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  1. You can't put him at the center in season 1, have Elaida, Loial and others reveal that over the season.
  2. You want to draws eyes to the name on your cast which is what Rosamund is there for. You have to focus the eyes before you widen the view.
  3. I don't when in relation to filming they release a trailer as I don't think it's done filming. Also, the casting or in your opinion miscasting of Lan will not make or break the series. You should wait until a trailer to decide.
  4. It should one single one because Taraboners have multiple braids.
  5. Just because Mat isn't the most reliable narrator doesn't mean he wasn't raped. Unless you think Mat is completely delusional and imagined the servants kidnapping him and everything else, it was rape
  6. I just look at it this way, the thousands of pages of description will be represented visually so it may not be as many as you think. I have not doubt many side characters will be cut but not necessarily as many as a 14 book series would indicate.
  7. @more rainbooks one and two conclusions will probably be adjusted as those books especially were written before RJ realized he wasn't writing a trilogy.
  8. That whole plotline in tDR is weird and also we never find out who the woman is.
  9. Mat isn't honest with himself because he has stockholm syndrome, the culture was never to harm a woman and he couldn't admit it to himself. She's the queen of the realm, she has complete control. look at today's world, all these powerful men are being taken down for stuff that people knew, some for decades was happening but it's only deemed worthy of punishment now because our culture changed. It was always wrong. For example, if Harvey was on video sending underlings to kidnap women, cut their clothes off and groom them to accept his leash, he'd be charged immediately. That's what Tylin did and in all honesty, it took me a few tries to see what happened to Mat as wrong.
  10. I think Min's role will largely depend on what they show and do about her visions
  11. They'll probably adjust those for the show, like just go with NE or AB instead of confusing the issue for viewers.
  12. My guess, it has to do with Rand and at least some of Book 2 will appear in season 1. You can't after all have Alanna bond Rand as that would take the mystery out for people who haven't read the books. It seems strange that we get Alanna before Elayne or Min.
  13. Now that you mention it, yeah Elayne needs to be there, unless they completely change the Caemlyn sequence, Min probably isn't vitally important for Bearlon. The dancing sequence as comic relief needs to be there though.
  14. Probably deciding if they're needed in season one, as both of them only appear once.
  15. As I said elsewhere, the thousands of pages of descriptions will now be visual.
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