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  1. As Title Suggests! I decided to crawl out of the bloody mess of online war! where is my red family?
  2. Could this get moved into the WT social group again please.... and can Keeper Elgee get a spanking
  3. Well its time to post here again, ive been stuck in the wow monster for far too long (I just cancelled my subscription) and distanced myself away from this crazy family that i was once close with. time has come to make amends and get to know all the New kids on the block. So the dragons back for a while now, what did i miss :) *hugs*
  4. remember the forsaken have more knowledge about TAR than any living randlander. its is quite possible she was not lying.
  5. Id either be Taim, because id want to know what's going through his head or Lews Therin before the breaking.
  6. ah ok, i'll just try and get this re-read done faster
  7. was moghedien even free at this time?
  8. Ah, forgot about that. ty RAW
  9. its one of the Aiel wise ones.. i'll go find the name now
  10. he amplifies the effects id guess
  11. well what a stupid thing to do, Banhamemr incoming id guess
  12. So is Cadsuane bound by the Oaths? man, im starting my third re-read and im still missing some things.
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