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Favorite chapter in the ENTIRE SERIES


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The title says it all, really. What was your favorite single chapter in the series? Why?


As for mine, it's WH39, the cleansing. The rapidfire POV changes just seemed to be perfect for the scene. It just seems to capture the panic and confusion and HOLY **** THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING aspects of the cleansing perfectly.

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Guest Emu on the Loose

TSR, Chapter 26, "The Dedicated." I'm not really sure I even need to say why; I think it's a common choice for many fans. But I will say that, in particular, I loved the actual vision of the creation of the Bore at the end, including the Mierin tie-in.

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I cant decide which so Im guna say a few.


Rands fight with Ishamael when they appeared in the sky. Very messiah-like.


Taims introduction in Lord of Chaos has always been one of my favorites. Dumais Wells also.


The time when Rand uses Callandor against the Seanchan, where both sides think they lost. Rand was really on his high horse. "You cannot strike at me! I am the Dragon Reborn!" Blasts them with Callandor, taint-induced wild mind moment, ends up shooting lightning in all directions as in the viewing/Dream vision and injuring some of his own men. Bashere mans up and knocks the Dragon Reborn to the ground. Awesome.


The Cleansing for the sheer magnitude. The good guys really showed what they were capable of, yet in the same breath it took all that to beat the few Forsaken that turned up, so I think the only person I was disapointed with was Demandred, despite the excuse that everyone gives him (please dont). I like the fact that Nynaeve was the one to work with Rand.


Veins of Gold as well. EVERYONE remembers that title by name.


I also like the scene in TGS when Rand talks about how to fight someone smarter than you. And the two "Do you believe that I could kill you?" moments.

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TSR, Chapter 26, "The Dedicated." I'm not really sure I even need to say why; I think it's a common choice for many fans. But I will say that, in particular, I loved the actual vision of the creation of the Bore at the end, including the Mierin tie-in.

+1 on this. Well, I liked the whole trip through the columns but this was the best part of it. Very original concept, lots of action and very well developed characters in a very short space - the best of Jordan.

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I'd have to vote for the Cleansing. Just so much cool stuff going on:

- Rand and Nynaeve channeling crazy amounts of the Power and doing something world-changing.

- Several Forsaken POVs.

- A cool Power battle with Forsaken strength against good guy strategy.

- I liked the way it jumped around between POVs, this gave a good sense of what was going on all around and how hectic the battle was.


I also enjoyed Rand's trip back through time in Rhuidean but I think that was actually 3 or 4 chapters.


Avi's trip through time in Rhuidean was painful to read because of what she saw, but the chapter was beautifully written and haunting.


The Galad vs Valda duel was cool to read.


Pretty much any Mat POV chapter is made of awesome.

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If I had to pick just one, it's TSR Chapter 26 "The Dedicated."


A close second is TGH Chapter 37 "What Might Be."


Both chapters really evoke the overall flavor of Wheel of Time better than any other individual chapter. In fact, if I could only use one chapter to best explain what the Wheel of Time is all about, I would probably select TGH Chapter 37.


I would also agree that LoC Chapter 55 "Dumai's Wells" and WH Chapter 35 "With the Choedan Kal" are great chapters.


Finally, I've got to also nominate the EotW Prologue.

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Finally, I've got to also nominate the EotW Prologue.


Definitely. Cant believe I forgot that.


Also in ToM when Rand goes to see Egwene at the beginning.


Egwene: This isnt ended, Rand.

Rand: There are no endings, Egwene.


Loved that. Very Creator-like

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I have several (Sorry I am indecisive)


My Favorite: I don't remember the Chapter name or number, but in TGS, when Tam rips Cadsuane. God that was good. Now if only someone would slap Egwene!


I also really enjoy the tEotW prologue. Definitely the chapter I read the most often.


An underrated chapter I feel is the one where Matt talks to the Windfinders of the Sea Folk, with Elayne, and ends up challenging them in some ancient curse. Wicked good.

