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  1. I can't say that her death bothered me much because I've never cared for the character, but I agree with you. I thought she was safe for sure. I thought they were clearly building to a long, long reign of Egwene the Magnificent Amrylin. I was completely shocked that she actually got killed.
  2. Moiraine was saying to Rand that having access to old memories doesn't actually make you old or give you authority. Otherwise Mat, with his memories from thousands of years ago given to him by the 'Finns, would be the oldest person around.
  3. That one has never had a good answer. It mostly gets chocked up to "Moiraine is awesome".
  4. That actually got me to laugh out loud.
  5. That would at least sort of fit the definition (which the actual situation of course doesn't). But I wouldn't care at all. It was cut from aMoL for artistic/story telling reasons, not for the purpose of selling it separately. So you got the story they wanted to tell in the book. If there is additional material available that they feel fans might want, then you have to pay extra to get extra. If I don't feel like paying I just won't buy it. And I never begrudge anyone for making money. If they have a product I want at a price I'm willing to pay, I'll buy it. If not, I won't. It's that simple to me.
  6. How is it profiteering? TOR, Brandon, and Harriett are not making any money from it. It's a favor to a fellow writer to help pay medical bills. That's the only person the money is going towards. I doubt this story would ever have seen the light of day if this other writer didn't reach out for a contribution and Brandon and Harriett decided that this would be a good fit. So it's not like you're now having to pay for something that you would have otherwise gotten for free. You just would have never seen it. From the buyer's side of things, it doesn't matter where the proceeds are going. You are paying for a story. If you appreciate the fact that the proceeds are helping someone out that needs the help than that is just a bonus. But calling it profiteering is obviously incorrect.
  7. I don't agree with the comparison between aMoL and the Elder Gods but I figured I'd say that Eddings Elder Gods series was my least favorite fantasy series I've ever read (and I'm a fan of most of Eddings' work). I can't imagine even the Brandon haters thinking these books are that bad.
  8. He rescued the armies of the Light from the Compelled great captains and general-ed them to victory in the physical Last Battle. And killing Fain was very important as well (although I felt that section was rushed and a bit of a let down). He was more than just a little important. As for how Mat "felt" - I thought he was slightly worse here than ToM but better than he was in tGS.
  9. Mat by far. No character was more consistently entertaining to read throughout the series. tPoD is my least favorite book in the series in large part due to his absence. Next is Rand, then Lan (excluding his idiocy in ToM).
  10. I give AMOL a 5 star rating. By going with the numbers from the Amazon reviews and not factoring in the 1 star reviews where the vast majority of them are complainers about the e-book, then there have been on Amazon a total of 938 reviewers rating A Memory of Light with an average of 4.61 I don't know about y'all, but that sounds like to me that AMOL has been very well received and liked, despite some of the problems in the book. Which is something I've often tried to point out. The online community is a very, very small percentage of the fans/readers of this series. Which is why I never bought the "RJ changed his mind of Taim being Demandred because the fans guessed it" or "The fans are so upset with Brandon's writing" type of things. The vast, vast majority of the fans/readers never knew about the Taimandred theory so why would RJ feel compelled to change his plot? Based on those ratings, most readers are satisfied with Brandon's books in the series. 95% of the people reading these books likely have never been to one of these fansites.
  11. Yes, it protects him from Saidin. The Halima scene proves that. In tFoH, the weave creates the lightening. The lightening itself is not a weave and that is what kills Mat. Just like they could use a weave to pick up a rock and kill him with that indirectly.
  12. 1. The Shadow Rising 2. The Fires of Heaven 3. The Lord of Chaos 4. The Dragon Reborn 5. The Great Hunt 6. Winter Heart 7. Crown of Swords 8. Knife of Dreams 9. Towers of Midnight 10. Crossroads of Twilight 11. The Eye of the World 12. A Memory of Light 13. The Gathering Storm 14. A Path of Daggers
  13. Love that scene so much it's been my signature for years now.
  14. Wasn't Egwene dead by the time the Horn was sounded?
  15. Easily the most surprising death of the book for me. Just didn't seem to be how the plot was building towards the whole series - all that work to get her into place as the youngest Amyrlin, putting the Tower back together, getting the channeling groups to work together, etc. It seemed to have setup a long, long reign of Egwene the magnificent. I was sure she was safe. But she did at least get a pretty cool death scene. My opinion of her in this book was pretty much the same as the rest of the series - I could find respect for her and her accomplishments in many places but found her to be utterly unlikable as a person and a character. Although the frantic pace and non-stop action of the book (she spends most of it fighting) made it easier to not notice how irritating she is.
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