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  1. Thank you for posting this as cleanly as you have well in advance of the release Luckers. You know with some of the readers that they will take the opportunity to flame as they wish to. Have a good day and I hope your new year is a great one for you.
  2. Here we go again. In my personal opinion you have 2 schools of thought. The first is that you have the people upset of all the criticism aimed at them because of the simple fact that they are critiquing Sanderson's work on finishing up the series. This is criticism they they in fact EARNED because of the simple fact that they are supposed to represent the community as a whole versus becoming super fans only (aimed at the moderators and certain long time posters). I am not saying that people, especially moderators, should not have a right to an opinion because they ARE entitled. They should look at keeping the threads constructive rather than letting it devolve into the verbal scrums that have developed I appreciate Terez's view on this because of the simple fact that she summed up that while she has been critical that she also finishes up at the end with a note of thanks and appreciation for the overall fact that that we are getting the ending to this series and that even with the flaws that she still gets the bigger picture. The second school of thought are those that understand that there are flaws, However, they also feel that the ending is justification for staying their hand on this particular subject. People have heaped praise on TGS as well as ToM and I will acknowledge this. In saying that it was after these 2 releases that we have the hostility mounting. I don't know exactly where it started or by who and I don't care. The bottom line here is that we have people just nitpicking the flaws out of the book and then magnifying them. The opposition to this school of thought simply is stating that we recognize these flaws but that it doesn't take from the overall appreciation as well as the main story as it is being told. The super fan will say that these are just casual fans and that these people are just not "educated enough" where by their opinions should be ignored. No one is outright saying this but that is the feeling that is being implied. It is this implication that is continuing to stir the pot and magnify the separation between those who nitpick EVERY word of the past 2 books with the 3rd upcoming and the those who accept that there will be flaws with the overall feeling that they are happy that it all will be finished as closely as possible to what RJ intended and by a competent author. The word grateful is as best a description as I can come up with here. For those who say that RJ was criticized as well, they are right. If you think that the level of criticism is the same for RJ vs Sanderson then you are sadly mistaken. All you need to do is back out of this thread and look at the other thread that takes open shots that have continued the devolution of the boards. Peter has been nice enough to chime in here and there defending Sanderson as best he can as well as defending the work of most individuals associated with this work. I personally thank you sir for doing this even though you do not necessarily have to. In closing I want to state that I do believe that there are flaws. Do they take away from the the overall story as it moves forward? Perhaps to some who hang on every line of text as they read it. It didn't for me and I am grateful for the fact that I am not wired that way when it comes to reading this series. Overall I don't mind the criticism as it once stood but the direction in which it has headed has got to stop. Please!? If you read this thanks for taking the time. I have been a very long time lurker on this forum and because of this subject matter I felt compelled to finally say something. Either way thanks. Valsuvious
  3. Brand new main quest. Who would you rather have develop a game of this type? Square Enix or Blizzard off topic imo this should not be an mmo rpg. This should be a stand alone without linking up with other players. imo EA did a marvelous job with Lord of the Rings. I am thinking more along this model.
  4. Someone seriously registered an account just to say this? Leaving aside all of the inherent flaws in their post along with more ridiculous claims of "hating". Why you would think they have never read any of the critique elsewhere or what Luckers actually said here. That can't be the case if they actually took the time to register and post correct? Edit: As an aside the quote Barid posted sums up my opinion pre-AMoL. That is all I wish to say for now... So Luckers opens a thread to finally face the mess he has made, and Barid agreed, but then you two turn it straight back into the snarky defensive cabal mentality that has caused the problem in the first place? This thread is already dead to its purpose I understand and honestly try to respect others opinions but in this instance, I 100% agree with you Drekka.
