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  1. because murdering everyone wouldn't cause chaos if they knew it was the shadow. That's part of the reason why they scheme, is to cause suspicion amongst friends and turn people from the lght into shadow. not just kill them
  2. the voice talent has always reminded me very strongly of the first chronicle of narnia, in The Magician's Nephew, when Aslan sings the barren world into existence. It also makes me think of in the Bible God "spoke" the world into existence. the power of the voice and music has always been tied to a much more ancient and powerful force than what modern times can create. do you think there is any correlation between the similarities?
  3. i had always thought that TAR was separate from the rest of the world, so it wouldn't have been unraveling like that
  4. Towers of Midnight, Ch. 35, where it switches to perrin's point of view, he wakes up in the wolf dream in a field and smells all sorts of things that didn't belong. Hopper said the dream world is starting to break. what could this possibly mean and are there any possibilities we're going to see this expanded upon?
  5. i wish my name was good enough to be in WoT, however, Langley has a strictly non-fantasy feel to it
  6. When the man sitting on his porch looking north into the blight sees the storm gathering on the horizon, describing how it looks like an upside down boiling kettle, this picture is EXACTLY how i imagine it to look.
  7. the part where the old man sees the storm descend on him is what I thought of watching this and made me think of what it would look like in real life. I found this and had to share
  8. aren't the access keys supposed to glow red? In The Gathering Storm they do
  9. this really captures how youthful nynaeve is supposed to look compared to her actual age
  10. i know it's not really a reference to our age, but nynaeve sees the skeleton of an elephant and a giraffe in the museum. they may be extinct by the time the 3rd age comes around
  11. I only want 1 dragon, to be more like the clan chiefs, not the dragon reborn. also, 2 dragons is too expensive! haha
  12. I don't have access to my books at the moment. I'm getting a dragon tattoo on my arm and I want it to be on the same arm that the clan chiefs have theirs on. [edit] also, if anyone has an awesome quote about rand or the dragon in general, I'd love to hear it! If it's really good I might include it in the tattoo
  13. so sort of on topic, if you can't destroy something from the real world in TAR, does that mean the dreamspike was manufactured from inside TAR? or was it, in fact, only able to be destroyed through the power of a nightmare? can nightmares destroy cuendellar?
  14. How far done with AMOL is brandon? Is he completed with it but just going over the book again and editing everything or does he still have major sections of the book to write? Has he gotten the major sections out of the way and is filling in all the subplots? It'd be nice to know how far along the book is
  15. I betting that whatever has cured his madness has also given rand increased stamina so he can channel far longer than normal people. He also has the training of lews therin, so he was probably extremely efficient with his channeling, using the smartest ways to make the lightning and tornadoes. The reason we've not seen demandred or moridin do these insane army destroying feats is because they don't have the endurance to withstand hours of channeling at that level.
  16. the simplest solution is often the right one. it will probably be A, but i'm hoping for mightelove is correct and it's Lews/rand/moridin merging into a single soul
  17. i always picture it a little more brown and dry, considering they were on the eastern side of a mountain range. A little more like Eastern Washington
  18. I remember reading Animorphs as a kid and the Ellemist was my favorite character. Think if him as a technological deity that uses galaxies and entire species as pieces on a chess board in a cosmic battle against evil. The Chee were pretty cool too. extremely ancient canine robots that created an underground paradise for dogs to live in peace
  19. Vans (the shoe brand) has a competition once a year called Custom Culture where high schools paint designs on shoes. The top picks from each region win a $50 grand prize and the art class gets a free trip to new york for 3 days. In the northwest region vote for Franklin Pierce High School and you can help my art class out more than anyone ever has in our own backyard. The bond measure meant to approve a few million dollars for our school district didn't pass and now classes are getting cut and expenses for electives are dropping drastically! I'm graduated from Franklin Pierce now, but I still want to see my art class excel. Thanks for your vote guys! http://www.vans.com/customculture/ (I know it's not literature, but I figured it's artistic enough that it might have some merit on this board. Please help the arts!)
  20. in this case, as said, knowledge and efficiency is better in this case than raw power. That'd be like trying to muscle your way through a knot in your show laces
  21. I've always picture it as fractal art, for instance this is what i've always imagined a shield to look like when places over a person. http://fc05.devianta..._Silvian25g.jpg balefire: http://th01.deviantart.net/fs16/PRE/f/2007/149/8/6/fractal_142_by_Silvian25g.jpg compulsion: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs31/i/2008/208/1/6/fractal_256_by_Silvian25g.jpg (this one fits really well because i've always picture spirit threads as being purple) I can only imagine what nynaeve had to pick apart to undo graendal's compulsion on Kerb! Here's a good one for Cuendellar http://th07.deviantart.net/fs38/PRE/f/2008/351/0/1/The_Fractal_is_Mightier____by_2BORN02B.jpg
  22. considering that he was still sealed up at the time, I doubt anyone realized there was anything wrong with the location preceding the drilling of the bore. The DO probably didn't have control over reality like he does now that the seals are nearly all broken. Once that hole was opened up i'm sure that's when darkfriends began visiting the island for a purpose other than sunshiny beaches. It probably became a desolate place overrun by darkfriends and all manner of things evil. Then once the breaking happened it turned into a volcano and the dark one's influence turned the surrounding countryside into the blight.
  23. damn. now I want mexican food AND AMOL. grrr
  24. they could have died. It's not like all of them had to be alive at the point of the sealing. Also, I like the idea of ishamels eyes of fire being advances Saa. that would be fun :P
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