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  1. How did Rand just walk up and find the little man angreal? Didn't Taim and all of his men look in depth after DW? It seems pretty weak Rand was able to find it after it was gone for five books, and it ended up being on the ground the entire time...
  2. Also, did we ever end up getting all of Rand's questions? Moranine's questions/Wishes? Who was that crazy Aiel person Avi met in the waste? Was that the same old lady Rand sees right at the end? Don't have a quote on this part but it was very odd, he sees the old lady and then like fades to black or something.
  3. What about the question the Sea Folk lady was suppose to ask Rand? He asked her what they did with male channelers and said she would ask him his question later..... Also, what was the point of Padan Fain. Biggest let down in a book ever. I really thought he would end up doing something but that was foolish
  4. It still seems pretty odd that they can only make a single TerAngreal. You would think someone would have kept pushing one of the girls who could make an a'dam to see what else they could do with it. It seems like if they knew this was a rare talent they would have tried to expand on it. This must either be an oversight or something that is not explained. I know if I had a dog that could produce extremely valuable tool, I would see what else the dog could do.
  5. Well the Domination Band isn't really a male a'dam, there are a number of differences between the two. I think it was Semi that had the copies made, not the Seanchan. As for the a'dam I believe it is the damane that make them and it most likely is a prized skill. I like the explanation that Semi had a hand in copying the Domination band, but do we have any proof that any of the forsaken can make/reproduce Ter'Angreal? They have been running around looking for Vacoles (sp) and other caches of AoL equipment. I am pretty sure none can create Angreal judging by how badly they have been fighting to get even weak ones. They cant even seem to create the Glow Lights and other "simple" things they used in the AoL. It seems pretty far fetched to think that they only know how to reproduce what they have in front of them. I would think if you were able to reproduce the Domination Band, you should be able to reproduce lights and shocklances and whatever the flying cars were called, but they have made nothing yet that we know of.
  6. So how do they make them? Do they have a device the produces them like we have seen for the warder cloaks or do they have collared ladies knocking them out? How did they make the Male a'dam? Did they just throw it in the mold and hope all comes out right?
  7. Because O'Damn these would suck to have on :)
  8. From what we have seen the ability to create Ter'Angreal was just recently rediscovered by Elayne, but the Seanchan have been mass producing these O'Dam for a very long time. More than that, they received a new male O'Dam and they were able to copy that one pretty quickly (not that we know how many were made). How do they do it? Did Ishy setup an O'Dam factory while we was screwing up Seanchan? Do they have collared ladies that have already rediscovered the art of making Ter'Angreal? They also have the Blood-knives rings....where are they getting these from? Do you think they could make Angreal as well but just have no use for them because Angreal do not work with the O'Dam (at least I think i read somewhere that they wont work while with the O'dam, i may be wrong) It just seems like Elayne learning she can make these object of power is pointless because everyone across the sea has been doing it for hundreds of years. Thoughts?
  9. Disagree completely. This chapter may be my favorite POV from Matt in the series. He was actually playing the fool, instead of using his bland, monotone, complaining, voice that he seemed to adopt for the entire middle of the series. I think you're going to be very much alone with that opinion. Hinderstrap, the Lord Crimson episode in TOM and chapter 11 in AMOL are why almost everyone who liked the Mat RJ wrote detests the way BS portrays him. They are about as subtle as a piece of brick. I really enjoy RJ's portrayal of his charecters but I feel like they all sound the same. You can not pick up a random book to a random chapter, and tell who's POV it is within two lines. You should be able to do this. BS actually gave the characters distinctive voices. Matt is a joker, but is seen as simple by those around him. He never said anything funny from like book 2 - 10 and he sure as hell never sounded like he was a country kid speaking to lords(which is what he is). The wonder girls were the worst. Elyane sounded like Egg, who sounded like Avi, who sounded like everyone else. The only one who was distinctive was Nyn, and that is why people either hate her or love her.
  10. I hope VoG was one of the instances. There was too much "I need to be there" from Perrin's PoV for it not to be. I am pretty sure Perrin thinks to himself something like "I feel like I need to be there for Rand" right before he goes up the mountain. If this is not one of the instances its just bad storytelling, which I find very hard to believe. Dumai's Wells I always assumed was one of them, but looking back on it, all Perrin really did was rally the troops, which probably would have been pulled together regardless, but I am sure having a Taverine(sp) do it expedited the process a good bit.
  11. Disagree completely. This chapter may be my favorite POV from Matt in the series. He was actually playing the fool, instead of using his bland, monotone, complaining, voice that he seemed to adopt for the entire middle of the series.
  12. I know some people believe that Ishy will be the Forsake to "return to the light". Is it possible that all of his recent actions (everything after becoming Mordin) are aimed at helping, not hurting Rand? Mogy thinks that he is very different they he use to be. He doesn't even get kicks from causing pain any more!!! This could just be from his link with Rand but to me it seems like he has his own agenda. If his agenda is the sames as the DO's, why would the DO not have his other minions working toward the same Goal? Wouldn't SHadar Harin(sp) be best buddies with Mordin? Those two haven't even been in the same room that I can remember? If they are both doing the DO's errands why would the DO need two? I feel like hearing a conversation between Mordin and SH would explain everything we need to know. I just feel like Ishy has done surprisingly little since he was reborn. Have we even seen him do anything bad ass with the True Power yet?
  13. Moggy brought this up in her PoV, but Ishy has failed more then any other individual Forsaken, but still is the top dog. She cannot imagine why, and now that I think on it I cannot either. Why would the DO let him get away with losing to Rand over and over. He was released the entire time everyone else was locked away in the bore, and as far as I can tell, the only thing he did that impacted the story was to send Hawking's armies across the sea and corrupt their prophecies. Other then that I don't remember him doing anything else (besides helping to kill Samuel, the most effective Forsaken we have seen).
  14. I think Rand plans on killing the DO. That is what he means by "Is it possible?". He has been told by everyone from the beginning that it is not possible and is even laughable to consider. I think he is considering it a lot. Not sure how he plans on doing it, but it does not sound like he knows yet either.
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