  5. There is my 2 cents. This falls into line with what one of the more common theories states about pulling something or someone from Teleran'roid (spelling). Remember how adamant the wise ones were about pulling someone from the dream or accessing the dream world? Perhaps, and this is just a hunch, this has something to do with what Egwene learned to do by traveling via use of the dream world. I don't believe that any of the wise ones actually saw Egwene use the weave but I am sure this can be analyzed and disproven. Bottom line is that I feel that this as something to do with connecting to the dream world from the real world in a similar fashion in which Egwene used it. With the wise ones being adamant about how inherently evil that process is, it really just fits for me. Thoughts anyone ? This is in relation to the Amys quote in the memories of light. Getting used to posting here so I am sorry for not being clear as to which "memory" I was referring to
  6. Then you were around for when he was almost exclusively praised after the TGS and to a lesser extent ToM r correct? It was that very unrealistic response that has played a large role in leading us to our current situation. Additionally as more people have closely studied the work on rereads after the intial new material glow wears off mistakes become more glaring and most of the positive passages have already been discussed long ago. I think another issue is the regression in quality we saw in ToM an then again in the AMoL excerpts. There is the very real perception that things are going backwards. Take Mat, despite claims that Brandon fixed his issues with that character we see the very same things in ch. 11 that were problems in TGS. I never said that BS fixed anything. What I stated was that there was progression and that he was attempting to correct his mistakes as best he could to not only stay true to the story but also to appease the fans. I agree with you that the degradation of BS has been mainly focused over the past 2 to 3 months. Before then it was tolerable. I felt that Matts voice was more spot on in ToM than it was in TGS. Did he get it 100% accurate? No. However it is my opinion that he was making the attempt to fix what wasn't right. I have seen the praise for his work and applauded it as well. Like previous posters have listed, I look forward to the story being completed above all else and honestly, I really hope that the arcs that people have complained the most about were the pieces that RJ left the most data on. It would be rubbing it in peoples faces and some do need a healthy dose of it.
  7. Thanks. I am not trying to be judgmental or harsh to anyone but enough is enough. I have been lurking here and reading up on theories and everyone input for a while now (since 2004 roughly) and have been reading the series since i turned 18 years old (am now 34). I made an account here and have posted a couple of different times but this recent attitude of people I can understand but they could be more selective in what they feel they have to say. I have an even better idea .. if the issues bother you enough, why not take it up with the author himself via twitter and keep it out of here? I used to love coming here and reading everyone's input but recently it has turned into a diatribe of what BS did wrong rather than what he may have gotten right. It's a damn shame is what it is.
  8. I have been a long time lurker in these forums and for a while now I have kept quiet. Watching threads (this one in particular) devolve into the mess that it is does not speak well of the entire fan base and why they are here. While there are points that I will concede, I just cannot understand that while Brandon Sanderson is not and will never be Robert Jordan, that plenty of people (especially those with administrative privileges) are seemingly looking for an excuse to throw BS under the bus. Everyone knew going in that this had the possibility of turning into a semi flawed venture in the first place. While Sanderson has gotten some of the voice wrong in terms of what I am used to in some of the characters, I truly believe that he got a lot right. You can also see progression where he is trying really damned hard to fix some of the flaws in order to provide a better experience for all. When you also take into consideration the fact that he was adding and removing parts of the novel to satisfy Harriet and the rest of Team Jordan, can anyone here honestly say that the flaws are entirely Sanderson's fault? As far as the twitter debacle that was posted on earlier it is my opinion that it should not have so much value put into it. I am not trying to insult anyone here but how much deep meaning should we expect to find in about 140 characters? Should he have chosen a different forum to put forward his thoughts?? Absolutely! That is the mistake I will concede here because all it did was piss off those here that have the power and/or sway because they have been here the longest. My final point is this. If you want to complain and be upset about the work that Sanderson has been asked to complete in the best of his ability, you don't have to read the book. Your other option is to wait until after the book comes out along with the encyclopedia so that you can find out hat parts RJ wrote the most of so that you can get add more bullets to your proverbial gun to take these continually unnecessary shots at Sanderson when all he is trying to do is give us the story as closely as RJ intended. What would be hilarious is if we find out that most of what people complain about where it relates to the story are the parts that RJ left the most detailed information on. Feel free to pick this apart too as that seems to be the trend around here. Perhaps we should commission Jason to take a look at some of the ridiculousness here and post his own thoughts publicly so that we know that the people who have been given authority can be held accountable. Sorry fellas but I am a fan boy of the Wheel of Time as much as I am both of these authors. If this is my last post here then so be it.
