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  1. _Kynwric_

    Returning RPer

    Welcome back The Don, it is good to see some old, familiar handles around here.
  2. _Kynwric_

    Need a Body to inhabit the MaA

    I'm willing to be pretty flexible, so long as what you're doing with Kilrin can be reasonably fit into the Req you're trying to achieve.
  3. _Kynwric_

    Did We Survive?

    Naw, ded man...
  4. _Kynwric_

    The Moat

    Yeah, need to remember to @ people though... @ed2funy
  5. _Kynwric_

    The Moat

    This place is dead... *tossed Ed in the moat* Any questions?
  6. _Kynwric_

    Need Someone to Write With!

    If someone with a Warder Yard character wants to take on the NPC character for Mat's RP, I'll allow a 1 WS increase for it upon satisfactory completion.
  7. _Kynwric_

    Open Discussion for All Active RP Members

    If we get to the point that there's that much workload, then we limit characters in that Division going forward.
  8. _Kynwric_

    Open Discussion for All Active RP Members

    That all sounds reasonable to me.
  9. _Kynwric_

    Warder Advancement

    I don't think it explicitly says it anywhere, and it has to be inferred from the stuff written. I need to go back in and clean that up, make it clearer.
  10. _Kynwric_

    The Blade's End Tavern

    ...still worth it...
  11. _Kynwric_

    The Blade's End Tavern

    Still worth it...
  12. _Kynwric_


    Let's try and keep the Retro board to non-timeline compliant, but Canon RPs and not use it for mirror-world RPs and the like. That's what the Reflections board is for
  13. _Kynwric_

    Roll Call - 2018

    I was upright the whole time... thankyouverymuch I was standing over by Lor, Jagen, and Kathleen.
  14. _Kynwric_

    Oooooh Black Tower boys! (Cleansing RP Discussion)

    I think I could talk Loraone into this... as I wouldn't mind taking part. @U4ea
  15. _Kynwric_

    Roll Call - 2018

    I'm Kyn, people get tired of typing Kynwric all the time... and I've been here since dirt was young... it not as long as Mat.