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  1. $anderson was like, "DUDE!!!...OMG....Harriet! YO!!! I was just playing some MAGIC! - The GATHERING and thought the coolest thing EVAR would be to have OLVER blow the horn like LOL!!!" Thats how I heard it anyways... Fish p.s. i will soon be addng as an official SIG that AMOL is not canon...have been personally assurrd by mods thats a perfectably acceptable SIG ;)
  2. HOLE E MOLEY...LOL...Here we are a year later and I review my own post above where I list the things (pre-release for AMOL) that I said would upset me and Im in shock over how things tunred out, lol. Lets look at these, shall we? Nakomi turn out to be ''imaginary''?? - Well...PRETTY MUCH happened!!! If Rand grows himself a new hand!? - He did me one better!!! Grew himself a whole new BODY!!! Moiraine being disrespected in her Big Return?? - Uhhh...WHAT ''Big Return'' lol???...I could spend YEARS on THIS one!!! :( Mat not getting to ''General'' too much in the Last Battle...Sadly, I got screwed on this one too...speaking of screw...that was the whole problem...Mat spent the whole Last Battle engaged in Garden-Sexing Tuon and making soul-crushingly bad jokes with Rand!!! Moiraine and Lan's...and...Moiraine and Rand's reunions not being as special and magical and powerful as they needed to be???!!!...I think we ALL know what happened with THIS item on my list :( Spooky, ain't it?? More than a little eerie how much I ended up pulling a Nostrildamus...I have a whole new sympathy for Masema now: prophetin' ain't easy :( - Fish
  3. Interesting outlook, Goldeneyes...Mat kept trying to recapture his youth and every attempt put him one step closer to a ''boring'' life...Mat, his thoughts, words and actions always so in contrast to one another, lol...gotta love him. What was weird was, Brandon's handling of Mat was *far* from the thing that bothered me most about his stewardship of the final volumes. No, it was what looked like attempts to appease to or gratify the wishes of fans by making odd, abrubt changes for no apparent reason...if Mr Panderson had just stuck to his guns, and RJ's established continuity, I could have forgiven much more in the very end. Fish
  4. Just high on truth, mate. I really did in all seriousness just intend to make ONE post sharing my genuine amazement at how a year's time hasn't altered my first impression of the masterpiece known as AMOL a single whit...but...you know how these things go...you start thinking about things...remembering things...get a bit of momentum going and BAM!!! Bloody ASHES you find yourself with just so much to SHARE! Fish
  5. Thanks, Mate!!! As for being back with a ... well...Ill just say: ''Bloody Ashes I am!!!'' ;) Fish
  6. Well...in fairness...to do it right you can only really rank New Spring and Eye of the World up until Knife of the Dreams. The last three...''books''...can't justifiably be considered canon. Looking more and more like this position is gaining more and more support among those who matter... Fish
  7. as we near the one year anniversary of AMOL's release I have to tip my hat to this guy...Im serious; I really do! Think about it! Think about what this guy has pulled off...through all his grinning and ''awww shucks''/shoulder-shrugging/Gee-WHIZ behavior and hatchet job on a cherished series of books, his use of sooo many people doing much of his work FOR him and his immersion in MAGIC - THE GATHERING and Twitter, this guy has somehow gotten his NAME on the last three WHEEL OF TIME books, become known as ''the guy who finished wot'', made millions of dollars, earned legions of fans, set his family for life and secured a lifetime's worth of publishing contracts!!! SMH Incredible...I really do tip my hat to this guy. Mr Sanderson; you pulled it off, pal!!! Well done!!! Fish Edited because...never let it be said that im NOT a Team Player!!! :)
  8. I don't care what manure we get fed...I will ALWAYS believe RJ intended for Mat to still be the one at the end of the day to blow that damned old horn...having Olver be the one to do so just screams like one of those things [removed] thought would be a ''neat'' plot ''twist.'' - Fish
  9. I was always divided over this one...Mish is right: a lot about it was beautiful...just beautiful...two adults, later in life, meeting, developing a friendship and mutual adoration for each other...so much to like about Moir and Thom...cool hints in book 1 and 2 and of course KOD. And the BIG CHAPTER in book 4 is one of the best chapters in the entire series where they spar with each other in Thom's quarters. OTOH...HUH???...It also suffered like many of RJ's relationships did...from the HUH??? Syndrome...many have mentioned this before me. It bothered me less with Thomraine because I liked them so much. Perrin/Faile/Nyn/Lan/Galad/Egwene/Gawyn/Elayne/Rand all were beyond insulting and outrageous. a few i KINDA could buy...Rand and Avi and Rand and Min...also Tuon and Mat...at least these three couples spent a lot - A LOT - of time together in close proximity. I was always happy fort Mat and Perrin that they managed to keep Tuon and Faile away from Rand for the most part...we all know what Rand did to any chick he spent too much time with...ask Avi or Min or Elayne what they mean by the term ''Dragon Bone''... - Fish
  10. Ahhh...another Straight-Forward Answer from Mr Panderson!!! Fish Edited because...never let it be said that im NOT a Team Player!!! :)
  11. Im pretty sure Nakomi was the same chick that was in ''End of Time'' and helped out The Doctor so very much before he regenerated. Fish
  12. Hey Charlie, Dragonmount gives us plenty of ways to contact each other when we feel we have something amusing to say. If you're so worried about being warned, (and have the stones to do so, which I HIGHLY doubt) why don't you go ahead and PM me with your ''clever'' remark about my ''deficiencies'' and I promise you that we can take it from there privately. Yes, I freely admit that sometimes after working a 12 hour shift to support a family my mind can get a bit wacky. Oh, and speaking of editing your post...his name is ''Barad'', NOT ''Berid'' - you might want to correct that, Mr Funny Man. Fish
  13. Oops. I just realized something REALLY STUPID. For some reason I was READING ''Mat/Aemon'' in this thread but my brain was SEEING ''Gaidal/Mat'' - don't ask me why; it's been one of those days. I agree that there is much behind Mat/Aemon. My apoplogies. Now I know what a TOTAL ARSE feels like :( Fish
  14. There is no direct evidence that Mat is not Santa Claus reborn either, but based on my years and years of rereading tWoT, I know that it would be a pretty silly theory. I would never even choose to consider it even if my life depended on it. As for ''no other choices''... I live in a world of infinite choices. I never consider ANYTHING to be impossible. Fish
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