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  1. I'm almost positive Danya is new. Some characters, like Logain, are getting larger roles so these people could be related to them. Also Nyneave's parents are dead and her unnamed father mentioned in passing, Perrin's are mentioned, never seen and killed offscreen and Egwene has vanishing sisters so we'll get at least cameos I think. I think I remember hear they changed the name of Alanna's other warder and I think it was Maksim. I don't remember way, I think it was similar to another one.
  2. Besides, Moraine's arafel adventure is where we first interact with Dragkar as we only hear them in EoTW. We also find out more of the prophecies so that probably needs be there. In addition, you probably will want your nominal star in as many of the beginning seasons as you possibly can.
  3. Blood calls Blood could the Andoran episode as he's royalty, even if no one but readers know that. Even though it's a call back to the dark prophecy, I hardly think one has anything to do with the other as it's too early.
  4. Also, unlike the books, the show will be condensed. Perrin won't disappear like in Book 5 or Matt in Book 8.
  5. I think the ship journey has to be there as you learn how ancient the world is and Ishamael harasses them there too. Hard choices could also be cutting Someshta or just referencing him. I think it all depends what the do with the Eye because that ending especially is from the WoT trilogy days.
  6. No, I mean the wolfbrother training story because as it stands, his only life is his plot in tSR. If you take some of his stuff from TOM and put it throughout the series, he'd be much better because as it stands now, his 1 book development is unworkable.
  7. @EffeteI think Egwene's character will be adjusted the most because as I've said elsewhere, things come way too easy for her. Most of the characters have more or less believable arcs. Some, like Perrin will need to be expanded so his growth isn't shoved in one book.
  8. @Effeteisn't she too old for Faile. @imladHow about Sean Bean because if you need someone killed in a fantasy series, he's your man.
  9. I guess I read that wrong then
  10. I think you can strike a balance as you don't need to show it for most other than wincing or the like. If the story gets to the end, you will have to adjust Egwene and Silviana as I don't think having her mercilessly beating Egwene and then becoming her keeper will be believable.
  11. Min won't be cut so this thread should be locked before it devolves
  12. It will make most fans happy that he didn't cut Narg and Loial couldn't be a man anyway as that would completely destroy the point of him. Glad to hear about the Old Tongue as Mat needs to be fluent. Painful choices I think is either the prologue or the Tinkers as I don't know what other important but non vital thing you could. I suppose Doman but I think that trip needs to be there if for no other reason than to show the deep history of Randland. Glad they're filming multiple seasons at once as you want to try to keep actors aging faster than characters to a minimum. Has anyone asked him if they expanded the timeline otherwise actors will end alot older than characters.
  13. If they picked her then, it would have to be Verin because despite one almost being queen of Cairhien(wouldn't be a great mirror world story) the other dirt poor, I'm fair Suian and Moiraine are the same age. I haven't listened to New Spring in a while but isn't Elaida only a little older than those two?
  14. I just saw a few but this is how and why threads get locked so we have a dirth of news. If people on here have nothing better to do, make sure your elderly loved ones are safe from the Coronavirus and stop posting.
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