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  1. Dearies, just to let you all know, I'm unexpectedly scheduled for surgery next week Friday. I need to quickly prepare quite a lot of things for before, during and after surgery, so I don't know how much time I have to play with you here. Just so you know, I'm not ignoring you lot <3 *snugglebites* Myst
  2. Woa, spammers much? LOL Just a head's up to all: I'm suddenly and unexpectedly scheduled for an operation next week so I'm having to hurry to prepare quite a lot of stuff for before, during and after the surgery. This will no doubt interfere with my online activity here. I'll try to keep up but I may miss certain things (or skip over too much spam) so just keep in mind my situation please. WHAT THE BLOODY MARY'S MILK IN A CUP IS WITH ALL THE PINK????? *throws Maera in a cell of her own* I see you are a recruit at the Band. Just for your info: I'm an Infantry Blademaster there.... Beware: I have spoons and I know how to use them!
  3. Calindra made a killer of a Corrupt a Song with this WOT adaptation: Summer of '69
  4. serves me right for bonding brats, I suppose...... *Blocks the bond with both and throws Cairos in a cell of his own* honestly.... like I don't have enough to do already. What happened to Cali? She still alive?
  5. To be fair, it's not Tay's responsibility to care for Dice's horse. She's an Infantry Blademaster/Aes Sedai. He's a Cavalry Whatjamathingy/Warder. It's his responsibility to take care of her ànd his horse. Besides, she's already sharing with me. I'd say she's done her duty. *nodnods* *munches*
  6. True, they do seem quite capable of getting themselves in trouble. I agree. Still think you're involved somehow though... My spidersense is tingling. Is that coffee or leftover? Why would there be leftover coffee? where's the rest of it? why such a long handle spoon for such a small drop of coffee? why is that one biscuit in a wrapping? Why is that one piece of cookie cast to the side? Is it on time-out? There's pink in there..... Don't think I didn't notice! where do you get that loveydovey smiley? The smilies I find in here are weird. Look.... ☺️ ☹️ ☠️ ☝️ ✌️ ✍️ ❤️ ❣️
  7. Gotta' say, that horse fits him to a tee! hahahahahahaha, atta boy Bunyan! Have a carrot!
  8. Irrelevant. She's Red. She's my Souvra. She's a Blademaster. She should know better. *nods* oh nicely worded. I love it when the Brown shows. *loves* +1 still stand by what I said though... tsk tsk.
  9. awwwwwwwwwwww!!! +5 for cutesyfactor to Cross!
  10. *chuckles at her sis calling the sweeping of the horse* Trust a Cav to make those poor beasts do all sorts of weird stuff, Sis. *high fives her fellow Blademaster* Honestly Dice... didn't they teach you to respect your steed yet? Tsk tsk... *intercepts said document that attempts to enter Tay's cell* Not today, buddy. no sneaky rescue operation on my watch! *reads document* Oh my.... Um..... *hands it to Tay after all* I didn't see a thing! Promise!
  11. Whatya' mean extra points? You can use the points I give you to make the others (Lava, Cali, Cross-when-she's-done-acting-like-a-dork, any new dwellers but NOT Tay) do stuff to earn points. But you know what.... you àre the Amyrlin so you should have some privileges. Whatever points I give you automatically are doubled. Just because of the Mumsy Factor. So you have 10 points to dash out.
  12. So, my new boss at work has a problem with me delegating work. Which means, obviously, I'm going to do it more. I'll be giving points to random people outside the Dungeon which they can then use to make the Dungeon Dwellers do stuff to earn points. @Elgee: + 5 points for making Taymist think. Anything that occupies my Souvra's mind (and therefore stops her from rummaging mine) is reward worthy. @dicetosser1: + 2 points for putting up with Tay for so long @Cairos: + 2 points for being amazing @Liitha: + 2 points cuz' I feel like it
  13. + 5 points for @Elgee for making my Souvra think. (you can use them to make the Dungeon Dwellers do stuff for you to earn extra points with)
  14. Look, it's taken me well over a year to get used to the whole Highest business. I can do very well without the royalty silliness, thank you very much! As for giving me ideas, you're hardly one to talk, Miss Uber Brat. Get your dripping carcass off my Shara Silk covers! You weren't too time limited to let these girls get in to trouble. I should make you serve them for a week. They may be young, but that's no reason for them to be missled.
