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  1. If RJ intended Cads to become Amyrlin,he intended Egwene to die.Doubt tht u can blame Sanderson for it. However the manner of death was real cheesy,tht I think was pure Sanderson. If rj intended egwene to die then sanderson wouldnt be so vague about her death, He is not answering the question. who killed egwene? him or rj?
  2. egwene's death was a product of sanderson. Nothing more nothing less. eventually after years and the enclyopedia already out the truth will eventually merge. To be honest, you could tell. The lack of emotion on the super girls, the laughable taim battle, the addition of 'oh noes vora's sangreal has no buffer' last minute etc etc. His refusal to come out and say outright whether he nerfed egwene or was it RJ just seals the deal.
  3. If egwene's death was RJs sanderclown would have no hesitation in saying so. The fact that he's dillydallying around the issue and leaving up in the air is his way of shirking from answering the question truthfully. He cant lie since there are other people with access to Rj's notes. Anyways i am glad my hunches proved right from the start.
  4. I guess the secret of why was the cadsuane scene added into the epilogue by sanderson is finally out. He killed off egwene. well done sanderson well done.
  5. So sanderclown confirmed what we all knew. He killed egwene and gawyn. I knew it. And it's a big egg on those who claimed egwene's death was RJ. It just didnt make any sense. when you have went through pages and pages of character development and yet be the sole death amongst the emond's fielders then it's time to be suspcious. The lack of reaction from the characters to egwene's death and cadusuane bit in the epilogue was just the confirmation to the nth degree
  6. One of the greatest failures of rand. Not finishing off the seanchan when he had the chance back in TGS. For all of lews therin's moral deificiencies, he would have wiped out this slave dealing baffoons
  7. you forget this guy got sammael killed. worthless forsaken in a sea of clowns. its sad when the two weakest forsaken caused the most damage in the book
  8. Taim's turned welyn, mezar, sandomere in addtion of having the likes of miishraile, coteren and god knows how many other turned ashamen and black ajah under his disposal. yet he lost to a pageboy and bunch of kids I am still trying to get my head around it
  9. All the battle hardened aes sedai are actually 2000 years of bickering, bitching does that to people. The aes sedai were useless for most part of the battles. Not suprised to see the sharans take out alot of them. I found the yellows to be the most useful since they are always at the fore front healing people. The greens always talk a good game but they are clowns the majority of them
  10. i give up. i have nothing further to add your honour except to say that when a man who is drawing so much of the power barely fends of a shield and runs away from the scene of the battlefield equals breaking the law of the thirteen then we need to call it quits
  11. That's because rand grew more powerful since book 6. Rand is fully knowldgeable about the power like his alter ego He was expecting it And he still barely fended it off. A few moments later had he not travelled he would have been shielded enteri, look we can sit here all day and say the circle taim was leading could have been 13 or a 72 circle. no one knows for a fact. What we do know is Lews therin telamon said you cant break a shield of 13. We have the word of asmodean You need to show me one instance in the book where rand broke through a circle of 13. You need to show me an instance where rand could not have been sheilded by a circle of 13 I am waiting.
  12. he held it off for a short time because he was expecting it. And he was channelling through an angreal. I used to remember enteri saying maradon was proof of rand being greater than LTT. Turns out he was using an angreal. Lolz In the end he had to retreat because sooner or later that shield would have enveloped him. Rand is LTT is rand. The dragon soul does not mysteriously get new powers with each turning of the wheel. BBM explained everything in that post of his
  13. That was due to the DR being one with the land.Of course. You need to take a holistic view. No I have to take the view the authors told us is correct.You are good at ferreting out what the authors say, I give you that. Rand has been affecting the Pattern, from apples to trees. It is not mere tricks via OP that made DF's shied away or kill themselves in TOM, Egwene stating he would break the 13 shield etc. We had this discussion prior to AMOL and I was proven correct, once again. So I don't want to harp on this. I suggest you wait for the Encyclopedia for more evidence. At the end of AMOL, he is neither ta'avern or has any access to the OP or TP, yet lights the pipe. If rand could break a circle of thirteen why did he run away from taim's 13? he barely pushed it back Because Taim's 13 weren't trying to shield him? err they were read it again pal They were trying to shield him. Of course they were also trying to kill him as well: "The other channelers wove to enchance the strom...it could strike Rand". Now according to Rand's PoV, the "full circle" was led by a man. We know there is no need for a man to be in charge, unless it is to extend a size of a circle. This circle may have been larger than 13. If it was led by Taim, who is much stronger than any Aes Sedai, the Power of this full circle > one's faced at the WT. Rand's PoV, "at least three dozen" Dreadlords attacking him, and very likely similar number of females. With those kind of numbers, it would have been foolish of Taim to just have a circle of 13, given what Rand did at Maradon. Dude you just playing semantics at the moment. it doesnt matter if it was thirteen or 72. the point is rand's alter ego lews therin telamon the dragon thought you cannot withstand a shield of 13. Whether it's led by taim or sorilea is besides the point. The onus is on you to proof that rand could break through a circle of thirteen.
  14. he said the amount of power it would require to balefire him would cause the world's destruction. Balefire is the most lethal weave out there. You telling me rand will use lighting bolts and fire on shaitan to kill him? The most important point RJ wast trying to emphasis is amount of one power required. Not balefire. But the amount you would need.
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