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  1. Unless they change him, Galad is a recurring character for most of the show.
  2. It depends on the situation I think
  3. My guess is Aginor and Balthamel will be killed once and stay dead. Ishamael will probably die and come back just to show he's different. Will Lanfear it will depend on what they decide to do with Finnland. Egenin probably will have her name and then change because that's what happens in Seanchan culture. Fain will depend on shadar Logoth and the other one I can think of Slayer will most likely be merged into one name
  4. I don't know if there's stuff somewhere else but I'm just as glad as people on here have been, let's just say, less than open-minded.
  5. I was hoping for Ramin Djwadi as based on Westworld and GOT, you know he can bring it.
  6. @Elendirif he's only promised, that affects nothing. He could only be just married if he was as in a medieval society I would expect them to be having kids almost immediately and kids really would be too big of a change.
  7. At the very least, I think his story will be revised parts of it just don't work. While Mat's time with the show is fun and the Renna situation is important, the Nyneave and Elayne part goes on entirely too long.
  8. Valan might be dropped completely I think but Eliada will be more important.
  9. I agree but really see how internal monologues can be done without it looking really, really cheesy.
  10. personally, I'd rather have the thin innkeeper and four kings instead of Paitr
  11. I was going to mention as Egwene takes note that he seemed to be softly singing, I forget exactly when that was.
  12. I really hope he didn't change it just because fans figured it out and all of his antics, especially so-called Aiel doesn't make sense unless he was Demandred.
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