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  1. I'm going to take a punt on Birgitte as being a character that most people can get behind.
  2. Likewise - I've clearly missed the original argument and have no idea of the rights and wrongs, but I think that someone who is willing to, unprompted, publicly stand up and admit to being wrong and apologise should be congratulated. If more people behaved like this, not just this forum but the world would be a far better place.
  3. You see, now you've got me imagining a TextsFromEgwene spinoff meme... http://textsfromhillaryclinton.tumblr.com/
  4. I'm going to go with Slayer as well. Didn't Graendal or Moridin refer to him as 'the man with two souls'? That ties in nicely with the story title. While there are good arguments for Setalle Anan, or - my first thought - Alanna - I think the River of Souls refers to something quite specific, rather than just being something that sounds poetic. Maybe we'll learn something about transmigration, as someone mentioned above. Could something similar have been involved in the creation of Slayer? One interesting point is that Slayer was presumably 'created' long before the seals started to weaken and the DO began to exercise his influence. Which only leaves Ishamael as the person who could have managed this - and wasn't Ishamael in one of his dormant cycles until close to the beginning of the Eye of the World?
  5. On another topic, about meetings people would like to see, I saw mentions of characters like Uno, Daerid and Breane. With Uno and Breane, I had to stop to try and remind myself where they had probably ended up, and with Daerid, I can't even really remember who he is, although I recognise the name..! In terms of numbers of books, I wonder which character(s) have been 'missing in (in)action' for longest i.e. not dead or deliberately concealed from the reader, but just absent even though the books visited the territory they were in, and probably just got left out due to lack of available screen time?
  6. Aren't they with the Rebel sisters outside the Black Tower..? If so, then they presumably haven't been 13x13-ed - at least not yet, anyway, depending on what happens at the BT?
  7. Ooh, that's a good point! I'm not sure that she's quite hideous enough, but still, that would be very clever indeed...
  8. That's certainly possible. I guess, though, he must have had some specific plan for what 'here' was. Most of the Forsaken have some kind of specific purpose in the narrative: - Ishamael, Lanfear - need I say more? - Aginor, Balthamel - Dramatic roadkill for Book 1. Then brought back because if RJ was going to bring back Ishy and Lanfear, he had to bring back these two as well. - Be'lal, Rahvin, Sammael - Dramatic roadkill for Rand as he progresses through the series, delivering kingdoms to him in the process. Plus causing the Andor succession problems (Rahvin), and leading to the stream-crossing encounter with Moridin (Sammael) - Asmodean - Rand's teacher - Demandred - DO's general, and <find out in January> - Semirhage - with the Seanchan, and trigger for The Last That Could Be Done - Mesaana - White Tower split - Moggy - Antagonist for Nynaeve and Elayne in the middle of the series, and unwilling teacher of weaves - Graendal - ??? Kill Asmodean? Possibly the catalyst for the scene where Rand BFs Natrin's Barrow showing how far he's fallen. Arad Doman chaos hasn't really had much impact on the series in its own right. I don't know, I still feel like there should be more to her. Yep, I think that must be proof that Slayer's involvement, at least, was BS's own, which suggests that Graendal's probably was as well. That would be interesting. Moggy would be just as good a candidate for seeing the effects of a cour'souvra being broken - unless there's another plan for Moggy. Either surviving, or a last clash with Nynaeve. Although it's a shame that the Moggy-Nynaeve rivalry has barely been mentioned - if it's been mentioned at all? - in, what, 6 books? Only if she can poop them out Harriet [Edit: I've just been informed that this was a miscommunication--mind you I am not confirming that Harriet was not responsible, I am just stating that the communication in which I had thought I recieved confirmation on this was not saying specifically what I had thought it to be saying, but rather offering a guess. The misread is entirely my fault.]. She was responsible for the Asmodean thing in the glossary, and, from what I have been told, Mat's letter to Elayne remaining in TofM in the form it's in. *sighs* Once upon a time I thought Harriet involving herself more directly would be a good thing, counter-balancing some of Brandon's over-sights. It seems to have just led to two hands on the wheel (pun intended, as is the Siuan/Nynaeve tFoH reference). I'm confused now... What are we concluding from this..? Or are we saying that we don't know? Btw, are we 100% certain that Graendal was killed and resurrected - is there any other way for the DO to have Haeffalumped her? It's a very rapid turnaround, considering that it took 4 books to bring back Aginor and Balthamel, and at least a couple of books each for Ishamael and Lanfear.
  9. This spin on Demandred being involved in Shara by impersonating Rand is definitely an interesting one, and not one I've heard before. One argument against, though - wouldn't the Sharans have to come through the Waste..? Makes a sneak attack a little unlikely, unless Demandred has also somehow taught them travelling - or offered to 'help' them get there, a bit like what Sammael did with the Shaido and the foolboxes.