  9. Coming from a person who has been playing the Final Fantasy games for many years back to the original one on the good old NES system, I was really intrigued by the song choice considering the mood of the composition and the fact that the ending is in sight for the series. I hope that the song and its placement is not indicative as to what we might expect from the ending. On a side note, imagine if he was listening to "One Winged Angel" as the theme when he was writing the last of it. All of our gears would really be turning then because lord knows what would be going on lol. Another side note; I always wondered what Square-Enix would be able to do with the Wheel of Time in a video game format. They are, in my humble opinion, the absolute elite when it comes to role playing games and define that genre better than any other company in the world.
  10. I have a couple in particular that I fall back to that are really enjoyable for me. They are as follows: 1. The Great Hunt Ch 47 "The Grave Is No Bar to My Call" In particular how the heroes themselves come up to Rand, addressing him as LLT was great. This battle is also what put aside all of the other false dragons as the pattern no longer had room for them. 2. The Lord of Chaos Ch 55 "Dumani's Wells" The visuals of Ashaman literally tearing apart the Shaido as they are rushing to take out those Aes Sedai to take Rand for their own devices was devious. The wolves reaction to Perrin's sending to them that they have "caged Shadow Killer" was very classic RJ in my opinion as well leading up to this. Something that was small in detail was just simply a lead in to something truly amazing. 3. The Gathering Storm Ch 39 "A Visit From Verin Sedai" This one is one of my favorites because I could here a collective metaphorical gasp from the community as a lot of theories were crushed lol. This moment far surpassed what happened with Ingtar, not only because we grew to love the "purple" Aes Sedai, but also because of how she redeemed herself in the end. To Egwene's credit, acknowledged Verin's achievement and properly handled the blacks. It was about time that they rid themselves of that particular cancer. There were several honorable mentions. VoG was fantastic because we saw the final turning of Rand to savior. Another one I found enjoyable was the cleansing. I think that this was the purpose of the Chodean Kal in the series personally was to bring the male half of the source into fold. Although any prophecy including the Dragon was in reference to Callandor, it was nice that the most powerful tools for channelers, both male and female, were used for something extraordinary. My last is not so much a chapter but a scene. Did anyone else clap like a happy seal after getting a fish when Rand told Cadsuane that if she was ever seen again by him that he would kill her. I loved the shock and awe of that scene. That was what truly made me go .. wow is Rand heading down a path where he just cannot be redeemed? I was worried but extremely please with the events that allowed him to put her in her place. Take care folks and happy trolling :)
  11. Perhaps the intention is to portray him as autistic? It would be very mild, but he does have the repetitive activity/interest in the form of his boardgame. But I would not dismiss the possibility that the peculiar impression Olver gives off is as a result of who is writing him.... Perhaps that is how Sanderson writes a child; oblivious of the "true nature" of interpersonal relationships, as you put it. Immature. Hmm? All he knows is that Setalle told him that letters should be responded to, in her lessons on etiquette, which he didn't give a damn about. Combine this with curiousity as to what Mat found so important about this letter that he carried it around with him but never opened it and you have motivation. He doesn't understand the consequences that the letter represents to the adults and acts as a curious child. Simple. Aside from that, my point is that the understanding of sociality as an exchange of value for value without romanticizing it is a realistic view - but that characterising this realistic view as constituting mental illness is romantic, in that it implies a code of conduct which must not be transgressed should one want to be considered "normal". Whatever that means; the majority view, I suppose. It suggests a fear that one would be used by another and that this other would not be obligated to you beyond what he invested initially in order to get what he wanted. It is a sort of pre-emptive valuation against this sort of behaviour; self-defense. It is, in essence, a fear of one who is not entrapped within the machine of social obligation, but uses it as a tool to his own benefit. And you, a cog in that machine, are nothing to such an individual. Understandable. He does not understand the purpose or use of manners, but percieves their social function, and applies them with intentional care. This is not the function of a normal person--empathy dictates the application of manners, not cold cunning. Seeing the boardgame makes him hurt every time. He does not practise cold cunning. If anything, it seems to be a matter of priorities. It's not really my intent to defend Olver, but as above there is the possibility that he views this as a child - without full understanding of the situation, the people involved and the obligations that social convention puts upon this situation. Empathy is the capacity for one to understand the perspective of another. This does not automically