  15. Oh trust me, I know exactly just how special Dice is *grins and gets nostalgic* We go back a bit too. You're absolutely right in protecting your right to find out the story for yourself, though you must realise that dwelling on a site like this is bound to leak a few things here and there, so keep that in mind but overall it shouldn't interfere too much with your experience I hope. lol these two remind me of Elgee and Talya in their novice days.... *grins*
  16. Ok was gonna' do the multiquoting thingy but that would make this post ginormous, so not gonna do that. First up: @Calindra Girl, I like the way you think!! + 5 points for finding that waiter + 5 points for that song + 3 points for making me laugh so hard I spilled my coffee - 1 for making me spill my coffee (tsk tsk *shakes head seriouslylike) + 2 points for making it WOT-related Great Job!! +1 for effort! Then: @Lavandula + 5 points for getting my bonded out the kitchen! + 2 points for cutesey factor + 2 points for..... dogs! 't is doggies!! *suckeralert* Note: delivery of the Gaidin for sprucing up session only counts if said Warder(intraining) also actually reports to me asking for a Red make-over ( no need to go in to too much detail just yet, especially if they're new-ish) @Cross LMAO Loving the way you're embracing the torture! + 3 points Sing it girl! @Elgee Seriously, you think I need an Oath Road to know that's a load of bollocks? lol :P Although, the scientist in me now wonders what part made the Oath kick in. The 'good' part or the 'girl' part. @Taymist I have my hands more than full enough without you messing up the insides of my head, tyvm! I may need some assistance if these girls find new victims, I mean candidates for some Red Love. Get your gear ready, I'm sure you're rusty too and could use a refresher session yourself. @Cairos Hey there, bonded mine! *tacklesnugglebites* Long time no tease! Hope you've been good. ❤️
  17. Gawd, 12 years already? Sheesh. LOL Happy rummaging sis :wub: Wow, Lava, I'm actually jealous. You still have to discover everything! Lucky girl!
  18. oh, btw.... I'll post challenges along the way. You are free to do them or not. They are only opportunities for you to earn points. but if you don't like them you can opt not to do them. Orders will be phrased differently and more 'in character' from the Aes Sedai/Highest position. (obviously all things are to be considered role-playing and not to be taken too serious, I hope this goes without saying :) )
  19. I'm curious if these novices have a creative side to them. Game: corrupt a song the challenge: re-write the lyrics to an existing song so that they still match the rhytm and flow of the song. Basically, so that it's possible to sing the song using your lyrics instead of the original ones. Doesn't need to be a full song (but you can, if you like doing it). Extra points if it makes me laugh Extra points if it's WOT-related You can work on it together or seperate, but you can only earn points once for each song.
  20. I don't have discord Lii, sorry love. I can also only read for about 15 mins in one go before I need several hours of rest for the moment. So I'm kind of grouping my energy use to cope with things for now. Hope you understand. *snuggles* Loving the artwork, Lava. +1 point for you.
  21. sheesh, what's with the dramatics? No one's ever been in there for years. doesn't take that long to get rid of the corpses. Don't worry sis, if she's going to be as active as she is in the dungeon you don't have much to worry about. ;) Besides, if you're not properly trained by now being bonded to me for, what is it now 11 years? 12? Oh and Lava, find out what a Gaidin is. Should be basic information for a WT trainee, even if it's not an official title on DM. Deduction is a great skill to learn. We don't just breed smart asses here. We also bread smart heads, hands and noses. We're a hollistic bunch.
  22. *Directs some Gaidin in training to bring in the special equipment she had ordered for Cross' relaxation program* Being a Keeper is hard work, I understand Sister. I'll help you get rid of that stress in no time. Don't you worry. Just lay there and relax. Here's some relaxing music for you, dear. Cross' Relaxation Music *puts the tape on perpetual repeat but makes it so it is only heard inside Cross' cell* When you think you've relaxed enough and you are ready to start earning points let me know. I'm at your service, Cross Sedai. *offers the Keeper a perfect curtsey and goes off to check on the state of her mirror floor at the Ajah quarters*
  23. Patience is a virtue (or so they tell me), Cali. I'm sure someone will get to your situation at some point. But don't be afraid to poke the MoN. I did that a lot in my days (to her everlasting annoyance) ;) It seems that the Keeper is a bit too comfortable for her own good. As good Servants we must always be ready to do whatever it takes to make sure everyone is served properly. But first things first. You two go find and bring Ryrin Sedai here so we can find out what this trial is about. If you find any Gaidin that look a bit shabby and seem in need of a sprucing up see if you can lure them here for some Red Attention ;) I'm a bit rusty, but I think I can manage still to make them presentable. Ah, I haven't seen my Red Waiters in a while. See if you can find them and send them to me. And from now on, ladies..... Any funny business with pink in any way is strictly forbidden! (just in case that wasn't claer yet)
  24. Takes note of the novices' prompt arrival.... (I assume your both novices, correct me if I'm wrong) +1 point for Cali for bringing chocolates +1 point for Lava for cutesy red baby thingy -1 point for Lava for not quite understanding that pink is NOT a good idea! Lava, I'll hear your question. (btw, you're responsible for keeping track of your points. But I will check and if I find you're cheating... well... *sweet smile*)
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