a large amount of blame.