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  1. Path of Daggers, chapter 26 Min gets her bottom switched by Sorilea.
  2. Necroing a dead thread again cos I don't want to start a new one. In chapter 25 of Path of Daggers, Elaida signs a bunch of edicts that Alviarin later crumbles up and disgards. But then we get this excerpt (emphasise mine): If she had to repeat this catechism everyday, wouldn't the Three Oaths bind her to it, and she wouldn't have (couldn't have) signed those edicts? I'm calling this a goof.
  3. I wonder if the "flicker sequence" (I'm assuming you mean the Portal Stone scene) is going to be used as Ingtar's "big reveal." Maybe make it a montage of each character that gives the audience a little hint.
  4. So you're suggesting to "speed up" his progression by pulling things from later books to earlier in the story? I guess I can get behind that. I don't know exactly what you mean about "Wolfbrother training" though. He doesn't really "train" at anything except for a few time in Tel'aran'rhiod with Hopper, but that's mostly to do with Wolfdream stuff. For a "cinematic vibe" to his Wolfbrother awakening, I'd go with something like: - He and Egwene meet Elyas after the escape from Shadar Logoth. The audience is introduced to the concept of Wolfbrothers - Whitecloaks approach... Elyas sends Perrin and Egwene away, but they get separated in the confusion (on-screen drama) - Whitecloaks corner Perrin, but wolves suddenly attack, defending him. When one of the wolves gets killed, Perrin flies into a rage (foreshadowing) and kills two Whitecloaks before getting thunked on the head <fade to back... cut to other scenes> - back in the Whitecloak camp, Egwene, now also a captive. Bornhold and Byar are talking - outside, Perrin is chained to the ground, head hung despondantly, as he overhears the Whitecloak's plan to execute him. A disembodied whisper is heard, unintelligible at first, but resolves itself into a wolf-voice : "Help comes!" Perrin's eyes snap open, glowing yellow in the moonlight. - queue Moiraine's lightning strikes, and wolves charging into the camp as the scene cuts away <cut back> - Egwene is alone in the tent, struggling against her bonds while shouts and sounds of confusion are heard outside. Suddenly Lan slips in, frees her, grabs Perrin's axe off the table, and slips out. They find Perrin, already free, and the three rush off into the trees to meet Moiraine & Nyneave. After some drilling questions from Moiraine, and a lot of concerned glances at his eyes, it's revealed that Dapple chewed through Perrin's bonds. (edit- or maybe Elyas frees Perrin. That would probably be less corny than a wolf doing it, and it would strengthen their bond when they meet later on in Ghaeldan.) ______ The whole bit with Byar and the sharp stone, and wearing Whitecloak disguises would not play well on screen, IMO.
  5. @mistborn82 You want to expand Perrin's arc?! Geez, he's the slowest one to grow... except for maybe Nyneave. Yeah, it's well established in the very beginning of EotW that he likes to think things over carefully, but, Light, Jordan waste so much page-space showing how little (if at all) Perrin develops as a character. It's drawn out and boring. He broods over being a Wolfbrother before finally excepting it (like, four book later); he broods over being tied to Rand and feeling trapped in the Stone, until he finally leaves for the Two Rivers; he broods over his marriage because he doesn't understand Saldaean woman are attracted to d-bags... even after Deira straightup TELLS him that's what they want. Nah, I'd cut he's story out the most. Showing as little of him as possible will make his arc seem to progress quicker.
  6. Ooooo, you were so close! OP is referring to chapter 10 of Book Three, The Dragon Reborn. "Girl squad" is (quite obviously, IMO) referring to Nyneave, Elayne, and Egwene. @RpgCorsair Presumably you're referring to this line: "Six people, Egwene thought, and how many secrets? They all shared more than one, secrets that would have to be kept, perhaps even in the White Tower." The secrets were that Rand was a male channeler (maybe truly even the Dragon Reborn) and that Moiraine was actively helping him. Another secret was that the Horn of Valere had been found... AND used! That Liandrin was Black Ajah (and the Black Ajah--vehemently denied by Aes Sedai--is actually real. ...There might be more, but I can't recall at this moment. Hope this helps.
