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MoN Appreciation Week - What has Lor done for you.


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Ok ladies and gents! Today is the day that we turn MoN Appreciation week over to you!


Lor has put a lot of time and effort into the WT and the whole DM site. She has so many responsibilities here and sometimes I have to wonder if she gets forgotten. Everything from handling newbees to running her own Org, from making sure everyone follows the PG13 rules to handing out punishments and lets not forget that she has her very own Ajah that she still plays a part in.


Today we are looking for examples of what Lor has done for you. We want to hear from everyone from newbees to oldies! You can write something short or long, you can go into detail or not. What you write is completely up to you but this is your time to let Lor know what she has done for you and how you appreciate it. After all, it is MoN appreciation week!

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Yay... I'm first!  ;D


Lor makes the WT fun. That pretty much sums it up. *nods*.

Otherwise she has been a source of plenty of amusement and usually plays along when you're up to no good. (a very admirable attribute in MoN by the way.)

Of course she is very supporting and encouraging in guiding the novices and algai.

Anyway... my first sentence still pretty much sums it up.


Thanks Lor! *huggles*

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:D at nyn...



Well, let's see..... I was a novice/Accepted for pretty much ever.  Lor didn't kick my butt for being a lazy bum. :D


Also, I am fairly dense (or, as they say in these days, I am "blonde") and I miss a lot of obvious stuff.  I don't know how many stupid questions I have PMed Lor, and she never got sick of it.  She just chuckled and pointed out the answer in a way that didn't make me feel bad about myself.  I still felt dumb, but not in a bad way. :D


Lor also makes the WT fun, of course.  She's very welcoming to all the newbies, and I don't know how she manages everything she does.  All the newbs at the WT, plus her responsibilities in other Orgs, and elsewhere on DM.  But she still manages a cheery demeanor.  Or should I say, a cheerily mischievous demeanor.


Thanks for helping me get raised, Lor, and thanks for always answering my stupid questions.  THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME! ;D ;D

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Lor helped me defend Elgee when Kath put her on trial. And she did it despite that fact that I wasnt wearing any pants!


And to pay her back for all the great things she has done for all of us... I am going to make her the most kicking-est of kick ass signatures.


Just you wait!! It's going to... well, kick ass!




You rock, Lor!

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I'm too old to have had Lor as a MoN, but I have worked with her on staff for the past couple of years.  Lor is super organized, hard working, and always keeps her aspies' best interests in mind.  She's brought some interesting improvements and changes to the aspie experience, and it's impossible to miss how much the aspies love her.  I can always count on Lor to be honest and helpful.

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Lor has helped me on a few instances.  It's not her fault she hasn't helped me more, it's mine for not being here. cheeky-smiley-025.gif  


When I was trying to get raised to Manshima, she helped me out a lot.  She's helped me out again with my tasks for getting raised to Der'Manshima.


Of course, she's also always there with humorous comments that make me laugh out loud (literally).  And she just makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside. ;D


Lor rocks and is the most awesome MoNster the White Tower has known!

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  • Club Leader

Lor helped me defend Elgee when Kath put her on trial. And she did it despite that fact that I wasnt wearing any pants!


Are you sure it wasn't because you weren't wearing any pants? I mean, this is Lor! (We've heard some interesting things about her former days....)


Lor has been an awesome MoN. She keeps us on track, and she plays with us, too. That was probably the first thing I came to love about her. She jumps right in all the fun! *big hugglesnugs to Lor*



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Trust me, Lily - if you've seen Van without his pants, you'd realize what a supreme effort of will it took from Lor to actually concentrate on defending me ...  :)


*Bows down to the awesome and mighty Lor*  :D

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I agree, it takes an enormous amount of effort and concentration to work those tweezers and maginifying glasses. Only the very top skilled experts could act on behalf of the defence while doing that.




