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  1. oooh that's chocolate? thanks Millon, thank you so much lily and marta for an accepted you seem to be everywhere! *melts the chocolate and sculpts it into a perfect replica of Tynaal* Hope she likes that!
  2. yay Tay posted *is happy* thank you for all your thanks!
  3. Thanks Elgee! *snugglebites more and snugglebites Elgee*
  4. *snugglebites and kisses* Woop thank you very much Sister!
  5. Lew's snugglebites Tynaal, starts the weave and then places his hands gently on her head. As the weave begins to work he can feel her mind merging with his Tynaal, ever since i first met you and all the times we talk on messenger, no matter what my day has been like you always put a smile on my face. I truly hope this never ends. The weave settles and Lew's leg begin to feel like jelly. Taking his hands away from her head he smiles again.
  6. Lew's turns around as he hears someone enter the hall, after seeing that it is Tynaal he smiles widely and bows. He is glad that she is here. For formalities sake. Tynaal, Will you honour me by bonding me?
  7. Lew's enters the Great Hall in his best red outfit and begins to decorate everything else in red, Setting out bouquets of red roses in the air. Turning on some music (namely some paramore tracks) and then taking his place at the centre of the hall to check everything is looking perfect he waits for his Sister to arrive.
  8. Grats you two, sounds like its gonna be fun to watch you around the tower now :P
  9. Could this get moved into the WT social group again please.... and can Keeper Elgee get a spanking
  10. Well its time to post here again, ive been stuck in the wow monster for far too long (I just cancelled my subscription) and distanced myself away from this crazy family that i was once close with. time has come to make amends and get to know all the New kids on the block. So the dragons back for a while now, what did i miss :) *hugs*
  11. remember the forsaken have more knowledge about TAR than any living randlander. its is quite possible she was not lying.
  12. Id either be Taim, because id want to know what's going through his head or Lews Therin before the breaking.
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