  7. @mistborn82 Egwene deserves to be beaten. Granted, I'm only about 80% through with Path of Daggers on my first complete read-through (and I got the next two books in queue), but Egwene has really be bugging me these last few books. RJ is trying to portray her as this great thinker with complicated plans than need to "click" just right, but she misses the most obvious clues to so many crucial things. Completely dispells my suspension of disbelief. I'll fully admit, I think this is a flaw in Jordan's writing. He's great at world-building and stringing together a complex plot, but he's not good at creating believable characters.
  8. Maybe. But films have been casting people 10+ years older than the person they're portraying for decades. Why make a stink over it now? Yes! Besides, I wouldn't waste Malcolm's talent on a throwaway role. Be'lal literally dies like a bitch. Famous last words: "No..." I can see Malcolm as Thom Merrilin, though.
  9. Doman is also a reoccurring character; he shows up on Toman Head and again in Tanchico. Also, he gives readers (and viewers, potentially) their first glimpse at the Seals.
  10. Yeah, probably. Healing makes a person weak /hungry because it (most likely) speeds up the target's metabolism and rate of cell growth. It's unknown whether a person will suffer these effects if there's nothing to actually Heal, but if it does indeed speed-up metabolism and promote cell division, then the channeler is essentially robbing minutes, or even days, from a person's life! When cells divide, they deteriorate a tiny bit each time. Eventually, the genes responsible for producing certain proteins shut down, turning hair hair or causing skin to lose its elasticity, or resulting in other "age-related" problems. It may be possible to Heal someone to death. It'd probably take a very long time, and because the intent is to cause harm, it'd certainly violate the Three Oaths. If the Oaths aren't an issue, you'd be better of exploding the person's head... or binding them in Air and slitting their throat.
  11. @Dalton Campbell The scale of that picture is way off. The entirety of the United States would fit between the Aryth Ocean and the Spine, with room to spare; it's not possible to fit Randland within the coasts of the US, nevermind the Waste AND part of Shara. Each WoT mile equals 1.1 real-world miles. The accepted width of Randland being 3500 WoT miles would be equivalent to 3180 RW miles. The average Width of the US is about 2700 miles.
  12. So, just for the sake of completion, I made a Eurasia model. Might be hard to tell from this image (I had to shrink the resolution to meet the upload requirements; the original is much clearer), but I can confirm some of the things originally brought up in this thread. • The Jangai Pass is right near the Aral Sea, which supports what Asmodean said about the area, and lends some creedence to the "underground lake" near Rhuidean. • The Northernmost peaks of the Spine touch the Ural Mountains. • The Mountain of Mist line up "somewhat" with the Carpathians... if they were shifted about 60° West and raised straight down through the Mediterraneanean Sea and into Libya. • The mountain lake between Baerlon and the Darkwood would be near the Adriatic Sea. This also places the Sand Hills close to the coast of either Italy or Yugoslavia. • Windbiter's Finger is smack-dab on the Ahaggar Mountains. • Illian would be somewhere in Sudan, interestingly, right along the Nile River. • The island of Far Madding is pretty close to Crete. Fun stuff! But still just coincidences. 😉 Cheers!
  13. You're not stupid! 😉 One thing to note is that the Horn of Valere PREDATES the Age of Legends. It was made by people with an understanding of the One Power which far exceeded that of the AoL Aes Sedai, so it's much more "mystical" than the "practical" applications of the One Power we've seen so far. Lews Theron (and by extension, Rand) is a Hero of Legend, so when Mat blew the horn, the Pattern gave Rand an sort of extrasensory perception. The details are vague (and thus speculative), but it's possible his fight with Ol' Furnace Eyes took place in another dimension, and the Pattern simply broadcast it across the sky. At least, the official answer, from RJ himself, is that the Pattern created the image to let the world know the Dragon had been Reborn. That's why Mazrim Taim and that other guy in Hadden Mirk also saw the image of the fight, since they were claiming to be the Dragon at the time. The Pattern was done with the need for False Dragons. Hope this helps!
