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  1. Along with casting, there are also going to to be major changes, one being that the first three books weren't aimed at a far away ending which is why Ishamael won't die 3 times, etc. Another big change is will we get the AMOL ending or will we get some version of the one if RJ lived. So another turning of the wheel is a better way to think and that phrase isn't mine, I heard in a youtube video, who can't remember where he heard it.
  2. Wouldn't they be too far though but that's a good thought. I still like the Forsaken theory better though because that why you don't have to invent a story for them, the roles just morph into Ishamael and Lanfear, the Gars or whoever.
  3. Something because they realistically could've been Brandon and Harriet or Rafe and Sara, the book consultant, if the Grinwells were the same as the books.
  4. Logain is also a relatively minor character that becomes a semi important sort of major character later on, if that makes sense. He really should get more book time than he actually does and frankly there are some sideplots we could do without to make room for him. While watching youtube I heard something, think of series as a different turning of the wheel.
  5. @Elessardon't forget, we're seeing for the most part stuff that can't be hidden and a tiny bit of promotion. You should probably wait for the trailer at the very least before deciding. Right now everyone is just stringing together hints into tapestries which may or may not be accurate. Another thing about GOT, it crashed and burned in the end, partly because the source material wasn't and probably never will be finished. WOT is 14 books, you'll get 8-10 seasons max and WOT isn't perfect, especially the later books. My guess is if Ice and Fire had been finished some of the things you like
  6. @Elessar WOT and GOT are different and a big thing, I've only listened to Ice and Fire once so I could be wrong, but from what I remember, GOT doesn't spend nearly as much time as WOT in characters' heads. You also have to demonstrate how dangerous the Dragon is to an audience, hence Logain.
  7. It will be interesting see, if the show gets that far, how they handle Nyneave accidentally healing him. Just as an aside, I hope they lose the whole Luca episode and have everyone go right to salidar.
  8. @Jax BornhaldI think Mr. and Mrs. Grinwell will turn out to be Forsaken. I don't know if they'll be killed for their identities or whether they'll be Forsaken from the beginning. I don't see them casting actual actors for a glorified cameo at best. To me you either cast some huge for a cameo or you cast an extra. An extra probably costs less than an actor too.
  9. They hired spanish actors, including the Ghealdon king and some others so I think we'll see more than his capture and gentling.
  10. It's probably either the search after the battle of the shining walls, something to with Logain in Ghealdon or could it be a flashback to Owen, Thom's nephew. Showing him would help illustrate why Thom's helping boys mixed up with AS and it would also show madness. Doesn't Owen basically flatten his village at the end?
  11. I'm not the biggest fan of creating characters for the sole purpose of immediately killing them because of Star Trek Discovery. I was way more interested in the character they immediately killed in the premiere than I was in the one they centered the story around.
  12. I hope we get some flashbacks with Nyneave and her father just because we should probably see a relationship that had such a profound affect on her and basically fuels her ambition to be the greatest living healer.
  13. Maybe Egeanin and Tylee will be merged, I forget if you mentioned that. I could see Egeanin, not be demoted to give us a window on that nobility, unless Tuon is a central character from season 2. I know you don't want to hear this and I like him too but I get the feeling Domon is cut or we won't meet him until he's a seanchan prisoner. How they handle the domination band, I don't know but I do bee thinkin' our Illianer won't be involved.
  14. That's what I mean, in the books, she's not that important and the bond doesn't even work very well and after Cadsuane arrives, she's shoved to the back even further. I just don't see audiences caring that much about an as is Alanna. After the bond snaps with Lan, I think audiences will appreciate the danger of killing someone bonded to Rand at a critical moment, I just think Elayne is a better choice because she's not a fighter if shielded, whereas Min and Avi are.
  15. When do we see her struggling with nightmares, issues with channeling and the like. I'm not being sarcastic so could you point to some, maybe I've forgotten.
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