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  1. Now I'm imagining Yoda as an Aes Sedai; "Weaves as it will, the wheel will"
  2. Maybe its all about precision over strength; you wouldn't use a sledgehammer to tap in a nail.
  3. I agree that their new role is a recruitment officers, but the suggestion that they could also deal with rogue channelers is a really good one; more a broadening of their original role than a completely different one.
  4. Not so much livestock as hunting hounds. I believe killing a Suldam will also kill the Damane; this was in TGH. I wonder how much affection for damane comes from the affinity that women chanellers can feel towards eachother?
  5. Could a power-forged blade be compared with a lightsaber?
  6. Birgitte for me, don't usually go for blondes but shes sexy, likes to dress to attract eyes and swears almost as much as I do. On the negtive side is shes got a terrible aim (if youre on the recieving end) so you can't forget birthdays and anniversaries, and given her taste, it would be rather insulting if she was attracted to me. And Aludra, bet shes a real firecracker (hehehe)
  7. Was thinking of getting the phrase "Life is a Dream" inked on my arm, that or the death feather duty mountain phrase. Don't have any tatts right now, scared of needles, and would like to know how badly it actually hurts
  8. I think most of the romance in the stories are basically "s/hes hot, think I'm in love". Nynaeve and Lan seems the oddest one to me. He loves her coz she can follow his trail, she has daddy issues.
  9. Demandred and the Sharans were a shock, in hindsight it shouldn't have been. With everyones eyes on Randland, that best place for a power base is where no one is looking. Still, a few paragraphs of Demi's POV, giving names but not locations, would probably have made the whole Sharan thing easier to take. He was never a calm, controlled general, In many ways he was like Mat, daring and willing to gamble. So his being a "Giant laser shooting robot" makes more sense; he inspired his own troops, demoralised the enemy and destroyed everything around him. As for his duels, yes, they were idiotic, I personally would've shredded them with the Power, but I'm sure he had his reasons for it. How he conquered Shara so quietly can be easy to explain. All power.comes from the Ayyad; win them over and Shara is yours. Would like to hear how Demandred and Taim are connected
  10. I would've liked him to have killed Fain for the massacre of his family Not sure what to make of Perrin in this book. His TAR powers become kick-ass bit he doesn't so much. He battles Slayer and casually breaks Cyndanes neck
  11. I love how Demandred thought he was facing Rand/ Lews Therin. I would've enjoyed it more when the Shadows greatest Military genius found out he was being outmanouvred by a farmboy gambler barely out of his teens. I would also have liked to see Mat and Demandred fight hand to hand but can understand why they didn't. I can see Tuon changing a bit when it comes to children, especially if Mat talks about how great it was with his siblings.
  12. I was shocked at Egwene dying, even after Gawain died. Killing off such a major character halfway through the book! After everything shes done and gone through and learned throughout the series and she gets snuffed? I can understand Cadsuanes reaction to becoming Amyrlin; Shes the fourth in 2 years. That doesn't exactly shout security
  13. Androl makes a better hero than Logain. Doing all that stuff while being so weak in the Power. But onto Taim. Don't think he should've become one of the chosen, no matter how many channellers he turned to the dark side. Didn't do a good job as a chosen, his first major mission in the Last Battle (ambushing Rand), didn't work, then lost in a fight with a teenaged girl while he was holding an an awesome sa'angreal. The first time we have some idea Taim is bad is PoD when the rogue ashaman attqck the sun palace
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