  14. I find many misconceptions and flawed assumptions with the OP. Heirarchy The White Tower has a far more complex heirarchy/social dymamic than Hogwarts. The four Houses of Hogwarts are little more than cliques that any school has (the jocks, the nerds, the stoners, etc.). Their only real function is to garner competition between each other. Likewise, the "years" only serve as a type of de facto seniority, in which upperclassmen are "better than" lowerclassmen merely by the fact they are older. It's like Seniors hazing Freshmen... more or less. By contrast, the White Tower is far more than just a training ground for Novices and Accepted. Indeed, mosts sisters rarely concern themselves with training young girls. The real heirarchy exists amongst the sisters themselves. The Amyrlin's authority is balanced by the Hall of Sitters, who are, in turn, pressured by the heads of their respective Ajahs. Inter-politics between Ajahs is brutal at times. Furthermore, every sister, regardless of Ajah, respects (even defers) to a sister who is stronger in the Power. This makes for an extremely complicated set of interweaving politics that Hogwarts doesn't even come close to matching. Infrastructure Forgive me, but I don't think you really know what a "proper, European castle" is. The White Tower is very much a castle, in the literally sense: it is a residence fortified with a bailey (Tower grounds) and a surrounding wall. It doesn't matter one lick whether the building is in the middle of a city or nestled somewhere in the highlands of Scotland... that isn't what defines a castle. Also, I question your assessment that the WT is more "empty" than Hogwarts. The White Tower has many unoccupied rooms because the ability to channel is slowly being culled out of humanity, but it is still full of groundskeepers, servants, supplicants, Warders, soldiers, and trainees (the Younglings were almost all from the Tower, and there's hundreds of them). Hogwarts, by contrast, has a full roster of students, and there are still big, dusty rooms full of junk, entire sections the students aren't allowed to go in, and a huge subterranean vault that not even most of the teachers know about. Hogwarts is flamboyant in its need to waste space in fanciful ways... the White Tower is built for practicality and function. Outside Relations The Wizarding World is full of selfish, arrogant, and ignorant children. They possess an ability that can help all of humanity reach a grand Golden Age free of poverty and starvation, yet they use it for the stupidest sh!t I have ever seen. The Aes Sedai are also arrogant and gigantic fools, but they still take the "Servants of All" moniker somewhat seriously. Moiraine said that without the Tower, people would forget about the Dark One exists. I honestly doubt that is true (what with all the Trolloc raids into the borderlands), but I think the spirit of the statement is that people still look to the Tower and the AS for guidance. I truly believe that their desire to be "mysterious" and to "stand apart" from common people has done them absolutely no favors. They are mistrusted and feared nearly as much as they're respected. But the wizards and witches in HP...? *hmph* They're practically villians the way they secret their power away from public view.
  15. Stumbled upon this (old) thread while doing a similar project. I've got to say, I am NOT a proponent of the "Randland/Waste/Shara = Eurasia" idea. Sure, there are some coincidences in the geography, but too many other things do not line up. Just for fun I threw together this image. I started by creating a mile legend, measuring from the coast of Toman Head (Falme) to the center of the Spine, and assigning it a distance of 3600 miles. Through maths and stuff, I derived a distance marker for 1000 miles (see bottom left of image). I then found accurate "flat maps" (no curvature) of the world, synched-up the legends (see bottom right; slightly faded because the transparency I added), and superimposed them on a WoT world map in conspicuous locations. The margin of error, I estimate, is around 50-100 miles, which (let's be honest) is fairly small at this scale. Now, I must say, I am not necessarily a proponent of this model either 😉, but it does have some fun coincidences. • The peninsula of Illian lines up neatly with Florida. • Windbiter's Finger looks like it could be the Baja Peninsula "fliped out" and shattered. • The Mountains of Mist correspond with the Rockies. • The Menetherendrelle /Arinelle river system is errily similar to the Missouri /Mississippi river system (and are in almost the same spot). • Tanchico, which sounds a bit like [San]Francisco, is on the West Coast (albeit, far too high, but the Breaking can account for shifting). • The Jangai Pass, which we know used to be a coast during the FA, is right on the tip of Newfoundland. • Shayol Ghul would be on Greenland... an "idyllic island in a cool sea." Looking at the map, we'll notice that there is enough land mass between N.Amer, S.Amer, and Africa to account for the entirety of Randland, The Waste, and Shara. That is, if we pull in Alaska and the Yukon, then squish it all together. Again, I just did this for funsies... I'm not pushing this model as an accurate one. If anything, take it as a warning to not treat the coincidences in the R/W/S=Eurasia model to be proof positive. Coincidences can be found anywhere. I'm actually really interested in the "Two Rivers = South Carolina" model. That would at least begin to explain the Sand Hills. 😉 Cheers folks!
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