  10. I read somewhere recently that the concept of the Dreamspike and how it works is something that BS had to come up with; and also a suggestion that he wanted to feature Perrin prominently in ToM. Which suggests to me that the whole Perrin-Slayer-Graendal arc in ToM might have been something that BS came up with to fill a large gap. Perrin was behind in the timeline and needed to be caught up, and if BS wanted to bulk it up, then adding in a Forsaken-driven plot, that also involved Perrin's old nemesis Slayer, was a reasonable choice. (Although we can assume that RJ had always planned on Perrin's plotline converging with the Whitecloaks, as the wheels for those two groups to meet were set in motion in KoD, not to mention an old history between Perrin and the Whitecloaks, and a need for Galad to meet Berelain at some point.) The idea of a Graendal vs Perrin confrontation always seemed a bit out of leftfield for me, with zero foreshadowing, which adds to the notion that this was BS's own input. And I gather that nearly all of the Town scene in the Prologue was written by RJ, with the suggestion that Slayer referencing his wound from Perrin was something that BS added in to match the timeline. If the Town scene was originally going to part of the prologue when tGS, ToM and aMoL were all going to be one book, then Slayer wouldn't have had the chance to go haring off after Perrin - he'd have been immediately focused on Rand. And I doubt that Slayer's arc will go any further than that little confrontation. So - let's say that Graendal's part of that whole arc was something BS added to fill a gap. We know that he had a lot of gaps to fill, so fair enough. However, what would have happened to Graendal if RJ was still writing the story? She could have just died at Natrin's Barrow, which is the simplest solution. But it seems unlikely, from a narrative perspective, that both she AND Aran'gar would have died at the same time, in some kind of kill-one-get-one-free deal. It's possible that RJ's plan was for Graendal to die and Aran'gar to go free - but Aran'gar's plotline was largely ended anyway, and RJ himself set up the notion of an Aran'gar-Graendal alliance, sowing the seeds for Aran'gar to be in the wrong place at the wrong time later on. So Graendal escapes Natrin's Barrow. Then what? She feels too high-profile for me, and has been built up as a cunning genius for too long, for her to have no meaningful resolution to her plotline other than to get randomly bumped off during Tarmon Gaidon. Especially as unlike, say, Moghedien, or Cyndane, she has no particular antagonist on the Light side, no-one where we're all thinking, 'I can't wait to see X finally take on Graendal!' Was she always intended to fall from grace in some way (possibly being Haeffalumped, or not, as a result)? There would be a certain symmetry in Moridin ending up with three cour'souvra from all three female Forsaken, but there's no sign of Graendal having been mindtrapped. And if it was intended - how? It might just have been as punishment for Aran'gar's death, so that could all have been in the plan. That still begs the question - did RJ have some final scheme in mind to conclude Graendal's plotline, for her to move from a background player to a full-on confrontation with the Light? Something to justify the hype? Does this add to the likelihood that her role is to be the one Forsaken who changes sides / survives? (And being presumed dead makes the latter a lot easier.) Hmm... Any suggestions?
  11. Ah, now isn't this nice? Let's all remember this warm fuzzy feeling the next time we're all ripping chunks off each other :) I'd like to thank you for setting your location to "Galad's pants". That gave me a chuckle. I hadn't spotted that, but that's made me laugh too. I'm not sure if we're using pants in the American or British context, but it's probably too late for Galad either way once SleepingHour gets that far with him. I'm sure Galad wishes he had your chin Mr Hindley I should probably confess at this point that, yes - my chin is Demandred.
  12. Ha - no, I'll happily take the masculine chin compliment, thanks. It makes a nice change from 'wonky'.
  13. Not quite what I had in mind, but the sentiment will do :) Oh, while I think of it, I was impressed by Mark Grayson's willingness to admit when he'd been out of order.
  14. This probably won't work, but having trawled through a few pages of the 'thisguy BS writing criticism etc.' thread, where there was lots of valid arguments either way but also lots of debate that went beyond being heated, to the point of veering on unpleasantness... That's probably inevitable, and so be it. But wouldn't it be nice to have a thread whose sole purpose is to remind ourselves that we all have lots in common, and the vast majority of people on here are smart, fun, passionate people with something interesting to say. So let's reflect that. And let's not just focus on the 'celebrity' posters, worth of praise though they might be (hi, Luckers!), but the rest of us little folk as well. Has anyone posted something that made you think 'I like that person?' Either for their sharp insight, for making you laugh, or any other reason? I'll kick things off - I've noticed that TootThatHorn's posts are invariably well-articulated, and maintain a pleasant tone. Far more importantly, I love the comedy randomness of his username. Who's next? (NB Trolls need not apply. Only unicorns and MyLittlePonies welcome on this thread, thank you.)
  15. Joline. 'Joline. Joline. Joline JO-LIIIIIINE. I'm begging of you please don't take my man...' Sorry. Couldn't resist. OK, back to the serious discussion.
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