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  1. That we have. It`s called New Spring. Also known as the first prequel. The other two would have been about Tam finding Rand and abou Moiraine finding Rand.
  2. Jordan was born in 1948. A slower writer than BS, aMoL would have been finished by about 2015. Take 2 years for each of the planned pre- and sequels, and we're at 2025. When he would have been 77 years old. That's not even taking into account Infinity of Heavens. Had RJ lived, he would probably have stopped writing after this. As would any sensible person.
  3. So THAT's where our cold weather went to. Last few weeks, we had on average 10 degrees (centrigrade, about 50°F), while it should be freezing :(
  4. Some authors: Zoran Drvenkar, Clive Cussler, Neal Stephenson, Peter F Hamilton, Robert Harris, Henning Mankell.
  5. Double, triple, quadruple the working population of a small, isolated village anywhere. You'll see similar effects. And of course, it being the birth place of a king, a prince, and the Amyrlin Seat would have sped things up a bit.
  6. You nicely summed up my feelings there as well, Mashiara.
  7. Four things: - "the end" - birgitte dying - aviendha finding out the compulsed is rhuarc - pevara realizing she`s the last not turned.
  8. Happy birthday ! Better late than never *Pretends he wasn't around for most of that time*
  9. See, that's why the UK covers are better
  10. Is this still correct? The amazon-date for the UK paperback (and other online bookshops also) is at 31 december now ... What happened?
  11. From Theoryland: That would mean a publishing date in time for the holiday season of 2015.
  12. :( A very good fantasy writer. He pulled me into fantasy. I'm very surprised to see so little response to this. And that I didn't hear of it before this. His good days may already have been past, but that doesn't make him less important to the development of what we today know to be fantasy. Thanks, Jack.
  13. October 3, 2013 for the UK version. The amazon-date was correct from the beginning the last two times. And yes, I've already noted it in my agenda ;D
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