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  1. I can do it with him, just tag me in the post when you get there so I can find it.
  2. CC'd. WS 3 assigned. You can begin with your arrival post when you're ready.
  3. Only thing I'd like to know is what's the concept for the Big Bad?
  4. You can look pretty with or without a whip... just sayin'
  5. Kilts are fine, my Aes Sedai would have to be convinced, however.
  6. Looks fine to me, lots of different ways KR can go wit that intro. If you want help, I'm around and have a Warder, Aiel, and Freelander that could jump in as PCs, and can also act as a NPC/NSW as you need.
  7. "You'll show me", where have I heard that before?
  8. Cat hissing while flying = smoothing of skirts and loud sniffing Mumsy, pants are also inconvenient.
  9. You live in a tower full of witches, and a floating cat is what makes you decide you might be drinking too much? I mean, it's not even the top 10 of weirdest shit I've seen around here.
  10. Reds used to have whips and sporks... Greens had swords.
  11. *casually tosses mumsy in the moat* He's lookin' a might undernourished...
  12. She's a Green, not a Red... actually, think she's Brown now... doesn't matter, no whips.
  13. Pours beer and makes whiskey neat? Anything else is a bonus...
  14. Ask and ye shall receive... whether you really wanted it or not.
  15. Idly pets Bob, the moat monster, while feeding him novices.
  16. Where's all the Algai and Manishma? Why's the moat dirty? Where's the TAVERN?! Is this what happens when I go away for a little while?
  17. This is a very important question... otherwise we'd all have to be sober.
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