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  1. That is a nit that we chose to pick. I DO think that's a thing. We know she had at least 2 other skill's, maybe not TALENTS others didn't have, but Moiraine had her own secrets.
  2. achilles was the only true warrior in the illiad, he was motivated away from his own goals based on the death of petrochlus.
  3. To tell the truth I was dissapointed that Perrin became thor, I was expecting rand to be thor. Thor dies in the final battle as he slays the serpent, but it's clear that it's perrin now.
  4. I think that is just idiotic Ares, I have take NUMEROUS hits in my life, those effing thing are weapons. I used to carry a lepipe, I KNEW I could kill the person I struck. It's a weapon, I have been hit with a cudgel, and I know that if was placed just so, I could have died, I know it's a weapon. Weapons are not always lethal, weapons do damage, and harm and threaten, Elaida, because of YOUR bastardized understanding of the oaths PROVES my point.
  5. Bayle Doman was the Captain of a smuggling ship, he was made So'Jin (spelling) by Egeanin to protect him from some of his opinions and others after Egeanins treason of freeing the sul'dam who had been collared. Later their relationship grew, since Bayle was given a greater status as property of the blood, to which egeanin was raised shortly after capturing Domans ship. Then the treason came out, and the plan to flee so that she could protect Bayle and herself, as well as matt and the AS as well as others, She was stripped of title, as well as position within the blood, which means that Bayle, at the time of marriage, married the equivalent of a peasant. It isn't clear about mat's exact position, though I don't think he's in the succession, especially since Seanchan succession is already muddled, though he might be. There are references in "under the oak" I think it is, where he is called highness, a member of the great blood, and I think there is even a statement that only the empress may take such liberties. But that is likely just pro forma. HOWEVER! there is mention in one of the earlier books where it is mentioned that someone, even without the lineage of the royal blood can be raised to be equal to the royal blood which then puts them in line of succession, or rather their offspring. The Mat question is a sticky one.
  6. The Age of Legends, An Open Bore. both of which are also suggestions for ways to continue the universe without tromping on Jordans baby.
  7. Exactly, the flaws with the oath are that they are all bent on perception. What one thinks would be a violation of the 3 oaths, might not be to another. Take Elaida's brutality. Elaida's insanity drove her to use the power to beat and bloody a bound person so badly her peers were worried about her being black ajah, yet they ultimately decided it wasn't a violation of the oaths. In response, I say, get beaten with a cudgel a blackjack a staff, a cane, a lepipe and tell me it's not a weapon.
  8. She is MORE powerful, but not several times more powerful.
  9. Moiraine has a stronger claim to the throne of Carhien than Elayne, I think it would be good for the tower to leave their tower and fill their roles in life. Rand is not related to moiraine, but Elayne is her niece. Especially with the draining, Moiraine might be willing to take the thrown, just to ally, as isinuated in Avienda's future walk in the pillars. Maybe Elayne surrenders Carhien to Moiraine, who knows, though that makes no sense since elayne has next to know knowledge of Moiraine.
  10. No, He deliberately gave Egwene info that she would have a serious problem dealing with. He did it because SHE is the Amyrlin of the White Tower, I don't think a bunch of powerful women living in a white tower is an accident. Rand is telling Egwene that SHE must come out of her ivory tower. It's a blatant reference.
  11. As for reading, I know my numbers and letters before kindergarten, and started reading full length books in grade school. The very first book I remember reading outside of class, was "The history of horror in hollywood," and then there was a series of dates. I was a fan of Son of Svengoolie (he has a wiki page) so I thought "AWESOME more scary movies but in a book." I think I was in 2nd grade. Fist full length novel I remember reading was the following year in 3rd grade and it was "Of Mice and Men." I read, but I never chose to read until then. I oh it one hundred percent to having a quite older brother who liked calling me stupid all of the time, so I made a point of reading what I was required to read, as well as what he was required to read. In the process I realized I enjoyed it, so I would read constantly.
  12. That sounds like the short story book we had to read from when I was in gradeschool. I think it was called "honeybee's."
  13. Best explanation is the ouroboros, of the eternal serpent.
  14. How about? "I've never made a weapon for one man to kill another, I totally built that word, not power activated terrangreal that can destroy an entire city for this butch chick 3 years ago, and trust me, she was no man."
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