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Basel Gill

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September 1, 1939.


Germany has sent her army into Poland in an unprovoked invasion. Poland turns out to be an easy conquest, but France and Great Britain come to Poland's defense and declare war upon Germany. Meantime, in Asia, Japan has been adding pieces of the mainland to her domains for a few years now. America stays neutral for now, but President Roosevelt feels supportive of the Allies. Just how things played out the first time around, but time has been rewound to allow the Axis a second chance.




1. This is a hammer game. A lynch will be made when a majority is reached in voting and I am around to end the day. No votes or unvotes after a hammer is made will be considered.


2. Day phases will be 3 days. Nights will be 2 days. Weekends will count as half-days.


3. Editing of posts is not allowed unless you are the mod. But you aren't the mod, I am.


4. If a hammer is not reached by the voting deadline, a random player will be lynched with no coroner report.


5. No, and I mean absolutely no, communication with anyone outside of this game thread will be allowed except on a designated QT.


6. You may not quote or screen-cap your role PM or any part of your role PM in the game thread. Paraphasing is allowed. Lying about paraphrasing is allowed.


7. Night actions will happen instantly and simultaneously unless otherwise specified. Two people Night-killing each other will both die if no other role intervenes. It won't matter who sends in their action first. Actions not submitted by the deadline will be forfeited for that phase. I will only accept the first action you submit; you may not change your mind once you submit the action. Night will be open till the deadline or all actions are received.


8. Once you die, you are allowed one post along the lines of "Bah, I'm dead, go town/mafia." You may not include any game information in this post, and you may not post again on the thread afterward until the game is fully completed.


9. You may ask me questions but it isn't guaranteed I will give any answer other than PAFO (Play And Find Out). Any question asked on thread will get a PAFO so it is best to ask in PM.


10. Please submit any night actions in your role PM. Don't open a separate PM for this. Also, any questions you ask in PM should go in your role PM so my inbox doesn't get clogged.


11. Do not make things personal. Bicker about the game as you normally would but personal insults will not be tolerated. If you feel that someone is taking things personal, take it up with me. Please keep in mind that anything said on thread should be considered a part of gameplay.


12. Votes and unvotes must be bold and colored red. If you want to change your vote, previous votes must be unvoted first. If you are on a phone, the voting code can be typed manually like this:







15. The mod has an itchy trigger finger when it comes to inactivity. Anyone not making at least one game-related post each day/night cycle will be replaced.


16. Character/role reveals and hints are allowed.


17. Please only post in the game thread if you are an active player who is still alive, except for your Bah post. (See rule 8.)


18. Everyone go here and R&U if you haven't done so already:





1. Ithi Erwin Rommel, German Godfather, lynched Day 4

2. Turin Vidkun Quisling, Pro-German Symp, killed Night 6

3. RTE

4. Darthe William Joseph Slim, Allied Rubber Tongue, lynched Day 1

5. Falcon Ironeyes Jimmy Doolittle, Allied cop/Doc Backup, lynched Day 3

6. Smiley Andrew Cunningham, Vanilla Ally, killed Night 10

7. Rand Georgy Zhukov, Allied Mason, lynched Day 2

8. Ley J. Robert Oppenheimer, Allied Inventor, killed Night 2

9. Random Omar Bradley, Allied Mason, killed Night 7

10. BG Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese Godfather, lynched Day 5

11. Maw King George VI, Vanilla Ally, lynched Day 10

12. Tress Walther Model, German Goon, lynched Day 8

13. Kaylee Mineichi Koga, Japanese Roleblocker, lynched Day 7

14. Bard Babe TG Winston Churchill, Allied Cop, killed Night 8

15. lolguy Player TG 2.0 Karl Donitz, German Roleblocker, lynched Day 9

16. Len

17. Womby Franklin Roosevelt, Allied Doctor, killed Night 3

18. Despo Henry Stimson, Vanilla Ally, killed Night 1

19. WoT13 William Halsey, Allied Lie Detector, killed Night 5

20. Starrik Despo 2.0 Sorcha

21. Snowy Ley 2.0 Minoru Genda, Japanese Goon, lynched Day 6

22. Tina Vasily Chuikov, Vanilla Ally, killed Day 2

23. Thorum Darthe 2.0 Vasily Zaytsev, Allied One-shot Day Vig, killed Night 4



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All right... all PMs should be out. Make sure to check your inbox even if you don't see the notification that you have a PM, because people sometimes don't get notified that they have a new message. You may now feel free to post on the thread. I will take into account that I am starting this on a weekend, and set the DL a bit later.


Deadline is Friday, Dec. 7th* at 9 PM EST.


* Yes, I'm well aware of the irony.

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So, I can confirm two things based on my role PM which will probably not give the mafia any advantage and yet it will give the town some.  However, due to the nature of my role PM I am choosing to do so in another post.  

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