imply sympathy for that other or an urge to be good and help them; it is simply a projection of the self into another's situation. An act of aid may spring from that but they are not interchangeable. So you would side with the group in preference to the individual? Again, you use words like "normal" and "productive" (the meaning of which is entirely at your whim) to convey a dismissal of the selfish act. As if the only positive is a communal one. And this is all very socially responsible and upstanding and no doubt you will be well-liked for reciting it - but this avoids the fact that all relationships are entered into for selfish benefit, that any relationship not benefiting the self is avoided. Which is exampled here: you dislike selfish people as you see yourself as a pawn in their eyes and quite selfishly do not wish this to be so. You want the benefit of an exchange of value for value, quite properly, with yourself protected as a person holding rights which theoretically prevent you from being exploited. A give and take. But you do not see the possible benefit of this selfish view if utilized by yourself; as you do not wish to be seen as such by your community... at which point you will become one of Them. It's like certain behaviour is a no-go area because of how it will affect your position in the group. Which means you are controlled... and not necessarily benefited. At what point is the line drawn between individual limitation and the well-being of the group as a whole? This is a very important question. I might suggest that you idolize the Group and see individuals as expendable pawns of the whole. Turnabout. Which would you choose? But why is it flawed? However much he likes Mat, avenging his father is clearly more important to him. To the extent that he will abandon the Band in pursuit of it, if necessary. But again, it could be a childish view of the nature of adventure; this time it was Mat's turn to lead, next time it will be Olver's. He could see it like a game. To me, the section reads like a child sulking over being left out of the adventure. And just like a child, he has his hero, Mat, who he's trying to emulate, without quite understanding what Mat does or why, or the possible dangers. But this does show that he is attached to Mat and wants him to join the play. But not overly so in that he will pursue his vengeance regardless. He has picked up soldier's views of honour, thinking that "warriors do not cry" and that he would get his vengeance "as was proper". He picks up the letter and reads it, just like a child would, ignorant of the social conventions that prevented Talmanes from doing so. Much of your points can be attributed to his environment and peergroup, if you like. And his age. With regard to your point of cause and effect, it would lend support to the posibility that vengeance is more important to him than the Band. Or again a child's view of the behaviour of Adults as a game; Turn 1: Mat smiles. Turn 2: Woman bats her eyelids, etc. He sees that Mat plays a game with women and wants to emulate him. The women seem to think he's cute. Whether he knows that sex is the objective of the game is up in the air. Yes, well, this is why I suggested autism as a possibility as this is sorta how an autistic person views social interaction; as a predictable process of cause-effect which should follow definite, unsentimental steps. A method that is worked out laboriously and then followed religiously. Maybe.... It's simpler than that. It's just a person who uses and discards people as it suits him/her. Y'know, the evil liars and deceivers who prey upon the weak-minded and credulous. Very Darwinian. Like I said above, this behaviour is valuated against by the recipients, but the method is not flawed as you put it. It's a good way of burning ones bridges, though. I see sociality like a business venture. One invests properly and gets rewarded. One invests badly and gets punished. The onus is upon the individual to discriminate between a good investment and a bad one, as the individual is the one who must face the outcome of his own choices. And like business, in sociality there are Looters (in the Randian sense), government bailouts, hostile takeovers, etc. You need to keep your head in a world which is not necessarily your friend. Unless you suggest that "true" relationships are based upon an ignorance of the consequences of ones decisions, a lack of forethought? But the view that humans are at base "good" and that any aberration is due to some freak spasm of the universe in the form of mental illness, called sociopathy, is quaint indeed. oops. Sorry about that. Ok I just wish to point out that I agree partially about the autism statement. I have a child who has a high functioning form of autism so I agree with what you are saying to a degree. Personally I do not see Olver as autistic because too many of the tendencies for autism are not there. I feel he is misguided because he has had how many different men raising him since his parents were killed. Look at it this way; the entire band could be considered a faster parent to this boy. Sociopath is too strong a word for Oliver right now. He has some of those tendencies but she shows flashes of morality in trying to do the right thing. He doesn't partially understand what he does though and I think that plays into what the author wants us to think. Oliver, as stated by RJ, has a part to play and he is in this story for a reason. Just my 2 cents. Great review luckers. I thank you for it.