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just so many to choose from, an impossible task to just pick one!


my favorite though, would probably be when rand balefires Natrin's Barrow. It was rand's darkest moment in the series, his biggest atrocity in the whole story. I thought for sure that there would be no turning back for him once he'd found the true power

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The fact it's so hard to decide which scene/chapter is best is a statement for just how awesome The Wheel of Time is. You guys have already mentioned most of my favorite scenes (Dumai's Wells, The Cleansing, Nynaeve summoning the Malkieri to help Lan, EotW Prologue and so many others).


So I'll mention one nobody has mentioned yet- Egwene and the White Tower Aes Sedai defending the Tower from the Seanchan attack, coupled with the Siuan/Galad/Bryne rescue attempt. Yes, Egwene needs a serious dose of humility and I think she'll get it in spades at the Fields of Merrilor, but that whole scene was just awesome and was, for me, the high point for her character.


Another I'd mention would be the rescue from Malden. Yes, the story arc was drug out a bit, but it was amazing the lengths Perrin had to go to to accomplish his task and the final scene where they finally assault Malden with the Seanchan was pretty awesome.


Just to show a little Mat love, I'd add in the scenes in TDR when Mat escapes from the White Tower and discovers his luck. Mat is my favorite character by far. I'd also add in the scene where Mat first faces the Gholam in the storeroom. I just love that scene.

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as said by Finnnsss mine is also dumani wells mostly because when Perrin talked to the wolves and said something like

"they have caged shodow killer" and the wolves all replied "we come" I got chills that wouldn't leave me.


The cleasing was fav after that then any number of chapters in ToM


WoT has alot of HOLY **** moments :happy:

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“Remember, you fool! Remember your futile attack on Great Lord of the Dark!

Remember his counterstroke! Remember! Even now the Hundred Companions are

tearing the world apart, and every day a hundred me n more join them. What hand

slew Ilyena Sunhair, Kinslayer? Not mine. Not mine. What hand struck down every

life that bore a drop of your blood, everyone who l oved you, everyone you loved? Not

mine, Kinslayer. Not mine. Remember, and know the price of opposing Shai’tan!”


honourable mentions to verin confession to egwene, Galad vs valda and deposing of siuan as amyrlin

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I have a couple in particular that I fall back to that are really enjoyable for me. They are as follows:


1. The Great Hunt Ch 47 "The Grave Is No Bar to My Call"


In particular how the heroes themselves come up to Rand, addressing him as LLT was great. This battle is also what put aside all of the other false dragons as the pattern no longer had room for them.


2. The Lord of Chaos Ch 55 "Dumani's Wells"


The visuals of Ashaman literally tearing apart the Shaido as they are rushing to take out those Aes Sedai to take Rand for their own devices was devious. The wolves reaction to Perrin's sending to them that they have "caged Shadow Killer" was very classic RJ in my opinion as well leading up to this. Something that was small in detail was just simply a lead in to something truly amazing.


3. The Gathering Storm Ch 39 "A Visit From Verin Sedai"


This one is one of my favorites because I could here a collective metaphorical gasp from the community as a lot of theories were crushed lol. This moment far surpassed what happened with Ingtar, not only because we grew to love the "purple" Aes Sedai, but also because of how she redeemed herself in the end. To Egwene's credit, acknowledged Verin's achievement and properly handled the blacks. It was about time that they rid themselves of that particular cancer.


There were several honorable mentions. VoG was fantastic because we saw the final turning of Rand to savior. Another one I found enjoyable was the cleansing. I think that this was the purpose of the Chodean Kal in the series personally was to bring the male half of the source into fold. Although any prophecy including the Dragon was in reference to Callandor, it was nice that the most powerful tools for channelers, both male and female, were used for something extraordinary.


My last is not so much a chapter but a scene. Did anyone else clap like a happy seal after getting a fish when Rand told Cadsuane that if she was ever seen again by him that he would kill her. I loved the shock and awe of that scene. That was what truly made me go .. wow is Rand heading down a path where he just cannot be redeemed? I was worried but extremely please with the events that allowed him to put her in her place.


Take care folks and happy trolling :)

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