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  1. there are a few things I have been turning over in my head lately, and i was wondering what everyone thought, just for fun. First, Character A balefires person B, to a time about 15 minutes earlier. Character C gets mad and balefires person A an hour later. my question is, how far back would A have to get hit to un-kill B? Second, what do you think the people with B from my last question saw at the time he was burned back fifteen minutes? Third, what do you think would happen if a bloodring got blood other than its owner's on it? Nothing? Would both people split the boost/penalty, like Asmodean and Rand split the CK in TSR?
  2. Everything I've tried to date: Academy Inventions Ter'angreal Wind locations Black Ajah Black Ajah Organization Channeling Strength Tarmon Gai'don A Woman Dead and Gone Balefire Channeling Rules Our World and my Uber-inventive guess: Journal #4. Why not?
  3. Tried: Tarmon Gai'don A woman dead and gone
  4. I dunno, wasn't there a crappy rendition of Ishamael's burned face on the front of tDR? Yeah, there was a shot of him on the spine of the book. I do agree that the Forsaken have really shafted here.
  5. I did not. Though I think it was mentioned in one of the chapters I read recently. Good stuff. I'm almost afraid to ask. Thanks, now it's going to bug me until I get to ToM haha. Is it anything that should stick out? Well, we're beaten over the head with it throughout the series, but it isn't until TOM that we realize that there was even anything there.
  6. Yes, Fain knows how to use the Ways. Verin had nothing to do with the Waygate, it was Fain both times (EOTW and TSR) Could you remind me when the scene when Alanna goes off for a while? Verin knows that Alanna is not all there since her warder (Owain?) died. She knew that Alanna would do something crazy like bond a man without his permission SPOILERS Which does end up happening once Alanna gets away from Verin for a while, but it's the thought that counts.
  7. Yes. Perrin already showed her that while she may be incredibly powerful for a 'human' dreamwalker, she'll still never be as powerful as a wolf (or wolfbrother), to whom T'A'R is more or less a natural state for them. Egwyne will never match or equal Perrin (or at least I hope not, she's Mary Sue enough already), so I think that defeating Mesaana in the way that she did will probably be her T'A'R peak. And am I the only one who thinks if would have been awesome if she had "vowed to win"? She could have been an ancestor/descendant of Charlie Sheen! I disagree. (except about the Charlie Sheen part) I think that the defeat of Mesaana had more to do with Egwene's Amyrlin persona than her skill as a dreamwalker. I think that she could get stronger in TAR, up to Perrin's level. However, they both have their strengths and weaknesses in TAR. Perrin can get hurt by weapons because he accepts them as real in TAR, such as in his fight with Slayer. The Power won't touch him because he thinks that "it's just a weave." Egwene has the opposite problem. OP attacks are real to her, while weapons and material things aren't.
  8. The chapter icons just refer mostly to whose POV the chapter is from (Dice tend to mean Mat, a wolf tends to mean Perrin, etc.) Some of them refer to what goes on in the chapter (the Trolloc horns mean a Shadowspawn attack, for example) They really help with a re-read. For example, I can't stand the Sea Folk, so I skip the chapters with the Sea Folk icon. (seagulls flying in a circle)
  9. I noticed a couple things in Aviendha's trip through the rings in TOM. First, some of the lives Aviendha lives are within what would be within her natural lifespan, such as her daughter and granddaughter. Aviendha does not appear in these visions. She is mentioned exactly one time, but never actually shows up even when it would be reasonable for her to be there, such as the meeting in her daughter's life. Elayne also should still have been queen during the part where the queen of Andor was shown (No more than 60 years after the end of the series). What gives? Is this a statement that Aviendha's and Elayne's days are numbered?
  10. Maybe some form of a meeting in TAR with one (or all 3) bound to the Wheel like Birgitte. Or maybe no meeting, just some dreamwalker seeing one or all of the 3 ta'veren.
  11. Not really, unless I misunderstand. He has/had #3, and #1. #2 is still out there, iirc. Lanfear hints about it early in TSR. Referring to Callandor, she says that two stronger angreal exist. She has shown that she makes some distinction between male and female angreal when talking to someone about them, so I took this to mean "Only two stronger angreal THAT YOU CAN USE exist." Or has it been confirmed that Stronger Angreal #1 was the male CK, and Stronger Angreal #2 was the female CK?
  12. Demandred is a dreamwalker, too. He had a short (5 or 6 sentence) POV that showed that he was spying on Elayne in TAR. It was in book 5 or 6, IIRC.
