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  1. Broken Wolf = Ituralde. I believe Ituralde is referred to as a wolf/wolflike at some point. Can't remember where. Death has known = how many kills does this guy have under his belt? How many times has he barely escaped death himself? destruction brings fear to hearts of men = he's been holding out FOREVER against the Shadow. When he finally goes, it'll certainly shake the wills of his allies ("men" doesn't necessarily mean ALL of humanity--it certainly wouldn't shake Moridin's will, for instance--of course, Perrin+Elyas=men and therefore even Hopper could conceivably fit).
  2. My guess is Eggy dies. Gawyn uses the rings in the Post-Mortem Warder Rage and kills somebody important. Demandred possibly.
  3. WoT is literally older than I am. I believe I picked up the series for the first time right before RJ died. Asked a family member for some reading recommendations and he recommended R.A. Salvatore and WoT. (IIRC he also recommended Goodkind as well, so maybe he's hit-and-miss. <.< Said it was decent up until Jagang appears and then it sucks. Read the whole thing anyway. Not nearly as good as WoT and has a stupid ending, but at least better than Twilight IMO. Not that that says much.) I enjoyed the whole series (yes, even CoT). Years later, I still haven't picked up Salvatore :P I own EOTW in paperback and the Sanderson books in hardback. Patiently awaiting AMOL. Really need to reread TGH-KoD in the meantime though, I keep forgetting the plot details from them.
  4. Machin Shin could potentially be gone (/decorrupted/fixed/etc. depending on how it originated). Why is this? It's reasonable to believe that MS is the result of the evil of Shadar Logoth leaking through the Waygate there. And with the original evil destroyed (with the exception of Rand's wound, the dagger, and Fain), it's possible that MS was "tethered" to the place, and it "starved" when SL was destroyed. Just a theory.
  5. A dream world within a dream within a--were you watching Inception? o_O I think it'd be cool tho.
  6. Nynaeve appears in between the two forces, tugs her braid a couple times, Trollocs explode. Everything else is finished with the Power. No, but seriously. She'll show up to bail him out. Whether he'll survive is another story...
  7. Fain, being the rogue element, does something stupid like backstabbing Rand or turning everyone into zombies. Shadow wins, DO blows everything up. Creator LOLs at DO's puny show of resistance and remakes Wheel. Wheel starts one day before it blows up ("day that dawns twice"). Fain, being the rogue element, decides this time to go after the DO first instead of Rand. DO dies, but Fain gets sealed in the Pit of Doom and is eventually forgotten, slowly becoming a new DO. IDK what else happens.
  8. Perrin still needs to take out Slayer, right? Maybe Perrin + Eggy (she owes him)? Also, Noam/Boundless does something. Dies, helps kill Slayer, joins Perrin IRL, something. Just "oh yeah, my life sucked" fixing Perrin doesn't seem like much. (Though I forget how important he was earlier...) Nynaeve finally heals that wound Rand has, because she's Nynaeve. She and Mo will probably be the ones helping with Callandor. M/E/A versus Lanfear/Graendal? And somebody has to deal with the red-veiled Aiel. Can't wait...
  9. Lanfear didn't look like Lanfear in the dream... ?... *rereads* Yeah, you're right. Gotta pay more attention <_< I'm still pulling Rand though. Though maybe Tuon for the "sul'dam can learn to be damane" thing.
  10. @Simo: I'm thinking the latter, but it's due to a ToM spoiler soooooo...
  11. Must be Goodkind fanboys. *sniffs* Seriously, I have no idea.
  12. IIRC, RJ confirmed Olver is not Cain. I don't think we'll see him onscreen, since he's probably barely a toddler (Olver's a little older IIRC).
  13. I'd save the "second-biggest evil" trophy for PF, but then again I like him as a character. RANDOM ENDING SPECULATION: "three become one" is almost a meta-prophecy. As mentioned in another thread, there's a lot of trios this could refer to. But what if it's more than just one of said trios? Whether it's Callandor, the ta'veren, or Rand's lovers, there's a lot of ways the prophecy could be fulfilled--but perhaps the prophecy refers to itself? Like, three fulfillments for one prophecy? Perhaps I should lay off the caffeine water ;)
  14. Rand, as he probably doesn't realize Mo is alive yet. And that Lanfear doesn't look like Lanfear anymore--that'd tip him off that the dream is a trap.
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