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  1. The other thing GOT had going for it besides HBO was that it appealed to a broader audience. It was basically just sex, swords, and political intrigue for nearly all of the first season. The series really eased into the supernatural / fantasy elements. With WOT, you are much more immersed in the fantasy from the very beginning - from Trollocs to the “magic.” And the next rebuttal is “that worked fine for Lord of the Rings.” And again, WOT ain’t LOTR. Fantasy can be a tough sell for broader audiences. I’m not trying to be overly pessimistic - I’m just saying the odds are a
  2. Nope, never heard of any of those shows except for Good Omens, and that was because I had already read the Gaiman book and happened to see the ad for the show on Amazon. Again, I don’t care what Amazon’s misleading numbers suggest - I’m pretty sure Disney+ is kicking the crap out of Prime because of their Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney catalogs. Amazon’s numbers are almost surely massively inflated by the free shipping crowd.
  3. I think the single biggest hurdle for WOT TV is that it is on Amazon instead of Netflix or Disney+. I suspect that Amazon’s viewership numbers are extremely inflated. Anecdotally, I know a great many people with Amazon Prime memberships for that “free two-day shipping” but I’ve never heard anyone raving about the latest shows on Prime. It is always Netflix and Disney+. Always. One reason GOT took off is it was on HBO. Which at the time the series started was still a major player in original content creation for cable. GOT quickly became HBO’s flagship series, which played a signifi
  4. Could do a lot worse than these suggestions. I might cut it down a bit further but all this is really pretty good.
  5. Re the Chosen, gotta have Lanfear, Ishamael, Amodean, Demandred, Semirhage, Graendal, and Moghedian. The rest are all actually pretty forgettable. Re the others, Fain, Elaida, Liandrin, Valda. Couple of the Shaido. I’m probably leaving a few out.
  6. If they stick to the basic framework (dragon reborn, breaking, saidar/saidin, aes sedai, forsaken, etc.) they can change a LOT and still make a good show - maybe even better in some ways than the books. It all comes down to how it is written, acted, and produced. Just don’t go woke, don’t make it cheesy, and don’t deviate from the MAJOR plot points and I think I’ll be satisfied.
  7. I’m skeptical by nature, and I also wasn’t a huge fan of the WOT beyond Book 6. But I gotta say, the recent Rafe Q&A gives me some optimism for some reason I can’t quite pin down. Maybe it’s just the fact that they’re already writing Season 2, and they know they have to massively consolidate later books. Indicates to me that this won’t be an “inspired by” hatchet job like Dark Tower. I also think it might AWESOME to give Logain more screen time and really build up his story as the false dragon. That’s something we really didn’t get in the books that would be interesting to see.
  8. I’ve heard mention of combining books 2 and 3 into one season. And I guess I could see that from a sheer page perspective. As I recall, Book 2 was pretty action packed but a good chunk of Book 3 was pretty slow. The difficulty is that Books 2 and 3 each have a major climax, and I don’t see how both could realistically be fit into one season. Also, I think Matt and Eg would be ok if their storylines were better interwoven into the earlier material. Beyond the first 4 books I just don’t see how the show can closely follow the pacing and organization of the rest of the serie
  9. Right. I totally support the cutting. Welcome it, actually. I just hope most of those cuts occur in the latter 2/3rds of the series. I’m not expecting exact book-to-season adaptations, but you could tell a hell of a great story focussing on Books 1-4, adding in a few more major plot points from the latter books like Dumai’s Wells and the Cleansing, the then head for the Last Battle. I’d be very happy cutting down the number of Forsaken if it meant actually getting them more involved and making them more interesting.
  10. I confess, I haven’t been following the news about Prime WOT, and I’m too lazy to dig through all the showrunner interviews. So I was hoping the regulars here could help me gauge the state of play as we approach Summer 2021. I have a few specific wishes for this show. Like on terms of, these are things that I think could make the show better than the book series if properly executed. For each one, can you please tell me if I should be optimistic, or prepared for disappointment, based on what you’re hearing? 1. Start Ep 1 with the Prologue, just as RJ intended (pretty sure
  11. The show runner's initial *woke* comments had me worried. Some of the interesting casting decisions had me more worried. But the show runner's recent comments about how Season 1 isn't so much an adaption of EOTW but trying to fit in elements from all the books (I'm paraphrasing) has me SUPER worried. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of these uber-fans who will be disappointed if we don't get a page-for-page "faithful adaptation." To the contrary, I disliked many things about WOT that I'd be glad to see cut or changed. Although I enjoyed the series overall, I still have many criticis
  12. My very favorite stuff in the series isn’t really character driven. Instead, it is the brief glimpses into the Age of Legends, and revolving nature of the battle between the Dragon and the Dark One. So my two favorite chapters are The Dedicated from TSR (hands down the best book) and What Might Be from TGH. Although I’m really not sure how the TV series will adapt those - if they aren’t cut entirely. I also agree that Dumai’s Wells will be epic if the series survives that long (sorry to be Debbie Downer but I don’t think it will).
  13. It annoys me that the showrunners seem to be going out of their way to be #Woke. That bodes poorly for the series. They didn’t do it in GOT and I don’t know why they feel the need to do it here. These casting choices look more like WOT meets MTV. I don’t really care if Perrin is black, btw. He has an honest, vulnerable face that fits the character. But Egwene and Nynaeve in particular look far too exotic. It’s ridiculous. They really are going to screw this all up, aren’t they? Not that it should matter - we’ll always have the books - except that I was hoping a TV serie
  14. I don’t care about Moraine’s height. That sort of stuff is probably getting a little too granular. I’m pleased they landed such a big time actress for a different reason: I read a (hopefully) very stupid article in something like Vogue which seemed to indicate that the series would center on Moraine. But Pike’s casting indicates that Moraine will exit fairly early, like in the books, for the simple reason that Amazon probably can’t afford to keep her heavily involved. Similar to Sean Bean’s casting in GOT.
  15. Right, I've read that, but I really don't see what narrative purpose it serves to sprinkle the prologue in at a later point. I think it would be a big mistake not to use the prologue as RJ did - a kickass opportunity to show the audience what this story is all about. The Dragon, Ishamael, the tainting and associated madness of Saidin, the Breaking, the turning of ages... the Prologue perfectly introduces all of this. It's a no-brainer to use the Prologue as a cold open for the show.
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