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  1. Meanwhile, I've taken 39 Tests. All different from different sources. 38 times came out as INFJ 2 time came out as INFP Neither of those felt right to me so I kept researching and watching video's of people who have been studying these things for years. From that and actually taking an accurate test for a change, I finally came to my real type, which is an ENFJ. I would strongly recommend NOT to place too much importance on those tests (especially the one at 16personalities.com) because you might be taking advise that is totally not fit for you. I know a lot of people love the idea of being rare and special, but there's nothing more special than being your true self. You don't need to be a bad copy of someone else. A few reliable sources: Cognitive Personality Theory Youtube channel Erik Thor --> accurate test: www.erikthor.com/test/personality-test
  2. I voted INFJ before I took this test because the 24 other tests I took all had me as INFJ. lol So yeah... doesn't really matter though, as I identify with both of them.
  3. Type “The Mediator” (INFP-T) Traits Introverted - 85% Intuitive - 64% Feeling - 64% Prospecting - 51% Turbulent - 79% Role Diplomat Strategy Constant Improvement lol I don't know how to copy/paste the rest in a non-overwhelming/spammy way. So eh... you can check it on the site, I guess. but..... on other sites/tests I always come out as an INFJ-T. I would much rather be an INFP than an INFJ but I don't fully identify with INFP just as I don't fully identify with INFJ. It very much depends on the detail. When it comes to not compromising who I am, what I stand for and what my principles are, then I am very much an INFP. But, I also don't entirely feel like I'm the fully creative type either. So yeah... lol
  4. One year when the International Woman's Day theme was about science I organised a small token of appreciation with the men from work for the women. I work at a university, so that made it especially close to home for all of us. Our university has various gender equality projects going but even so it's still important to poke allertness and awareness because often people (especially those in privileged situations) tend to think those problems 'far from them' and don't realise how many women they personally know that have to deal with all kinds of issues men don't. To raise awareness for this, I also laid myself bare at one point (different year than the above mentioned one) and told them all that they knew at least one woman that had been molested both physically/sexually and psychologically. It's one of those 'not-done' things but sometimes one has to do the not-done thing to open people's eyes to the reality of a lot of people. I didn't get any responses on it, nore did I want any (especially no acclamations of whatever). The aim was to make them aware that these problems and issues were not the 'far from my bed show' that they often think them to be.
  5. I've always loved this one. Wish I could learn it, it's so peaceful and soothing (to me):
  6. #1 : Harry had to walk in to his faith fully committed to the sacrifice and that could not have happened if he knew up front there was a chance the sacrifice would not be a sacrifice. It's not just his mother's love that protected him from the evil of V, it's his own love for everyone else as well. Any level of self-preservation that would be served by hoping for a better outcome would not have made that love as strong as it needed to be for it to work and to gain the outcome he ultimately got. #2 : Dumbledore could not disclose that information on the simply fact that he gave his word never to reveal it when Snape agreed to be his puppet on a string. Reveal it and there's no telling what Snape might have done otherwise. Dumbledore was not blind to Snape's potential danger to the cause. In the greater scheme, one chooses one's battles. A few hurt feelings can not outweigh the salvation of the entire world from an outpoor of evil. #3: Harry's trust in Dumbledore was of the utmost importance. Could he have been trusted more? Perhaps. But despite everything Dumbledore was still human and therefore not without mistakes. One of those mistakes being him trusting the wrong person when he was a teenager and his sister paying the price for it. It's not so unbelievable that he might not have been eager to share that shame with a young teenage boy who already had more than enough on his plate as it was. #4: Dumbledore's task, as he saw it, was not just the protector and mentor of Harry. Draco and all other kids from his school were his responsibility he felt. He believed and never strayed from that belief that Draco could be saved from the dark path he had been put on. By his father, by his House, by everything that had surrounded the boy since he was born. The DA's and V had to believe Draco was fully committed to them in order to secure Draco's safety while he was submerged in their midst. There was no telling where, who or even what might be spying. True horror and revulsion, just like true love and admiration, can not be faked. And Draco's safety depended as much on Harry's revulsion of his action as on everyone else's response to it. Draco hàd to be given the full and unquestionable status of loyal member of the DA's for his protection. The same goes for Snape's part in it.Snape being trusted by V was of the utmost importance for the success of the plan. Harry was too emotional to be trusted to pull off the proper reaction unless he was made to believe the lie. V was too much of a talented wizzard to be fooled by the boy. There simply was too much at stake. #5: that's utterly ridiculous as a comment and there is zero reason why that should have ever been brought up. My 2 cents
  7. woot! good luck girl! and I call dibs on reading your epic story first!
  8. what all the others said! I'm sorry you had to deal with all that, hon. *hugs*
  9. Nia! *tacklehugglesnugglebites her Sister-from-another-mother* Wow, I have zero idea if you were Myrelle or not. It's been so long since she was here I honestly would have to get to know her again. LOL I do find it rather funny how many TVnetGreens end up being Red here (or vice versa). If it's been that long though perhaps it would be best to start over, it'll give you a chance to catch up to how things are around here now as quite a bit has changed over the years and much of it so gradually that I couldn't even tell you what all the changes are exactly. Also, might be a good idea to re-examin the Ajahs (or Guilds) to see if you still match with the Ajah you choose back then or if perhaps you're more in tune with another one. And finally.... *pokes with pointy thing* That's for making me have to remember yet another name. lol
  10. nothing ever said that the Bond had to be between a channeler and a non-channeler. that's just how it's always been 'as far as anyone knew'. Which could just as easily mean they didn't know than that it wasn't possible. The fact that the Aiel had a system that allowed non-channelers to bond through the aid from channelers means that at least sometime in the past the knowledge must have existed. A lot of knowledge of what was possible with the Power or how to do things with the Power was lost to the Aes Sedai over time. Personal agenda's, secrecy, greed, jealousy, possessiveness or the simple passage of time in which things weren't done. All of these can account to the loss of knowledge over the course of 3000 years.
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