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  1. http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Drinking_game or How to Find Death at the Bottom of the Bottle: Wheel of Time Edition.
  2. In fan-fiction, a writer will often include a character not already present in canon who will have an important role in the story, perhaps far more important than you would reasonably expect, either from the character's ascribed abilities and personality, or from the character's "late" entrance into the (canon) story. Androl was this character for Sanderson. Many of his actions should have been undertaken by a character already present in the canon, it didn't make sense for Androl to do them, e.g: stealing the seals from Taim; almost single-handedly saving Elayne's army with the gateway-into-Dragonmount trick. Androl was great - the problem was he was too great. Still, I enjoyed him, but that didn't stop me from seeing his flaws. He did, however, ease my frustration with how gateways were used. Deathgates eased that frustration slightly, Androl and the other uses of gateways removed it with their brilliance, but maybe Sanderson took it a bit too far.
  3. He is right - there is a lot of useless clutter in Wheel of Time. But it's still awesome, and you're not required to read all the clothing descriptions or useless pages. In fact, you can cut out a lot of the useless pages by reading only the Mat and Rand chapters of Crossroads of Twilight ;) About the kinky undertones Robert Jordan wove into the text, I felt the subtle Fetish Fuel was more amusing than it was "disgusting".
  4. Alric's death is actually kind of funny in retrospect. I, for one, didn't even know Siuan had a warder until then, and suddenly the author's just handwaved his death... not to mention that it made no sense - why would it be legal to kill the Amyrlin's Warder in cold blood just because she's been deposed? Shouldn't she be forced to release her bond of him before her execution, if she's going to be executed, instead of having him killed? It was weird.
  5. Look, just because I don't think he did such a great job finishing the series doesn't mean I'm personally attacking Sanderson. I for one don't really question Sanderson's dedication, nor do I question his writing ability (I haven't read any of his other works, and from what I've heard, they aren't my thing anyway). The best of writers can write dodgy fan-fiction because they aren't writing in their own world with their own characters, they have to adopt the world and characters of another author, and I don't think anyone can do that well. So that's what I regard Sanderson's work on WoT as, fan-fiction. People can be happy or displeased with it, we can regard it as official canon, but to me, it reads like fanfic, and I don't think there's anything insulting about that, in reality I suppose it technically is fanfic.
  6. To be fair, he was kind of insane at that point. Smartass He denied being Lews Therin almost before he had even become conscious of the fact that he had channelled, and sure, the voice was a manifestation of the madness caused by the taint, but it was caused by his naive insistence that he wasn't Lews Therin, that these memories in his head were some foreign influence. The list, on the other hand, if I recall correctly only really became a thing after he decided to become stone, wasn't it? Didn't he start reciting it after he got locked in the box? I can't actually remember
  7. To be fair, he was kind of insane at that point.
  8. Robert Jordan, a puritan?! He's the kinkiest goddamn puritan I've ever heard of, if that's so - the kinky undertones of the series were pretty blatant. RJ did have a pretty stereotypical view of country bumpkins, though. Most annoying thing Rand did? Hm... I think I would have liked the story more if he had taken up Lanfear on her offer, in honesty :) Hehe, but realistically, him denying Lews Therin always infuriated me. If they had just merged earlier he could have been the greatest ruler and administrator since Artur Hawkwing...
  9. You're forgetting that Perrin is ta'veren. The food spoilage doesn't occur around him (as we find out in Towers of Midnight) and the Pattern bends around him - who's to say that there was no miracle crop? It seems likely that the Two Rivers experienced some pretty amazing luck while he was there, and it doesn't seem beyond belief that his effects would continue while he was away due to his connection the place. Why, Rand affects the whole world - or at least the whole continent. When he was "becoming cuendillar" the effects of his influence on the Pattern was causing worse food spoilage across the world, not just the touch of the Dark One. Because the Pattern says that Perrin needs the Two Rivers to be strong and bountiful, the Two Rivers will be strong and bountiful. This is why we call ta'veren powers "author magic".
  10. That's pretty much what I thought. He could pull the TP through Moridin's link because he and Moridin were merging together. I enjoyed the little references to the effects that the bond was having on Rand, like how he suddenly started favoring the colors black and red.
  11. I always assumed he gained access through his weird link with Moridin, the one that happened after their streams of balefire hit each other. That scene also felt kind of like a weird Ghostbusters reference to me...
  12. But what isn't hilarious about a fan-fic where Rand's three lovers are Galad, Gawyn and Lan instead of Min, Elayne and Aviendha? Or Gawyn, Rhuarc and Lan, that might work better. And maybe if we threw in some zombies... hm...
  13. Which, let's be honest, isn't a very realistic outlook. What kind of culture regards being a teacher as being just short of a deckhand, and actually seems to find it shaming?
  14. It could probably warrant it's own thread, but was anyone else disappointed with what Rand became? I, for one, liked Dark Rand, and when he meditated and became Zen Rand I felt... cheated, almost. He was becoming too hard, and sure, he did try to kill his own father, but I think it would have been reasonable for him to remain "Dark Rand", perhaps a bit softened. He was regal, he was powerful, he was vengeful - he was everything I could have asked him to be. If he had wiped the Seanchan off the face of the Earth at the end of The Gathering Storm, in fact, even if he had sunk the entire continent of Seanchan with the Choedan Kal, I would probably have cheered him on, because that would have been awesome. Edit: Perhaps I should be more specific, considering the thread: Why did Rand make this 180 degree turn in his character development? Was it Sanderson, or did Jordan demand that Rand should turn out like this - do we know? Because it feels like a Sanderson decision...
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