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  1. Thank you for posting this as cleanly as you have well in advance of the release Luckers. You know with some of the readers that they will take the opportunity to flame as they wish to. Have a good day and I hope your new year is a great one for you.
  2. Here we go again. In my personal opinion you have 2 schools of thought. The first is that you have the people upset of all the criticism aimed at them because of the simple fact that they are critiquing Sanderson's work on finishing up the series. This is criticism they they in fact EARNED because of the simple fact that they are supposed to represent the community as a whole versus becoming super fans only (aimed at the moderators and certain long time posters). I am not saying that people, especially moderators, should not have a right to an opinion because they ARE entitled. They should l
  3. Brand new main quest. Who would you rather have develop a game of this type? Square Enix or Blizzard off topic imo this should not be an mmo rpg. This should be a stand alone without linking up with other players. imo EA did a marvelous job with Lord of the Rings. I am thinking more along this model.
  4. Someone seriously registered an account just to say this? Leaving aside all of the inherent flaws in their post along with more ridiculous claims of "hating". Why you would think they have never read any of the critique elsewhere or what Luckers actually said here. That can't be the case if they actually took the time to register and post correct? Edit: As an aside the quote Barid posted sums up my opinion pre-AMoL. That is all I wish to say for now... So Luckers opens a thread to finally face the mess he has made, and Barid agreed, but then you two turn it straight
  5. There is my 2 cents. This falls into line with what one of the more common theories states about pulling something or someone from Teleran'roid (spelling). Remember how adamant the wise ones were about pulling someone from the dream or accessing the dream world? Perhaps, and this is just a hunch, this has something to do with what Egwene learned to do by traveling via use of the dream world. I don't believe that any of the wise ones actually saw Egwene use the weave but I am sure this can be analyzed and disproven. Bottom line is that I feel that this as something to do with connecting to
  6. Then you were around for when he was almost exclusively praised after the TGS and to a lesser extent ToM r correct? It was that very unrealistic response that has played a large role in leading us to our current situation. Additionally as more people have closely studied the work on rereads after the intial new material glow wears off mistakes become more glaring and most of the positive passages have already been discussed long ago. I think another issue is the regression in quality we saw in ToM an then again in the AMoL excerpts. There is the very real perception that things are going backw
  7. Thanks. I am not trying to be judgmental or harsh to anyone but enough is enough. I have been lurking here and reading up on theories and everyone input for a while now (since 2004 roughly) and have been reading the series since i turned 18 years old (am now 34). I made an account here and have posted a couple of different times but this recent attitude of people I can understand but they could be more selective in what they feel they have to say. I have an even better idea .. if the issues bother you enough, why not take it up with the author himself via twitter and keep it out of here?
  8. I have been a long time lurker in these forums and for a while now I have kept quiet. Watching threads (this one in particular) devolve into the mess that it is does not speak well of the entire fan base and why they are here. While there are points that I will concede, I just cannot understand that while Brandon Sanderson is not and will never be Robert Jordan, that plenty of people (especially those with administrative privileges) are seemingly looking for an excuse to throw BS under the bus. Everyone knew going in that this had the possibility of turning into a semi flawed venture in the
  9. Coming from a person who has been playing the Final Fantasy games for many years back to the original one on the good old NES system, I was really intrigued by the song choice considering the mood of the composition and the fact that the ending is in sight for the series. I hope that the song and its placement is not indicative as to what we might expect from the ending. On a side note, imagine if he was listening to "One Winged Angel" as the theme when he was writing the last of it. All of our gears would really be turning then because lord knows what would be going on lol. Anot
  10. I have a couple in particular that I fall back to that are really enjoyable for me. They are as follows: 1. The Great Hunt Ch 47 "The Grave Is No Bar to My Call" In particular how the heroes themselves come up to Rand, addressing him as LLT was great. This battle is also what put aside all of the other false dragons as the pattern no longer had room for them. 2. The Lord of Chaos Ch 55 "Dumani's Wells" The visuals of Ashaman literally tearing apart the Shaido as they are rushing to take out those Aes Sedai to take Rand for their own devices was devious. The wolves reaction
  11. Perhaps the intention is to portray him as autistic? It would be very mild, but he does have the repetitive activity/interest in the form of his boardgame. But I would not dismiss the possibility that the peculiar impression Olver gives off is as a result of who is writing him.... Perhaps that is how Sanderson writes a child; oblivious of the "true nature" of interpersonal relationships, as you put it. Immature. Hmm? All he knows is that Setalle told him that letters should be responded to, in her lessons on etiquette, which he didn't give a damn about. Combine this with curiousity as
  12. I kept thinking to myself how horrible Boundless's human existence must have been for him to turn completely to the wolf. Of course we can only speculate and it may have been mentioned before but when I read over that scene I felt a great sense of sorrow for the human side of him. I am grateful that he at least had the wolf in him to turn to. Who knows the irreparable damage that had been done. As far as the game of Snakes and Foxes, I loved how the scenes toward the end of the book shifted from that of Mat barely exiting the tower and then the book follows it up with Oliver actually be
  13. The 5 scenes I personally am looking forward to reading the most are the following: 1. Rand meeting Egwene in the tower. 2. Perrin vs. Slayer 3. Mat and the Tower of Ghengi 4. Mat killing the gholam 5. Perrin forging the power wrought hammer. Of course I want to see Rand clean up some shadow spawn, Rand with Tam, Rand and Cadsuane, and Eggy turning Messana's brain into pudding but the listed 5 are what I am waiting for. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough.
  14. You guys ever notice that we are discussing this after the fact. We know that if Saidar would have been used that it would have been tainted as well but we already know this. From the characters perspective they did not. Latra ended up making the right choice but we view it as such after the fact. She had absolutely no way of knowing .. none of them did .. about the DO's ability to taint either side of the source because they had no record of something like that ever happening. With the way that the WoT works, it may have had to pan out this way in order for them to do things right this t
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