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  1. I think Halima, like many other things was a victim of books 7-11 since she is unmasked and dies in book 12. You have a near undetectable weapon but we get next to nothing and instead, pointless book sideplots to nowhere instead of cool Halima.
  2. I just hope they get someone able to play the seductively insane of Lanfear properly.
  3. @Elder_HamanI like that because now it gives them a reason for Fal Dara. Maybe the waygate exits into Malkier and they see the ruined seven towers, to give weight to Lan.
  4. Another thing I think why the time will have to be longer than three years is that the story timeline is all screwed up and unless I'm looking at someone's spreadsheet, I can't tell you anymore than after the end of book 6, it's screwed up. My guess is the cleansing is better to end the season or is used as a cliffhanger split in the middle.
  5. Perrin will probably change the most because it's a mismatch from the outset and Faile never gets to use Any of her backstory until almost the last minute. If you kick Perrin up a few notches instead of being dragged kick and screaming, he's more interesting and the Noblewoman gets to use her backstory and since she's Saldean, I assume they make her into a badass swordswoman or something. Berelain might be retained but I think the whole Perrin thing gets dropped.
  6. @Elder_HamanI like your predictions but one note, you forget to mention the Cleansing.
  7. My issue isn't so much with the book, like I said, it's that large sequences don't have an impact on the larger story. You can get away with that in books, especially when you're famous enough no one can tell you no but it won't translate to the screen. E.g. Perrin, his development is basically shoved into TOM, with a few moments in other books and that won't work on TV. If you want it to go a full 8, probably, seasons, there will be major changes, especially since the necessary changes in the later seasons will need to be set up from the beginning. Again, I like the book but knowing the corners cut for the ending of the series(AMOL) I know EotW needs Major changes for it to translate on to the screen. I guess in the end though, we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  8. Eye of the World was written as book 1 of a trilogy before RJ realized his story was much bigger. As a fan, I like EotW but I know it doesn't really work, I accept that. As @Thrasymachussays, a good intro but in some ways Great Hunt is the real beginning. One of the biggest problems is you can't have Ishamael die twice before getting killed for good the third time. Perrin meets Elyas but barely advances until TOM. Perrin and Egwene almost understand the Old Tongue but goes nowhere. Mins viewings are all over the place. The future very powerful Amarlyn has disappearing sisters. Finally, my issues with the whole Blight sequence stand. That's a longwinded way of saying you won't translate EotW onto the screen without major changes. It won't be like Fellowship of the Ring where they mostly stuck to the book except for Tom Bombadil, yes I know why they cut him and yes it hurts. Points is, don't get to attached to sequences in EotW and GH, especially as a few sequences only work because of the innermonologues.
  9. @johnnysdI mean that the power is just used, no weaves or anything, the sequence at the Eye screams because plot. Yes they meet the WOT version of Tom Bombadil, get the horn, a seal and the banner but the rest of it is pointless. Aginor and Balthamel are put in simply to be killed, Aginor detects Mats dagger but that's never explained and no other Forsaken ever comes after him, the creator talks to Rand which never happens again. If that whole sequence remains, it needs fixing.
  10. I wonder if earlier books are more of a question of rearranging and the later seasons will have the big cuts. There's also the question of the physical Eye of the World and how much of that sequence is included because it's the book one ending for a trilogy and doesn't make sense.
  11. You need Elayne in S1, in caemlyn for starters, either the scene in the garden, a public gentling of Logain or both. The garden also establishes Elayne as less than a fully pliant noble teenager.
  12. My question is that since the U.S. minus some of the east coast is such a mess, will U.S. cast and crew be allowed back in Europe?
  13. You might combine the Kin and Windfinders.
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