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  1. Not that I know but my guess is it'll be 2 or 3 at once and then weekly after that.
  2. I think one of the biggest differences between LOTR, especially Paths of the Dead and WOT and it's elements is LOTR was PG13 and WOT will most definitely be R/TV-MA which I think will give more tonal freedom. I don't know about GOT, didn't watch, but one thing might be they were more leaning into the sex and blood and dragons to carry the story than anything else.
  3. I think Mat will still be the same because college age and even adults can be just as aloof and childish as teenagers.
  4. As progressive as the show will be, I think they'll either drop Tylin and go right to Beslin or have the Gholam, if they include that, murder Tylin as he arrives and Mat stays to help Beslin and free demane. The biggest difference, societywise, is viewers will know what Valda does to Morgase is wrong and worthy of death immediately while not everyone will see it with Tylin and Randland, or whatever it's called, just doesn't have the concepts for male rape. It's shown by the fact that Nyneave and Elayne find it funny where they would instantly kill Valda. The situations are kind of similiar, neither Morgase nor Mat were technically forced but were both in a fortress where a word from Valda or Tylin would get them killed and so for different reasons, they were both taken advantage of in the cruelest way possible.
  5. @Elder_HamanWell Rand and her could've just had the big blowup over her wanting to be an Aes Sedai. That could be a really tense if Rand says DF, especially after the 5 think she killed Hightower.
  6. I'd guess the 5 will still be immature is terms of worldlyness because as far as I know of all of Emond's Field, Tam is the only one with significant away time.
  7. I also liked the non-answer about who's always late.
  8. It's possible they didn't have the yellow eyes because that would be a giveaway of something big.
  9. Besides, the whole point of that scene is to get Rand and Elayne in proximity for taveren and telling you he's the Dragon Reborn. I have feeling they're going to shy away from as much overtly taveren because plot stuff as they possibly can and hiding the DR means no Eliada viewing, at least for S1. Does no Caemlyn hurt yes, is it anywhere near a deal breaker, no.
  10. I'm the dusty wheel is even now trying to unblur everything and figure out why the metadata for the Logain picture is wrong.
  11. Personally I too wish Moiraine were shorter but I like the fact Nyneave is the shortest, considering what she is and who she becomes.
  12. I think it's kind of appropriate that Perrin is taller than Rand, I know that's heresy but he's supposed be the god of thunder, he should be tall.
  13. I have a feeling alot of Crown of Swords to KoD will be rearranged or shortened.
  14. The ancient symbol of AS, either the seals or just on stuff. action figures and such.
  15. It obviously won't be Randland. I just googled it and it doesn't have an official name but I wonder if RJ's notes have something.
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