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  1. Now I'm imagining Yoda as an Aes Sedai; "Weaves as it will, the wheel will"
  2. Maybe its all about precision over strength; you wouldn't use a sledgehammer to tap in a nail.
  3. thanx is he a memory? (such as Rands trip through the pillars at Rhuidean or out of Mats head)
  4. I agree that their new role is a recruitment officers, but the suggestion that they could also deal with rogue channelers is a really good one; more a broadening of their original role than a completely different one.
  5. Not so much livestock as hunting hounds. I believe killing a Suldam will also kill the Damane; this was in TGH. I wonder how much affection for damane comes from the affinity that women chanellers can feel towards eachother?
  6. Could a power-forged blade be compared with a lightsaber?
  7. So, does the losing team put on white and become gaishain afterwards?
  8. Cairhien is definately french, even the description of the accent has a hint of French. I would say Saldaea could be the Mongols, light horsemen, fierce fighters, etc. Amadacia is Stuart England around the redtoration; ruled by Puritans, but the royalty and nobility love to party. Tear I'm not sure of, Spain sounds right but I can see hints of the ottoman empire in there as well; the privilages of the rich, the fine horse stock. The Sea Folk may be Pacific Islanders, the colouring and hair seem right and the Islanders were probably the best mariners for years. Seanchan is a
  9. I am so tempted to say "Is he smaller than a bread box?", but I'm not Is he young (under 25)?
  10. Altara and Ebou Dar could be based of post-renaissance Italy, a collection of city-states, the love of duelling, the buildings in the Rahad falling into disrepair like many of the buildings in Rome. I don't know much about the Apache culture, but I can definately see the Zulu, beduin and even possibly Masai cultures in the Aiel. Instead of japanese for the inspiration of Aiel Honour we should look at the Chinese instead. This would also explain the different warrior societies (there were many different schools of martial arts, all of whom guarded its secrets). No arguments that Andor i
  11. I go for most genres except dance, r&b and bubblegum pop. I tend to judge songs on their lyrics rather than artist or genre. At the moment I'm listening to a lot of Nightwish and getting into a few Billy Idol songs.
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