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  1. Thing is though, unlike a book where you can create locations with words, in TVland, it takes money. I know Bezos is a mega-billionaire and we should be getting real shadowspawn and all the bells and whistles, we just aren't. Maybe someone can convert Bezos into a superfan but until then, we have to make do. Along with @Elder_Hamanlist of cities, we also know we're getting Tar Valon.
  2. @redgiantI think Four Kings or some combo of Four Kings/Whitebridge will be there, too much happens at those places. I think another reason Whitebridge is omitted is because the Thom incident is never made clear and is accepted as early bookism. I wish Baerlon could be included because of the line dancing scene. They're trying to keep the Dragon mysterious so no Eliada. Unlike books, you have to get people to play roles and that's basically a blink and you miss it scene. Big difference about Bree is Aragon stays with them whereas no one from Caemlyn becomes an MC, at that point.
  3. People are also going to have to get used to the fact that unless they borrow every single really tall white person in the NBA and WNBA, the Aiel aren't going to look exactly as described.
  4. If there's any dreams make it into S1 it'll be ones that are confined to one room but after S1 they'll need T'A'R' because it becomes very important.
  5. If we get any dreams in season 1 it might be one where they stay in one room and maybe just a voice with flaming eyes. Frankly, I think the dreams were for the WOT trilogy, not the full story, like Egwene and Perrin almost understanding the Old Tongue and a million other things. @ThrasymachusMin and the whitecloaks are critical story elements, and see above for what I think the dreams are.
  6. Maybe right now everyone's to excited for season 1.
  7. I think it's more than likely WOT won't release all at once, especially since it's already been renewed. Also Rosamund is probably worth a draw at first.
  8. Maybe they'll have some makeup effect.
  9. Maybe a white tower badge or item of visible clothing or jewelry besides the rings.
  10. One of the babies could be for a Lan flashback but I think most are for what @DojoToadsuggested.
  11. @ThrasymachusPersonally I'd rather them spend money on more useful things amusing 'fans' who won't watch anyway.
  12. Harriet, Brandon and Maria are consulting, Rafe is a fan and Sarah is the book consultant, they'll try but this show is primarily not for fans, same with GOT. Now I won't get into a big long explanation because I realize most of this is about race but finding all sorts of other reasons to dislike it so as not to bring down the wrath of the mods. When the show premieres Dragonmount and other sites will probably gets lots of new members but they may not stay here because a vocal minority can't get over the fact that fictional characters can be other than white. I like being here and discussing news and stuff but it's getting tiring ignoring the complaints from the same people that boil down to I can't stand that X,Y,Z are black, asian etc. However, I have to invent other reasons. Why ruin it for everyone else here? Those 'fans' will never accept diversity so why do you stay?
  13. @SeanI've seen all three seasons of Westworld but I don't remember who Clementine is.
  14. The original three books were different from the others since there weren't originally supposed to be anymore. In this turning of the wheel, they're a little older, Perrin is taller than Rand, Moraine is 5'8 and not 5'4 and other changes. There will always be the books, this show is not being made for us fans and I wouldn't even like a word for word screen adaption.
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