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  1. Slayer seems like a missed opportunity, I mean he can enter TAR in the flesh, he's related to Rand and Lan but TAR is the only skill set every used. I also wish we knew how and why he was made.
  2. Since I've only listened to the books, never read them, I've going to have to adjust to hearing someone other than Michael Kramer and Kate Reading as characters.
  3. They should mostly look alike but Mat doesn't, give it a rest or lodge a complaint with Amazon and don't watch.
  4. When RJ wrote EotW, which along with the white actor list, is being used to justify racism, it was still meant to a trilogy and not everything in there should be taken as canon. Like several of Min viewings in there do not happen, we never see Egwene sisters and I'd think the Amirlyn's sisters would mentioned and named if only in passing and there are other details. So everyone who does it just stop trying to justify the difference between light black and dark white based on vague descriptions which may or may not be accurate.
  5. This may be obvious to everyone else but what are the fake looking pictures for, next the real ones?
  6. Yeah Nyneave is the weakest Aes Sedai with Foresaken level power.
  7. You know what would be cool is Moiraine(Rosamand's) voice over the end of episode one as they're all leaving, telling the Manetheran story as I think that has to be in there.
  8. Those particular scenes might not be a hard TV-MA but Dumais Wells definitely is
  9. Loial shows Rand that not everything that looks like a Trolloc is one and he's comic relief. They might cut down on appearances given all Shadowspawn will be CGI to some degree. I find more like that most minor characters will be a one and done thing or they won't appear until later.
  10. she might've lied before just not about something so specific as were any of the 20 year olds around here born outside?
  11. I think the first season or so could be TV14 if they so desire but after that it's TV-MA, not a solid every episode TV-MA like GoT. Don't forget, there's not a TV-14 way to show someone's throat ripped or having someone disassemble Barthanas, etc.
  12. Remember since the War of Power, society has been devolving so there are probably oddities all over the place. Also we don't actually know there's high literacy do we because we don't see a whole lot of people and place, population speaking do we?
  13. Instead of wandering off on tangents that lead nowhere, I wish we knew more about Rand(Lews) and Demandred as that seems to me integral to what went on in the books. Another epic missing scene is Mat vs. Couladin
  14. Maybe she went to the in between realm to have a confab with Gandalf, Dumbledore and all mentoring magic folk.
  15. My guess is she saw the announcement about the showing featuring Moiraine as a central character and based everything on that. Granted Amazon might be just as happy with everyone confused as they want as many fans going in guessing who the Dragon Reborn. The person's boss, provided she's not just a blogger, cast be too happy though. All I can say is I hope Brandon wasn't drinking anything if that was pointed out to him
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