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  1. turns out, I'm completely unmissable. 1 phonecall from a family member since January. *snugglebites the Green One* I'm having quite the battle going at the moment and have been for months now. Doesn't look like it's going to let off anytime soon. Working on it, though trying to find the strength to do so is in itself a battle already. It's um... yeah, it's a pregnant dog at the moment. *licks Mumsy for being extraordinaringly patient with me*
  2. oops, totally missed this! Love that dress, Sis. Thanks <3
  3. justice (which includes equality, in any way) The Truth freedom education/training/growth self-determination independence realism critical thinking / mind / ... daring to question things/people/concepts/traditions/habits/... daring to make mistakes (and admit them) integrity / honesty / sincerity I can go on and on but the most important ones: White Socks (that would be a no) pink (...... ugh)
  4. Oi! *shakes head to get brain in order again* *nibbles her sis back* I'm sure you had something to do with this, Taybrat. I'mma remember... *writes down extra treat point for Dar for being proactive to get the Dungeon all cleaned up* Can always count on my Blue Muffin. *snugglebites*
  5. what the flipping Mother's milk in a cup! Gah! and why am I nekkid??? Jason's been at it again? What's with my avatar? Honestly.... can't leave you lot alone for TWO seconds! And Basil, I thought Browns were supposed to be the smart ones. Do you have a fifty shades of Red wish or something? :p
  6. lol crap..... you two never heard of playing along??? :p
  7. *is tackleglomped by the Mirsh!* umpf! hey lovely!! long time no type. Sorry for the long delay, I'm notoriously slackerexpert these days. Real life and all that shabang.
  8. *tiptoes in and pretends to have been here all this time*
  9. make the obvious unobvious! but not in an obvious way.
  10. Everyone in my life has been introduced to my Redness at one point or another, including at work. LOL (or my Greenness, depends on which Sister you ask lol) The Blacks can't have you...... your asses belong to me! *puts foot down*
  11. Your Majesty! *jumps on lap and starts feeding grapes* Hiya! Welcome home *grins* It's fantastic so many people that are writing books and whatnots. I've been dangling myself with some writing too on and off over the years. Thanks to Nanowrimo I've finally found the secret of dealing with my constant blockage but I haven't found the secret of dealing with sudden attacks of 'meh, it's crap' feelings.
  12. found a few nice ones here too: https://holyclothing.com/collections/all-dresses/color-burgundy-wine
  13. Dear Reds, little tip: when midlife hits ya', get a young lover. WAY more satisfying that this 'going to uni and teach them kids a thing or two about what an oldtimer can do' business. Because yes, you'll be motivated more than those cradledwellers. And yes you won't have any problems getting up at 4am every morning to study before you go to work (because OBVIOUSLY you will hold on to your fulltime job, duh). And no, you won't have àny issue doing the work assignments meant for 6 all by yourself. And of course you won't think twice of taking on assignments for your department's impending merger with three others ON TOP of your every day fulltime work. But here's the thing.... your brain, while brilliant and wise and all things respectable and admirable. Is much more full than that of those ittybittyones. Which means it takes a LOT more time for it to find room for new stuff to store. Add to that a few Bondeds who keep rummaging the place in to chaos every other day and yup..... young lover = the way to go. *collapses on the couch exhausted* Looking forward to tomorrow. First time ever going to a wellness center but it is more than needed. I don't think I'll have any problems feeling guilty for letting other people pamper me. Not this time. Missing you all terribly! Love, Myst
  14. I won't be busy forever, you little brats. School and work may have me by the throat at the moment but heed my words.... It will not last. Oh and Brownie, you're smart not to be afraid. Chocolate should never fear Belgian hands. ;) *eyes Arie* immawatchingya'girlie.....
  15. *sits back thinking of all the ways she's going to have fun with that brownie* What, no scalp massage??
  16. baby & warder in one sentence = NOT cause for relaxing! *eyes the liptsticks* Take a wild guess. :P PS: the smileys on this updated version suck.....
  17. wow, I think this is actually the first time I'm on the other side of this kind of thing... *eyes trashy* you watch where you aim that thing now... you're not a trained Red.
  18. *has her team working in the background while the shananigans are continuing* Make it count dears.... sooner or later I'll find the time to give you all the attention you deserve. *sweet smile* Oh and if you're doing my nails, might as well trim them too. I'm afraid I haven't even had time for that lately....
  19. Arie showed such promise, but alas.... *shakes head* Guess all that time fringejumping has shortcircuited the braincells. As for you little Brownie... I'm going to enjoy this. And if my BratReds think I'm forgetting about them... I never forget my dearies. Except for Tay..... this time. (so far!) *jumps on the Damon and snugglebites him in to next week* I'm especially gonna' enjoy you! It's been a while, mama needs her fix! *winkwink* Et tu, Ryrin..... *sigh* Honestly, as if I don't have enough work already.
  20. can't forget that half! *smirks* I've shrunk! not cool..... I found a new tactic that seems to work. Just stop and stand there and look them square in the eyes. Not scowling or whatever, just look with a blank look. They usually don't quite know what to make of you and move (possibly because they think I have something that might be contagious, but hey if it works... *shrugs*)
  21. You just automatically hold yourself differently when you're wearing the shawl, I think. And that sends out a clear message. I should wear that thing every day, come to think of it. I often have people think that I should just step down from the sidewalk or flatten myself against the building just so they can continue to walk 2 or 3 across without any consideration for others in the street. And then I am the one getting the nasty looks when they end up walking in to a brick wall..... go figure. -where the heck are all the cool emoticons?-
  22. hehe, I have a red shawl that Twinnie crocheted for me too but that one doesn't have the whatchamacallit thingy on the back.... dang, what's that word.... *rummages in her Sister's mind* .... the flame! (thanks Tay) Still, when I put it on I instantly felt Aes Sedai. I'm telling ya', it works.... people stepped out of my way double quick. *grins*
  23. *directs one of her waiters to serve her Souvra* Weren't the Browns supposed to be the smart ones, sis? Thank you Daruya, I see your wisdom is as sharp as ever. *snugglebites the Bluest of Blueberries*
  24. that's ok dear, you can be offended. There there. *patpats* Offerings? What offerings and where's my cut??
  25. oh nice Jagen! I don't know where Yele got that fringe, she ordered it in America somewhere I think.
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