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  1. And another thing, Billy Zane better make an appearance. I don't care if he's an extra. Don't tell me his schedule is too busy. Rafe needs to make this happen.
  2. The beating heart of WOT is that this story and several of its characters span Ages. It's what makes Rand/LT interesting. It's what makes the Forsaken interesting. Take that away, and WOT gets a lot more mundane. The Green Man is the only living being, besides the Forsaken, that is still alive from the AOL. Cutting that would, frankly, suck. All this talk of "you know, they could probably just cut the Eye altogether" is pretty unsettling. There are basically four things that made EOTW a great read: Winternight, Shadar Logoth, The Ways, and the journey into the Blight, past the broken towers of Malkier, to find the Eye. I don't see how you can cut any of that from Season 1. The little Caemlyn interlude is fun, but that can wait. But don't mess with the journey into the Blight.
  3. I hope they make this change. The whole hiding out in Shara thing was dumb. And it's pretty clear RJ did it as a deliberate middle finger to annoying fans.
  4. To me, the occasional connections back to the AOL is one the very best things about WOT. The Green Man’s brief reappearance in TSR is probably my favorite chapter of the entire series. So talk of cutting things like this hurts my heart.
  5. I appreciate your optimism and I hope you’re right. Your interpretations are certainly reasonable - and frankly I would welcome those sort of changes. Thanks for trying to keep some of us off the ledge.
  6. Speaking of stuff I’d like to Balefire…. Yes, this is concerning. I’m just gonna remain hopeful that the story doesn’t get derailed and the woke isn’t too distracting. All we can do is wait and see and remain hopeful.
  7. Well the process of healing Mat from the dagger now presents an interesting opportunity…. Not unlike the insertion of the Hoth ice cave scene to explain Mark Hamill’s facial scarring from the car accident.
  8. You don’t have to do that. Really. It’s a few folks getting oddly bent out of shape over something that none of them is really in a good position to speak to authoritatively. In other words, the Internet. 100 of us could each read a description of… anything, even RJ’s most painfully detailed descriptions, and envision 100 different things. Nobody knows exactly what WOT is supposed to look like. I think some folks probably have the book art in their heads. Well the book art is by and large pretty awful, to be honest. I couldn’t care less about a few goofy props of that outdoor living space waygate. It’s the story that matters. Get the story right, and all will be well.
  9. No. I don’t think you bother saying anything of the sort for small changes. Small changes - even a few big changes - are unavoidable for screen adaptations of a series of this magnitude. When people start talking “different turning” stuff, it sounds like just one thing and that starts with a Dar and ends with an Ower. It’s concerning to be sure.
  10. I’m worried about this, too, because Rafe appears to be highly woke, and we know the industry and critics are, too. So yes, the show could easily go off the rails. BUT… there is also a more innocent explanation for this: it’s a trailer for starters, and much of the first season could be clever misdirection. That is my wishful thinking. We will see. Don’t care. Ok, so again, see Point 1. I’m a little concerned. BUT, much of what you’re seeing of the Aes Sedai could be a Logain storyline which would actually be a welcome addition to season 1. Yeah, I get it. But at the same time this is pretty low on my list of stuff to be pissed about. Some of the desires espoused on this message board for “retconning” certain character sexualities and gender identities is lot more bizarre than Rand and Eg hooking up. No idea what this is in reference to.
  11. Hmmmm… I think the word you meant to use was “annoying.” Horrifically annoying. Like book after book after book of just horrific annoyingness from both Perrin and Mandarb.
  12. Agreed. I wasn’t referring to that. I was referring to the idea “retconning” the girls’ sexuality and all that stuff.
  13. I don't think I ever found Rand to be frustrating. I was frustrated by how little focus we received on Rand in the latter half of the series.
  14. No thanks. If WOTTV starts going down this road, I'm done. No offense intended (and I realize I'm about to lose even more of @SinisterDeath's respect 😞), but I have a low tolerance for Woke, and this would be several bridges too far for me. This would be, like, Wheel of Woke. The easiest and, frankly, best solution is to have Rand work his way through all three, but ultimately settle on one. Elayne is an early dalliance until Rand figures out she's more interested in politics/power (hmmm... where does that seem familiar?), and Rand wavers between Min and Aviendha before ultimately settling on Min or one of them gets killed off.
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