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  1. *eyes Tay for messing up her head again that made her miss the important stuff* Will you cut that rummaging crap out already!!?? It's been 15 flipping years! Every time I clean up up there, she's gotta' make a mess again. Honestly, ... *mutters* Sorry Azsh, girl! *tacklesnuggles* 't is all her fault *points pointedly at Tay* Well duh, Red will of course always be your home. You think you can get rid of us that easily? LOL you should know better 😉
  2. I like a nicely thought out name and that's a pretty cool one. Well done!
  3. It. Thing. Dingeling. Yo. Oi. Yah! (I've learned a bit of Korean). Meung! (And a bit of Thai). you're becoming one kinky old woman, sis. I like it. 😂
  4. Hi there! why on earth would we gentle you? We're in the business of prettying, not gentling. If you've ever been Prettied by a Red you will never want to go back. Trust me. 😉 So, introduction. I'm Mystica, Myst, ex-Highest, continuous-Nutt, Dungeon Mistress Extraordinaire and a bunch of other very impressive titles. Just believe me. They're great. The Greatest. We have the Best Titles. They're Yuge! Ok, questions. 1. Book Reds = BlehBlahandtheYuck with a few exceptions. However, as I've outlined in our History piece in the 'get to know the Reds' sticky,
  5. *feels a disturbance in the Force* *notices a tingling in her spidersense* *Saidar starts itching and Saidin is being the historically pain in the rear en* *peeks in* MY BOY!!! *tackles the Raj in to next week and snugglebites the farfergnügen outta' him* You know how utterly uncommon it is for me to pop in here these days? Duh, of course you're Red. You always were, always will be! You're MINE ! How have you been?
  6. Meanwhile, I've taken 39 Tests. All different from different sources. 38 times came out as INFJ 2 time came out as INFP Neither of those felt right to me so I kept researching and watching video's of people who have been studying these things for years. From that and actually taking an accurate test for a change, I finally came to my real type, which is an ENFJ. I would strongly recommend NOT to place too much importance on those tests (especially the one at 16personalities.com) because you might be taking advise that is totally not fit for you. I know
  7. thanks! a celebration is always nice and we can always brag about our additional years anyway. So in my case: Aes Sedai since 2007, Highest from 2007-2019 (though I'm still a lurking one. My bratbonded took over due to Real Life being a pain in the tuchess)
  8. I voted INFJ before I took this test because the 24 other tests I took all had me as INFJ. lol So yeah... doesn't really matter though, as I identify with both of them.
  9. Don't know how to inbed video's but here's a few links: Dynamite (latest hit) Dionysus Fire Mic Drop Blood, Sweat and Tears Not Today ON to name a few
  10. oi, um yeah.... meanwhile had 2 surgeries. One in December and one in March. I survived (unless I figured out how to type from the afterlife). However, given that I was also battling severe burn-out since October I haven't had the energy to do much online interactions (or offline for that matter). I'm starting work again partially tomorrow (pretty nervous) which will be interesting since it's clear that my boss wants me to 'finish my Master's degree so I can find a position at a higher level elsewhere at our university'. Basically that means I'm going back to a job where my bo
  11. LOL!! Loving this. This is a very interesting thread! Thanks to the Original Poster and extra snugglebites to Lavandula
  12. you mean from anywhere or from within the WOT-world?
  13. Type “The Mediator” (INFP-T) Traits Introverted - 85% Intuitive - 64% Feeling - 64% Prospecting - 51% Turbulent - 79% Role Diplomat Strategy Constant Improvement
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