  12. I kept thinking to myself how horrible Boundless's human existence must have been for him to turn completely to the wolf. Of course we can only speculate and it may have been mentioned before but when I read over that scene I felt a great sense of sorrow for the human side of him. I am grateful that he at least had the wolf in him to turn to. Who knows the irreparable damage that had been done. As far as the game of Snakes and Foxes, I loved how the scenes toward the end of the book shifted from that of Mat barely exiting the tower and then the book follows it up with Oliver actually beating the game. It was fantastic. As far as some voicing disdain for Oliver's voice, we also need to remember what he has been through as well as who has been raising him since that time. I agree with Jason on the sadness of Oliver losing his innocence. Rand's scenes were very well placed I thought in that as we were getting Perrin caught up with everyone else's timelines we got just enough from Rand as well as others. Rand is indeed powerful and I actually like him. How horrible it must be for the Taint to have been so in bedded into him though from Nynaeve's PoV. I am also very grateful that he met with the Border landers after the realization that Rand had above Dragonmount. Seeing that from Perrin's perspective from the wolf dream was very well executed. I will reiterate what people have been stating regarding Nynaeve's character throughout the book. She has really grown and I wouldn't be surprised if she shows up to help Lan wipe out the Shadowspawn horde that is about to clash with Lan in the gap. Her being able to break down the Aes Sedai both before and after her official raising as a fantastic read. Less we not forget her cleaning the madness within male channelers. Mat's PoVs are very well written and though RJ would have done better, I realized that st finally felt like he was his older self. The was he surprised the Gholam with more than 1 fox head medallion was great but I was hoping for something just a little more. That being said I didn't feel cheated. I mean really there aren't many ways to kill those damned things lol. Overall, I feel that this book belonged and even though we are given a few questions, I also feel that some of the resolutions we received outweighed them. Ladies and gentlemen, the last battle has begun. Shall we raise our swords and spit at the dark knowing that he comes for all of us? If we are to go off into the night let us shine so brightly that the shadow recoils as if in fear. Indeed it IS time to roll the dice. With Mat, Perrin, and Rand, our chances are as good as they will ever be.
  13. The 5 scenes I personally am looking forward to reading the most are the following: 1. Rand meeting Egwene in the tower. 2. Perrin vs. Slayer 3. Mat and the Tower of Ghengi 4. Mat killing the gholam 5. Perrin forging the power wrought hammer. Of course I want to see Rand clean up some shadow spawn, Rand with Tam, Rand and Cadsuane, and Eggy turning Messana's brain into pudding but the listed 5 are what I am waiting for. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough.
  14. You guys ever notice that we are discussing this after the fact. We know that if Saidar would have been used that it would have been tainted as well but we already know this. From the characters perspective they did not. Latra ended up making the right choice but we view it as such after the fact. She had absolutely no way of knowing .. none of them did .. about the DO's ability to taint either side of the source because they had no record of something like that ever happening. With the way that the WoT works, it may have had to pan out this way in order for them to do things right this time. God I can't wait for tomorrow.
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