  13. Also, assuming they ARE gholam, pulling a knife is nowhere near gholam MO. Look at Lopin, Tylin, and Nalesean. They are described as "torn" and "ripped". The gholam we are familiar with kills with his bare hands. We have no reason to believe that the others are any different. They don't need knives. On another note altogether, has the same gholam been chasing Mat the whole time? Was there only one gholam chasing him? (IE, two+ different Forsaken independently find two+ different gholam, and independently sic them on Mat, both with orders to stay out of sight) I have no real evidence for this, except for the whole "everyone would be a lot more effective if they talked to each other" theme all over the books.
  14. THIS. So much this! The author is a prick, and RJ's comments about it just seem to say, "I know he ripped off my work, but I'm a professional and can't/won't accuse him of plagiarism without rock-solid, undeniable proof, which I couldn't be bothered to gather."
  15. I hardly consider this to be conclusive of her being BA. We know that an AS bound by the oaths cannot say anything she knows to be a lie. It can be argued when Sheriam blurted out her false answer, she had not yet processed the question, therefore was not knowingly speaking a lie. Beonin proved that you are held to the oath subconsciously. She tried to blurt out a false answer without thinking, too, and was struck dumb.
  16. Not quite what I'm talking about. I found the scene in TGS. Still looking for my copy of KoD. EDIT: AHA! Found my copy of KoD! Beonin did this. Not Verin. (BTW, the TGS quote was in the hardcover, while the KOD quote was in the paperback.
  17. When Egwene confronts Sheriam as a member of the BA, she tricks her into a lie. She does this by asking Sheriam a lot of questions that she would answer "no" with or without the Oath, and then one that she would stumble over because "yes" would be the right answer. (IE "Are you Black Ajah? Have you sworn yourself to the Dark One? Are you plotting to bring down the Tower?" and then "Is your hair red?") The error here isn't so much the scene, but who she attributed the trick to. She attributes it to Verin. Verin gave Egwene Sheriam's name, but didn't teach her that little trick. I say that because we know who taught her to do that, albeit unintentionally: Beonin. When Egwene meets her in KOD, Egwene berates her for everything, which Beonin answers, however badly. This continues until Egwene brings up her betrayal. Beonin is physically unable to respond due to the Oath ("I betrayed n--" and is struck dumb there). It was this that Egwene was trying to recreate on Sheriam. She learned that even while a sister doesn't consciously know what she is saying, she subconsciously knows and holds to the Oath, if it's there. She got this from Beonin, not Verin. Verin never was the type to pull a stunt like that anyway, IMO. Does anyone have an explanation for this, like a scene I skimmed over where Verin really did say "really, you should try that"?
  18. I find this kind of funny with Elaida's Foretellings. Every time she interprets them literally, they come true metaphorically (like this one). When she interprets it metaphorically, it comes true literally (the one in EOTW)
  19. No. He's not a nice guy, but aside from the statement made, the personalities don't match. Taim is cynical and sarcastic with a twisted sense of humor. Demandred is straightforward (personality-wise), relatively idealistic, and has no sense of humor at all.
  20. IMO, he's already toast. Taim has been looking for an excuse to kill him since Logain go to the BT. One of Logain's HANDPICKED supporters, who left the BT with him is back and was turned? He's pushing up daisies for sure.
  21. I like your idea, it would be a nice way to hide someone in plain sight. MIND=BLOWN I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out Nalaam's line, and gave up. I KNEW there was something there. This is it.
  22. IF any of them were, I stick by my mad theory that it was Asmodean. But I very highly doubt that any of them were. And jemron, he's been trying to turn people back since way before his epiphany. He nearly succeeded on Asmodean.
  23. What I got from the scene was that Logain just learned the name from Rand. I also got a "hello new boss, same as the old boss" vibe from Logain there. He even calls Rand out on hiding these "new" weaves until now. Looking at the situation from Logain's POV, everything can be explained by him being human. First, the deathgate thing. If I were Logain, I'd be pretty annoyed if there were hundreds of thousands of Trollocs attacking and getting through, and Rand knew and never taught a weave that would tear through them like a hot knife through butter, and I just had to wing it. Also with that scene, remember who Logain was, and who Rand was. Logain was a mid-ranking lord from Ghealdan, while at the same time, Rand was a shepherd from the middle of nowhere. There's probably some baggage there. Also, Logain has been trying to convince Rand that something's rotten in the state of the BT, but Rand refuses to listen to him. Logain's just a very angry individual, with a world that seems to only exist to annoy him even more.
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