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  1. Oh, thanks. EDIT: after reading last 2 pages. Well.This is a game. It is supposed to be fun. Not a lesson in "growing a thicker skin" or a way of testing how to break stuff people put a lot of effort in making (or a way of getting inscribed in as many as possible without really playing any of them). You'd think we'd manage to make that fun with so many players who know what they're doing. At least, we used to be able to. I don't know if I'll come back, however much I was looking forward to this original setup (for me). I've grown too old for Fiddlesticks, the debates-board has become a fight between republicans and democrats, and playing mafia this way is no fun at all.
  2. Up to the end of page nine. Hope the quotes will work... No problem. Was easy to miss :) Good luck. I doubt you survive until then. Why's that, Ishy? I had at that point 2 of the necessary 8 votes for a lynch on me, as had both Yates and Mish. The deadline was still three days away (of which I was absent the weekend of the first two). I think elf is elffern, going by the posts on the signup thread. No one I can recall hearing of before. I like to get to know people, so I can estimate a bit how they play. I hope (s)he will get (has gotten ?) more active. Aggressive for the purpose of being aggressive, easily could have laughed the vote off. And I don't like out of game tension bleeding into games. Also, he would need to grow thicker skin just FYI. Larger skin would only increase the surface area with which he can be sensitive. His "very strong" linking is saying "this post gives me a town vibe?" That's weak. My opinion is that you were laying low and got aggro when your first couple comments drew people's attention. vote Mish I agree with both these replies, so not going to repeat them. I do however apologise for bringing the other game in here. Bit of frustration leaking out, I guess. Wow, that's a first You post walls of text without even mentioning here, and then THIS comes? Where from?
  3. omg, 18 pages over the weekend. I'll just read them as we go. If I'm supposed to be dead, please let me know (doesn't look like it, judging from the last page).
  4. Also, the famine means imho that we should be using every minute of every day and night. No room for inactivity or quick lynches.
  5. Final thoughts before signing off for the weekend (yes, I had to work 13 hours straight today :( ) - Mish is unusually active. - agreeing with other people is NOT a scumtell, however many times you`ve been told it is - who`s elf and where is he/she??? See y`all Monday!
  6. ² Which is exactly why I haven't replied to anything for most of the day
  7. AJ = Andrej ? We have an Elf playing that hasn't really contributed yet (unless I miss something). Graendal's Favorite 's absence is as-always. Will probably get modkilled after this day. Just one question for you: why sign up for game after game if you never interact with the other players? Mish, correct me if I'm wrong, but you're voting Andrej because he thinks he isn't alone in his opinion on that post of yours?
  8. Indeed. Thanks for clearing that up. unvote The sentence I (and others) was referring to, is the one above where you bolded, which states that scum ALSO suffers from famine. That would also be more logical, from a balancing point of view. @Mods: the explanation you gave is dubious in this regard. Do scum also suffer from famine or do they not? I agree on the Baker-never-on-DM point.
  9. Peace For keeping on pushing about this non-issue, hoping for a reveal. Which would ONLY be advantageous for mafia.
  10. And I really mean that: if the famine wasn't mentioned in your pm, and you're a townie: come out and say so. It would make the basel-case kinda moot.
  11. The mods say they have followed the scenario as described in that link. Whether we already knew that or not is irrelevant. Which basically means that the famine, and the pieces of bread, have to have been mentioned in every PM. Unless multiple people can confirm this hasn't been the case for them, of course. In which case the mafia-knows-no-famine could be one of the "balancing measures". As a reminder, here's the modspeak: As to this game. In night 3, a lot of us will die. How do we tackle that? I would suggest keeping days long and active would let us cover most ground in that limited timeframe. Hence, I'll do something I almost never do and unvote. EDIT: I changed the "or" to "in which case".
  12. Green bold underscored is my comment. I STILL cannot work with those stupid new quotes :( Glad to see you found why you misreasoned :) . I do not think Yates' actions make any sense if Yates=mafia and Basel=town. Because many more players are town than mafia, that means I indeed have a "slight townlean" on Yates. And a "little bit of a slight scumlean" on Basel, but let's not make things ridiculous. @ Peace. In the Epicmafia-link, it says Every PERSON. Not every townie. So, whichever allignment Basel has, he should have known about the famine.
  13. Both of us have played a lot of games on DM. Has something like this EVER been accomplished successfully?
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