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  1. I too like Egeanin but if you keep her, the end of her arc needs major changes because the whole Egwene thing seems more of a tacked on because no notes thing. Have Egeanin's story more or less the same until after the sad bracelets are taken from her and then combine her with Tylee. This way you get someone who knows Aes Sedai, knows the Seanchan dark secret and in a general.
  2. You can't cut Falme. It will need minor adjusting, mainly putting another Foresaken in for Ishamael because at maximum you can have him die once as Ishy and come back as Moridin. Probably some minor elaboration on Rand's wounding so it's a tad less because plot. If someone doesn't want to see falme though, something's very very wrong.
  3. You probably Ishamael and Aginor or Ishy and Balthamel but not three Foresaken, I just it's too much at the being to have two and a half foresaken die. Might be better just to have Aginor or Balthamel alone as even if you have him die once and come back as Moridin, having Ishy die three times would be a bit much.
  4. @johnnysdI could behind that but you still need slayer for Perrin's dream foe. I had an idea, maybe Fain and the Whitecloaks controlling the two rivers through others, like, for example, something along the lines of Nyneave's accepted test.
  5. I personally think they will just drop the Luc/Isam part and just make him Slayer as his connection to Rand and Lan isn't important to the story. Personally, he seemed like an interesting character especially being Gitara sent him to the Blight but the writers would basically have to invent backstories unless there are unused notes we've never heard. Unfortunately, I expect Slayer to be Slayer. It occurred to me just now that Slayer's dual identity was probably a left over of the WOT trilogy that RJ couldn't kill off.
  6. We'll probably see Tigraine in flashbacks as she's important to more than one character and we might even see Janduin.
  7. I can see that but I think a few scenes with Uuo and Mat will show the swear vocab.
  8. I hope they keep the made up swearing as context usually means you can figure out what it corresponds to. Also it would be hilarious for Elayne's inept swearing and I don't think the real words would have the same effect. I won't not watch it if they change the swearing but it will be jarring.
  9. Min is as old or a little older than Nyneave, who, I don't think it's ever said but I assume, is between 25 and 30 despite not looking it. Seems about right for Min then.
  10. Also depends on how the rights contract was worded.
  11. Yeah because if you don't get the appearance right, Verin won't work. In a book, you can write whatever you want but onscreen it has to be seen. Though they might change Verin much as they made Moraine taller however much I wish they didn't.
  12. Before including birgitte, they need to figure out a way to at least hint at how Moghedien ripped a hero of the horn out of TAR because in the books it's just because Moggy knows stuff. She gets fought to a draw with Nyneave, gets collared, is basically inept but does one thing right.
  13. That could work but everyone needs to prepare themselves for side characters we think are essential to various plot elements being left on the cutting room floor. Like for me in LOTR, they left out Bombadil which still annoys me even though I know and accept why they did it.
  14. Part of the reason people are attached to Domon is he was rattling around the outside of the story since EotW. If he's in the show at all, it won't be until season 4 probably, in which case why have a character named the same, who non-readers won't know or care about? I like some of the side characters too but based on feasability, monetary and otherwise as well as expanding Logain, Elaida etc., you can't have everyone.
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