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  1. Bosch has 6 seasons so far on Amazon so I have hope Amazon won't do that.
  2. Thing is LOTR is getting a 2nd Age show which has an outline from the Silmarillion but still Amazon got the rights. It all depends on success, a number followed by lots of zeroes makes some people rethink.
  3. I don't think Egeanin should have all her parts, the Egwene thing in particular seems more no notes and Brandon finding something for her to do. But she goes antagonist to friend, unlike Tuon, who doesn't see a problem with demane, even after she sees AS aren't evil and she could channel. This also hinges on actor commitment as some of these lesser roles will hinge on how long you can get a person for.
  4. If is Bearlon they probably added and Egwene/Perrin snippet and possibly others as we really only see Rand or who he talks too in the books.
  5. @BorderlanderI like the list and your reasons, except you forgot about Moghedien basically being Nyneave's nemesis, ripping Birgitte out and getting captured. Though I don't know if they keep the whole Birgitte thing or not.
  6. I never paid attention to the timeline but I think some of the time and other issues with Perrin at least will be solved by sprinkling his development throughout his storyline. Rand, Mat and Elayne I'm not sure you can do that though.
  7. To show that he's special, I think need Ishamael reincarnated as Moridin but he's the only one.
  8. Thing is, unlike the Nazgul, who had purposes some of the Forsaken are just there to die accomplish nothing Balthamel is there to get killed by Someshta and accomplish nothing more the second time Belal is there to get balefired by Moraine and fuel fan theories until AMOL Demandred needs to be Taim because he was apparently supposed to Point is you can't include everything everyone wants which means cutting easy stuff. I could see an argument for keeping Be'lal as it shows Moraine being badass but Balth serves no purpose, in either incarnation.
  9. I like that idea better since after Mat kill Culadin, which we Must see on-screen, they serve no purpose. My guess is Faile killing Maseema was Sanderson either because no notes or because time.
  10. I also see the journey to Tanchico being cut, the same way Mat's windfinder story will be cut in Book 9. Both arcs lead nowhere. In fact, the windfinders may be cut entirely as alot of their subplots seem to go nowhere and you simply can't include everything in 8 seasons max.
  11. You need the shaido or some army for Malden but however, I expect it will occur much differently. Also @HarldinPerrin's storyline will be changed the most, at least I think because he has very uneven character development. I expect Faile's development to change alot too as hers is almost as uneven as perrin.
  12. Personally, I think any changes from the first three books, if not introducing new elements to existing stories will be cleanup because the first three books aren't exactly a seamless blend into the larger story. My guess is the big thing will be a. Cutting the Green Man b. dropping the romantic Min/Rand relationship c. the polyamorous relationship between Avi, Elayne and Rand. Given the presence of Steve, I regard dropping the Green Man unlikely. We already know about Avi and Elayne so my guess would be they drop the Min romance. You also need to change her character sligh
  13. I too like Egeanin but if you keep her, the end of her arc needs major changes because the whole Egwene thing seems more of a tacked on because no notes thing. Have Egeanin's story more or less the same until after the sad bracelets are taken from her and then combine her with Tylee. This way you get someone who knows Aes Sedai, knows the Seanchan dark secret and in a general.
  14. You can't cut Falme. It will need minor adjusting, mainly putting another Foresaken in for Ishamael because at maximum you can have him die once as Ishy and come back as Moridin. Probably some minor elaboration on Rand's wounding so it's a tad less because plot. If someone doesn't want to see falme though, something's very very wrong.
  15. You probably Ishamael and Aginor or Ishy and Balthamel but not three Foresaken, I just it's too much at the being to have two and a half foresaken die. Might be better just to have Aginor or Balthamel alone as even if you have him die once and come back as Moridin, having Ishy die three times would be a bit much.
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