What has Lor done for me? Oh dear... um.... *chuckles* Ok I'll be good ;)

She's a fantastic MoN for sure and I love how totally and utterly objective she is towards any Ajah and Disc. She's helped me on numerous occasions with my aspies and has supported ideas we've had in the past even if the other staff didn't like them. Lor has an extremely open mind and has the rare ability to see a win-win situation in just about everything. She has her priorities as MoN down pat and never looses sight of her charges' best interest. She has a real talent for letting bygones be bygones (for real and not just for show on the surface, which always turns up anyway sooner or later) and while she's passionate and fiesty (*grins!* ;D  :-*) she also has a nack for being able to talk things out and move on.



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*chuckles a bit*


Well it's obvious all of her charges that have passed her way in her duties as MoN love and adore her!  And have figured out what a terrific person she really is!  And how much she loves this site!


I guess not many old folks, that knew Lor in the "Good Old Days" are around much, Dwyn of course posted..where are the rest of you..Hmmm?  *laughs*  I know there are good stories!  I just don't actually know the stories...only that she was an angel..it was everyone else around her that got her into trouble...like Kyn, Kia, Morraine Sedai to mention a few.  There was also the Terrible Foursome!


Ah.but what she did for me?  LOL  Among the things she has done...has taken me on as her mentee to keep me out of trouble for being as incorragable a flirt as she is!  She helped reopen Mother's...a place that was Home more often than not in the early days of my WT involvement!  Lor also made sure I hung around and was raised to Aes Sedai!  That was a huge task for her to accomplish!


I have also watched her take over as MoN and come up with great and inovative programs that helped newbies feel comfortable, get involved and involved older members with the new kids!  And she didn't rest on her laurels of accomplishment!  She is always on the lookout for new ideas to tweak her program and encourage the Tower as a whole!  I often wish I could have participated in them as a novice and accepted!


I think Mystie actually said everything about what lor does perfectly! The only thing I would add, is our dear MoN's ability to be a compassionate friend to just about everyone.  Willing to listen to problems, be a shoulder to cry on and the person to celebrate with!  Not limiting herself to online stuff either!


LOL  One of the images I will never forget of Lor though..is teaching would be warders how to dance with sword lessons!!  *winks* 


Congratulations sistertwin!  Nobody deserves having an appreciation week than you!  For all you do and for all the times we've forgotten to say thank you! :-* :-*



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Tweezers? Magnifying glasses?!


*starts to undo is pants to show Mystica just how wrong she is!!*


Sweet Jeebuz!!


*ducks under the PG-13 sign!!*




*dives under a table!*

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lol Van! That is just wrong! **swats at the PG13 sign in an effort to get it to leave Van Alone** Maybe next time.  ;) ;D





I cannot begin to tell you all that Lor has done for me. The thing that stands out the most is just that she made me feel welcome. I was so confused when I first joined DM and then there was Lor with a helping hand.




Thank you Lor for all you do!

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You're both wrong, it was the Gang of Four. And I really was the Angellic One. *smirks* It was you three getting me in trouble all the time!



*hugs and smooches everyone and empties half a box of Kleenex's in the process*


I am so glad ya'll are comfortable. That's my highest goal, to be honest with you. Sure, I want you all to grow up and leave me with your shawls and Der's, but my biggest accomplishment is helping you find that place that makes you smile. It sounds cheesy, but the people around here have helped me be the person I am, helped draw out the little Lor hiding in here and what I really want for everyone who joins the forum (regardless of what Org they join. I just happen to have a little control over the newbies in this one. *grins*) if for them to find those people that make sitting down at the computer a joy. If that meas stacking them hip deep in Novice Houses, so be it. If that means being a witch so they can all get together on MSN and yack about me... *laughs* so be it.


Ya'll think I'm joking, I guess, but I really do love you.


*smirks* Especially you oldbies who aren't telling ALL of my secrets having been granted this beautiful opportunity... ;) *blows smooches*

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