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  1. I dont believe the Tinker song has anything to do with Ogier Treesinging. I posted this earlier, but I'll post it again. I think we get a hint of it when Rand visits Tuon in Ebou Dar and makes the garden bloom. Mat hears him singing under his breath and asks him about it to which Rand basically responds "not now." I'm guessing that one of the things Rand will do in his wanderings is visit the Tinkers and pass along the Song.
  2. Yeah, but he'll be back. The only way he would've been truly happy is if Rand had Balefired him.
  3. Actually Callandor was made either during or just before the breaking. As you'll recall from TSR when Rand is having the Aiel visions, in one of them he is at a council of remaining Aes Sedai and Callandor is there on the table along with the Horn of Valere and the Dragon's banner. We also know from RJ that Callandor's flaw was a manufacturing defect. It's ability to magnify the True Power was accidental (or caused by the Pattern), which is why even Moridin didn't know about it. As for the magnifying the taint, well, the True Power and the taint aren't the same thing, but they come from the same source so magnifying the taint was a clue as to it's ability to magnify the True Power. The Forsaken only wanted it to use as a Sa'Angreal (in the case of male Forsaken) or to keep it from the male Forsaken (in the case of female Forsaken). Demandred's Sa'Angreal having a name isn't exactly unusual since all the mega-powerful Sa'Angreal have names- Callandor, the Choden Kal, Vora's Wand. His bonding of it, while unheard of for a Sa'Angreal, is not unique since other items such as the Horn of Valere have similar effects. The whole bonding thing could also have been a red herring by Demandred to keep Taim from using it against him.
  4. Someone above mentioned the Tinker's Song. I believe we get a hint of it. Remember the scene when Rand meets with Tuon in the garden and makes everything bloom? Mat notices him singing softly under his breathe and asks him about it. Rand pretty much tells him "not now." I'm guessing the Tinker's Song will be discovered once again very soon after a certain individual in a brand new Moridin meat suit comes to visit them.
  5. Speaking of Heroes of the Horn, I think one of the best scenes in the book is Noal/Jain Farstrider appearing and saving Olver. I about lost it myself. Such a touching scene.
  6. At least Bela went out well. She saved Olver and the Horn of Valere, so in a way she saved the whole world by helping Olver recover the Horn from the Shadow. So yeah, she died, but she went out like a real hero.
  7. I just re-read Towers of Midnight, and in the scene where Rand comes back to Tear and is "enlightened" he specifically tells Cadsuane that she has taught him that he needs to be more than a weapon. That seems to fulfill the prophecy, in my interpretation. That was my thought too. Pretty sure this one's been fulfilled. She taught Rand something important, which he felt the need to pass onto the Asha'man, and he was DEFINATELY not happy about it before-hand.
  8. are you positive they are the same, Paitr with morgase was younger than Paitr Rand met in beginning? Also, Mat makes it obvious, but the girl DF that mat took away her knife, she showed up a few more times Egwene will probably meet Raen and the tinkers again, she dreamed she needs some info from them with Need. The same Truth Seeker keeps showing up, but not really hidden Same with Jaichim Carradin You reminded me of Renna, egwene will have to face her again when Elayne ships her to tower, even tho in 2nd to last book she tells hall to accept damane for training and how much she still hates Renna... It was obvious it was the same Paitr the Darkfriend. Also, the female assassin is Lady Shiaine/Mili Skane. She's running the cell of Darkfriends in Caemlyn that includes Daved Hanlon. She also is the one that kills Jaichim Carridan in a most unpleasant way. As for Renna, she's dead. She was one of the three Suldam Mat used to escape Ebou Dar and he was forced to have one of his men kill her with a crossbow when she ran off to try and return to the Seanchan.
  9. I should point out that regardless of wether she should or should not keep her pants on, we have a Min viewing already that shows that she will have four children by Rand. So we know that she doesn't.
  10. To those still asking why we still don't know where Demandred's armies are or what he rules, I would point out that among the ancient texts on warfare Barid Bel Medar studied in the Age of Legends, was most likely a copy of Sun Tzu's Art of War. The following quote applies to Demandred perfectly (thus far anyway): “Be extremely subtle even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate.” Along with this one: “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
  11. I find it interesting that the only POV we have from Ishy that I can recall is the Watcher POV when he's spying on Sammael and Graendal. Kinda makes you wonder what more is really going on with him.
  12. Man I love Exalted. Best pen and paper epic fantasy RPG ever made.
  13. “Do you want to know the thing that twists my brain in knots, Perrin?” Rand said softly. “The thing that gives me shivers, like the cold breath of the Shadow itself? The taint is what made me mad and what gave me memories from my past life. They came as Lews Therin whispering to me. But that very insanity is the thing giving me the clues I need to win. Don’t you see? If I win this, it will be the taint itself that led to the Dark One’s fall.” Perrin whistled softly. Redemption, Rand thought. When I tried this last time, my madness destroyed us. This time, it will save us. Loved this part. I've thought the same thing myself. It's ironic the Dark One's own taint is what will be his undoing in the Third Age.
  14. Looks that way. If anyone can heal him it's Nynaeve with an Angreal. I had a feeling he'd live, I was just wrong on how.
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