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  1. If you want to talk about forcing potential shouldn't the cleansing have brought Nyneave to full potential? As brief as it was she probably channeled more power there than most channelers do in a lifetime.
  2. Wait are you trying to claim Ishy didn't start the BA? They were targeted by the shadow. The BA was started centuries ago by Ishy during one of the intervals that he was loose from the bore. The WT was the premiere power and as such Ishy made it a mission to infiltrate from the inside. AS can not be held accountable for his actions. As for the rest you are looking at it all wrong. That 1/3 rotates in and out, virtually every sisters room we see has mementos from a long life lived out working in the world. It is not solely the same 1/3 out working. You are taking the rest of those things far too literally, much of that is merely rumors and the like. Certain countries do view them with trepidation while in others they are openly welcomed and treated far differently. The issue is that the White Tower created a culture that produced people inclined to turn to the shadow. Sure they may have been targeted by Ishy but he was not lose 100% of the time. Seems that it took barely any effort to start and was quickly self-sufficient. Even when IShy was not directly involved Sisters turned to the shadow at an astronomically higher rate than the general population. Black and Light sisters had completely opposing end goals in day to day matters they were pretty indistinguishable. The Black sisters are able to constantly initiate plans, like kidnapping Rand, that the light sisters wholeheartedly buy into. The White tower breeds into all its members a supreme arrogance and belief that they are better than anyone else. They are not special because they can channel, they can channel because they are special. This attitude, that was created by the Light sisters, created the perfect recruiting ground for the dark.
  3. That is just not true. All the talk about her being the longest reigning Amyrlin ever was pretty obvious foreshadowing. She topped my shortlist of characters I thought would die. To be fair though, I had Rand up there with her.
  4. Considering that the DO's forces were split in 4 and that it was Bashere who announced it was fate that this meant that each Great Captain could fight one of them, it seems it is plausible that the forces of the ligth were manipulated into splitting up.
  5. I enjoyed the last 2 books, but agree with much of what you said about this one. However, for this book it is pretty unfair to lay it on Brandon. I believe, much more so than the last 2, this book is on RJ. Even if he were alive I do not think he would have resolved much more than we got. We would have eventually gotten outriggers, but not much more, if anything, in AMOL. Also, the whole "battle" with the DO was as corny as Veins of Gold, better writing could not have saved it. That is entirely on RJ.
  6. Its Birgette being beheaded. Other than the fact that it involves someone being beheaded there is absolutely nothing GRRM like about what happened to Birgette. It happened on a battle field and was comitted by a known enemy. It might have been sad but there was nothing shocking about it. Then whatever emotional resposne there might have been dissapears instantly when the horn is blown. That is so far from being a GRRM moment that if that is what BS was referring to I must wonder if he ever read anything by GRRM.
  7. Everything was rushed.. and how else could it be? I agree we could have gotten more character moments, but the rapid pace is needed to convey the immensity and near hopelessness of the Last Battle. As for the GRRM moment, it was obviously Birgette. Beheaded in a swift stroke. What was glorious about that? Same with Siuan. She decides her life doesn't matter, compared to Mat's. Then she dies, and we don't even see how exactly it goes down. The rapid pace does the opposite. There is no time to feel like anything is going wrong because there is no build up or suspense. You do not have time to get invested in anyone one plot as they are over before you realize they began. It hardly felt hopeless as everything happened so fast by the time you realized you were supposed to be sad it was over. Take Siuan for example. Min tells her that being apart from Bryne means they will both die. Then she dies what must have been 30 seconds later. That was it. Siuan's death is something that I would have been sad about if it wasn't almost funny. As to Birgette we obviously disagree about what a GRRM moment is. Just because she was beheaded it does not make it similar. She got beheaded during a battle, by a known enemy. There was no betrayal and while you were not expecting it at that moment there was no overall surprise that Mellar would behead her. That being said her death was one of the ones that I cared about the most, until she reappeared about 30 seconds later when the horn was blown. That ruined that moment.
  8. I am wondering what the GRRM moment was. Sure a lot of people died but they pretty much all went out in blazes of glory, which is not at all GRRM. The Great Captains would be my buest guess but that still does not sit right with me. Overall though I am still processing my thoughts on this. Everything just felt so rushed and too much just happened and felt forced, with no explanation, just to move on to resolve the next thread. Even things that were great twists, like the Great Captains were shoved down our throats at breakneck pace. It happens to all four of them with no warning at the exact same time with the exact same results in a matter of pages. Four major armies of the light devestated instantly. Those four fights, with everything else going on, could have supplied enough material for a great book. Instead, if you blinked, you would have missed it. This was the case for much of what happened.
  9. Doesn't Faile ask Perrin to tell her mom that he is King of the Wolves?
  10. It does not bother me much either, becuase RJ provided the suspense in other ways. I was simpyl agreeing that none of them have faced any "real" danger. It is true for tons and tons of stories, though many of them are not great. The most infuriating example for me is LOTR. It is one of the worst series ever because there is no danger, no suspense, no anything. It is a waste of paper because nothing that happens matters within the story.
  11. The suspense was always in how they got there, however, it was pretty clear that RJ intended all of them to get to the last battle in, more or less, one piece. RJ was never able to get me actually worried that something really bad would happen to one of them. The worst part was Min's viewing in the first book with the sparks that announced to the reader that all three of had to make it or they did not have a chance of winning. That ruined a lot for me as far as one of the three ever being in any real danger.
  12. Yes because Rand has just had a waltz in the park?! To be honest this, in my opinion, was RJ's biggest fault. He pretty much tells us from page 1 that Rand, Perrin and Mat need to make it to the Last Battle together. It trivializes their danger when you know that they are going to survive.
  13. That may be true now but the last time there was a lot to actually discuss on the forums, when the first few chapters were released, you, Luckers and a few others went through pretty much every thread and de-railed them into bickering over the quality of the writing. Even when threads were specifically created to avoid talking about the writing they were still ruined. It is great that now that there is much less to talk about you are trying to clean things up but it feels hollow at this point. You have done nothing to alter my enjoyment of the books, however, you have succusfully ruined my enjoyment of these forums at a time when I would have been visiting it more than ever before. For the record I actually enjoy this particular thread. I like hearing about why people did not like certain things and getting a new perspective. I hated reading about it in every single thread that was trying to discuss something else. Cleaning things up now is too little too late, especially when it was an admin that was the ringleader of much of what went on.
  14. Brandon admitted that his prose is much weaker than Jordan's. Further as someone with a background in it I can assure you strong/weak prose is not entirely subjective. What is entirely subjective, is whether or not the prose affects your enjoyment of the book. Brandon's prose might be considered worse but it is good enough for me. RJ's prose has nothing to do with why I love his books so much. Quite frankly I am happy that BS did not try to mimick it, that would have been bad.
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