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  1. This might have been asked at some point but I can't read through the whole discussion I'm rereading again and in Eye of the world when Rand falls asleep next to Tams bed after he was healed, he wakes up with a pain in his side where his sword hilt had been pushing into him. Now my question, is that the same side where his never healed scar is going to be and is this forshadowing? Or am I just reading too much into a simpel thought?
  2. Well not too sure if this will fit for anyone else but with some the the rand scenes where he just wants to become harder and harder the song "not enough" by "our lady peace" comes to mind.
  3. Honestly I don't even know half the characters in this years cage match so I'm gonna be very biased Thomas From feist to win just because that was the fantasy series that got me started and I believe he can actually do it power wise He has his own kinda magic, he can sword fight with the best of them and as said before he can control dragons but respects them too much to do that. And in his world I doubt any dragons would put up with that anyway. So just my 2cents, but as with last few cage matches this will give alot of new reading material and to me that counts more
  4. "red hair cut short except for a tail in the back that hung to his shoulders." Doesn't that sound like a mullet too anyone
  5. Hey guys and girls Umm possibly stupid question but what are forums for than to inlighten the uninlightend I'm rereading the series for i don't even know how many times now. I'm reading the great hunt at the moment and had a thought. Lan gives Rand a red eagle pin for when he goes to the amyrlin. Then when leaving Fal Dara Rand puts it in his pocket. Now forgive me if I'm wrong I don't remember that pin really ever being mentioned or worn ever again. Can anyone tell me why? Or did something happen to the pin and I keep missing it in my rereads? Some might say it's just a silly pin get over it but I'd really like to know
  6. okay lets try. I'm not very good with these lolz hehe
  7. this thread has grown quiet a bit And i can't remember what site i used to use for the URL link
  8. LOL i read that post and i know at least that places have different time zones. i just don't know how they relate to my own time zone. In any case if everything works out it should be Vin Vs Quick Ben in the final (Ben should win that one) Hehe then if we get lucky a champion vs champion Rand vs Ben
  9. awesome stuff altough I have no real clue about the different time zones
  10. Jon Snow is catching up to Vin very quickly it seems. Vin only 1800 votes in the lead
  11. SA isn't sleeping! lol Vin to win
  12. had to click the link here to get to vote the semi's aren't showing for some reason or could just be me Vin - 6877 Jon - 2709
  13. i don't think Perrin will win this one. I'm going for Pug. Main reason being that magician was my intro to fantasy and pug has stayed one of my fav characters hmmm but I still think they should put Nakor the blue rider in there somewhere lol he would confuse the hell out of everyone
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