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  1. The way that RJ states it indicates that it might be possible to bring them back to the light with help, given that he specifies "unaided."
  2. Not a bad thing. I suspect it is more along the lines of them not wanting the public to believe the rulers are being controlled by the white tower, which would almost certainly be said of anyone who openly had an Aes Sedai councilor. Morgase had gone to the WT herself, so such rumors are less likely about her than about other rulers.
  3. I, personally, kept banging my head against the wall because of the things they DIDN'T do with 'portals'. I was very, very pleased when Androl showed them how shit is done. And it still left me thinking "DAWGS Y U NOT DO *insert random thing they could have done with Gateways*", and rather often, too. At times it was really suspending my belief that Demandred or Mat didn't/hadn't figured those things out. Demandred was amazed by the window looking over the battlefield? Really? That's like the first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking of different battlestrategies with Gat
  4. The whole asking about toh thing is just another quirk of the system. It appears that if they should/should not is entirely situational, and it is probably a thing of pride to not HAVE to ask normally, but Aviendha was in a new situation and was uncertain as to how to act, so asking was appropriate (as needing to be told has been said to be far worse).
  5. I think a large part of it was that the dreamspike had vanished at the same time the attack began. They didn't know that it was Perrin and Lanfear who removed the dreamspike. They probably assumed Rand and a whole bunch of Aes Sedai and others where after them, and decided to flee before they were able to arrive/find them. Basically, they weren't running away from Androl, they were running away from what him being able to make a gateway represents.
  6. Perhaps she became too exhausted to keep channeling and backed out of the fight, or was injured and forced to leave. Neither of those are likely to elicit a comment if it was clear she would be okay later. They know that Yulan is under compulsion and he was arrested, Tud. He won't be giving orders any time soon. Presumably until they can fix it.
  7. It was probably not him being evil, but his excessive use of balefire that caused it. Or at least that was the justification that I thought made the most sense, given that it was supposed to be the opposite of balefire. It could also have been having ability to channel the TP caused some unknown reaction with the weave.
  8. I believe RJ stated that Trollocs have their own, twisted souls that could never be human. I suspect, based on the way the wheel works, they never were.
  9. Rand specifically thought while he was sealing the dark one that the amount of power he held would burn him out the moment he released it, and channeling is connected to the soul, not the body. So basically it is highly likely that Rand merely burned himself out in order to complete the seal, or perhaps during the body swap. Hawkwing hated Aes Sedai, but it was because of lies that Moridin planted in his head, I personally suspect some form of minor compulsion was used. His TAR self is probably well aware that he was being manipulated for 20 years by one of the Forsaken, and he probably
  10. I figure that throwing rocks probably takes only a simple weave of Earth, and he already set those up before the fight began. He had no time to try anything intricate, or to think of anything new. We really don't know just how much concentration channeling takes, but that sword fight against an equal... that would take almost everything he had.
  11. I personally figure Cads will accept it, realizing that at this point there really is NO ONE else left who could drag the Aes Sedai into the 4th age. Besides, Egwene had already started it, so they aren't all as worthless as she used to think. The trouble is I figure that most of the Asha'man were too untrained to be worth anything in the fight, and so were left behind in the tower. Having 1,000 members doesn't mean much if only 100 can weave fast enough to be of use. This is the same reasoning that although the Aes Sedai had over 1,000 new novices they couldn't do anything with them du
  12. Against Gawyn and Galad he was just playing, and Lan didn't give him the time to do a new weave, he had to devote all of his focus to the sword fight.
  13. Gawyn was already dying, even before he put the rings on to stop Demandred. I do think he should have warned Egwene beforehand, though. (from what i understand taking the ring off won't save your life, just allows you to last longer. it was why he had looked sunken since the book began). It really is sad that Egwene waited so long to go completely overboard since she could have saved thousands of lives if she had taken out Taim and the other shadow channelers along with herself sooner.
  14. I didn't want to see a "many years later" ending like HP, rather just the very start of the clean up, to see if the peace, among other things, even has a shot at holding past the end. Also I really wanted to see Tuon get it from Hawkwing. The guy would have been... unamused by the Seanchan and their corruption of his empire, particularly since he would be aware all his anti-Aes Sedai sentiment was tricked upon him by the shadow.
  15. What important task? Being a tool for Tuon to hold up her slavery empire? I don't see Min being thrilled with that. Not holding up the Seanchan...helping to move them away from slavery and fitting in with the rest of the continent. Also Min would be a important buffer between Cadsuanne and Tuon. The whole thing with Min and Tuon was poorly done for me. She jumped into that role way too easily. She's not even going to ask "Uh, hey, is this for life? Can I leave if I want to?" I get that she was helping out, but it seemed to fit together way too neatly. The Seanchan do not have a rep
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