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  1. Until about halfway into TGH I thought Moraine was Morgaine, as in Morgana la Fey. Needless to say I was sure she was evil.
  2. The Sanchean now have the tools to collapse a gateway. They got superweapon
  3. The FAQ says that Faile is 16! I forgive her for being so annoying, I don't know how many 10th graders would be less obnoxious than she is under the same circumstances.
  4. Mat will off with Rhuarc, Bashere, Ituralde, Bryne, Logain/Taim, and maybe Alivia telling them the plan and taking input. I hope he has a plan...
  5. 1) Perrin after TSR. He did nothing interesting other than Dumai's wells from LoC to Tom. 2) Too many characters. Who doesn't wish that Demanded, Taim, Logain, Thom, and Lan had appeared more than in passing after book 6, if at all? 3) Plot lines that were too long. Like all of Perrin, or the bowl of winds. 4) Mat was RAPED and no other characters cared, and he has not thought about it since... Really? 5) The forsaken stopped being a threat after one of them died at the end of half of the books. None of them even threatened Perrin or Mat. I love RJ, but I feel as though if he had handed it to Brandon after book 6, the editors might have said no more often.
  6. The issue here is that Rand and Egwene are NOT equals in any way. Egwene is just another Queen that Rand needs to get to Merrilor. The Aes Sedai are only accorded so much respect by non-channelers because they have a monopoly on the OP and use it or threaten to use it frequently to make other leaders obey them. We have proof of this, Cadsuane brags about how she bullies sovereigns into listening to her. Rand has no reason to treat the Aes Sedai like goddesses - they cannot bully him. If anything, I think he owes it to the world to stop them from abusing the OP to gain authority. Certainly, he has no reason to act as though The Amyrlin Seat is the equal of The Dragon Reborn.
  7. Sweet's Wheel of Time covers are SO bad! How could he receive a reward for failing to portray epic scenes and characters 14 times now? Meh.
  8. My favorite cover is the LoC ebook cover. Dumai's wells was the best battle until the cleansing, and the painting has it down. Lord of Chaos is also my favorite title. It brings to mind Rand's madness, Taim and his evilness, Demandred's bookends, and is really well related to the story, unlike some others.
  9. I feel like Demandred got forgotten for the whole series. Like Logain, he is an interesting and popular character who has done... absolutely nothing. Both of them are disappointing because there was huge build up around them doing something epic, and thus far neither of them has done anything.
  10. Verin Sedai. For being the only person in the books who is as brave as Rand. Verin is definitely one of the true heroes of this story. Nynaeve Sedai. As has been said, Nynaeve sees people instead of chess pieces. Her desire to heal others in noble and admirable, unlike those of many of the other Aes Sedai. She had also been there for Rand when no one else was, and helped him perform the greatest miracle Randland has ever seen. That was on top of her own miracles.
  11. It still seems superstition to me. When Rand named the DO in TGH the world shook around him.
  12. I picked TPoD, for reasons mentioned above. I really enjoy crazy-Rand, and this book was some of the best of that.
  13. Moraine believe that it was bad luck too though, and she hardly seems the superstitious type. It also seems that part of the reason that the attack on Fal Dara was so bad was that Rand named the Dark One.
  14. In the Great Hunt, we saw first hand that naming the DO has tangible negative effects. It begs to ask then, if no one names the DO, or almost no one, why has his name not been lost? Can it be written safely? Is it okay to whisper? How can something never said be remembered?
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