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  1. Dragonmount's very own Co-Webmasters, Jason Denzel and Jennifer Liang, have been honored recently for their tireless contributions to the Wheel of Time fandom. Both are extremely deserving of this recognition, and we are proud to have them at the helm of this website. Jason will be a Guest of Honor at Penguicon this year. Penguicon is a science fiction convention that has a strong focus on computer-related topics. It will be held in Pontiac, Michigan from April 26-28, 2013. When he is not on Dragonmount or engaging in other hobbies, Jason works on Linux projects for a network technology company. He will be the first notable Wheel of Time fan to be a Guest of Honor at a convention. Jennifer was elected President of the Southern Fandom Confederation last weekend at JordanCon. The Southern Fandom Confederation is an organization dedicated to celebrating science fiction and fantasy fandom in the Southern United States. It is affiliated with DeepSouthCon, which is a traveling Southern convention that JordanCon hosted this year. Jennifer's work as both the Chair of JordanCon and Director of the former Wheel of Time track at Dragon*Con made her an ideal candidate for the position. When she is not working on conventions or on Dragonmount, Jennifer works as a special education teacher.
  2. Calling all Perrin fans! Our friends at Ta'veren Tees have a great new shirt for you. It features artwork from popular artist Seamas Gallagher. Check out the press release: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW PERRIN AYBARA SHIRT WITH ART BY SEAMAS GALLAGHER AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER The trio of ta’veren shirts by The Wheel of Time® artist Seamas Gallagher is finally complete with the addition of the “Perrin Aybara by Seamas” tee, now available for preorder at www.TaverenTees.com/perrinbyseamas. Preordering this shirt ensures it will be shipped as soon as it is in stock on April 11. In addition, this shirt will be on sale for $26 during the pre-order period. “Perrin Aybara by Seamas” is available in sizes S-5XL on an adult tee shirt. Until now, only Gallagher’s versions of Rand (www.taverentees.com/randbyseamas) and Mat (www.taverentees.com/matbyseamas) were available for purchase, and fans of the blacksmith-turned-wolfbrother have been anticipating the release of the final ta’veren. Ta’veren Tees is happy to release this homage to the Wolf King at last. Why the wait? This shirt features updates to the art that cannot be found elsewhere. Older versions of Gallagher’s Perrin depict him with an ax. Ta’veren Tees, along with Seamas, decided it was time for this Perrin to give up the ax and take up the hammer. The back of the shirt reads “If you could see through these golden eyes of mine, you’d find the world a different place.” This shirt is available through 5XL on a forest green, adult, cotton tee. All “Special Edition” designs have the snake/wheel logo on the left sleeve. Seamas Gallagher Seamas Gallagher started working on The Wheel of Time® as a personal side project. However, he was able to contribute art for The Wheel of Time® graphic novel, and is excited to have his art on Ta’veren Tees, as well. Seamas is an officially licensed WoT artist, whose art can be found at: www.seamasgallagher.com. To read more about Seamas, visit www.taverentees.com/artists.
  3. Welcome back! Before we begin, I want to make a couple of announcements. First, the blogger application deadline has passed, and I will be revealing the new bloggers shortly! Second, I know that there are some Memory Keeper reports that didn't make it up during my LOA; the person who was covering for me did not have a chance to get them up. I'll be gradually sprinkling those in between the regular blogs during the next couple of weeks. A Memory of Light left a lot of unanswered questions about the Seanchan. What will become of them now that the Last Battle is over? Come share your theories in our A Memory of Light Full Spoiler Discussion forum. Please remember not to talk about spoilers elsewhere on the forums at this time. There's still time to join in the Aiel Social Group's March Culture of the Month discussion. They have been discussing the Cherokee. This thread is full of interesting and well-researched information. The Shayol Ghul Social Group's popular advice columnist, Narg, is back. Join him for another exciting round of Ask Narg. What are your online obsessions? Whether it's Dragonmount itself, a popular MMORPG, or something else, the Wolfkin Social Group would like to know about it. That's all for now. Have a wonderful week!
  4. We're back! Our book tour hiatus is over, and I'm also back from my travels. Things should be back to normal around here shortly. If you are interested in being my new Rotating Features Blogger or Fan Art Friday Blogger, now's your chance to apply. The call for applications can be found here. Applications are due by March 27th. We are currently in the process of announcing and congratulating the winners of the Empys, Dragonmount's membership awards. Please stop by to show the winners some love. It's time for the March Clan Wars at the Aiel Social Group! This month, the events include Assassins, Paintball, a Word Scramble, and an Art Contest. Check out the link above for more information. The Band of the Red Hand Social Group has begun a new feature. Each month, they will discuss a popular Broadway musical for their Musical of the Month. It's a wonderful way to celebrate this beloved form of music. They are currently discussing the children's favorite Mary Poppins. The White Tower & Warders Social Group is featuring several stimulating discussions in honor of International Women's Week. If you are interested in talking about this important topic, look here. Please note that some of the discussions are sensitive in nature, and mature, thoughtful discourse is required. Evil creatures and people are gathering for some mischief. What vile things are they plotting? Find out in the role play Long Shadows Gathering.
  5. The book tour blog hiatus on the front page is over, so that means I need to flesh out my staff again. I am calling for applications for two people to join my staff as bloggers. Applications for these positions will be open until Wednesday, March 27th. Description of the Job Positions: 1. The first open position is for a Fan Art Friday Blogger. This person will be responsible for a short weekly column that will have such content as fan art, analysis of fan art, and occasional interviews with artists. Please look here for past examples of this column. 2. The second open position is for a Rotating Features Blogger. This person will be responsible for a short weekly column that will have different types of content each week. This person will work off a list of ideas for features (partly ideas that have already been thought of for you, and partly ideas you can make up and run by me for approval) and rotate the features. For instance, the first Thursday of the month could be for interviews with people who have contributed to the fandom, the second Thursday of the month could be for tips about WoT merchandise (e.g. where to get the best Aes Sedai rings), the third Thursday of the month could be a contest, etc. Please look here for past examples of this column. Job Duties for Both Front Page Blogger Positions: 1. Bloggers are expected to produce content in their respective areas for the front page once per week. They must be able to meet deadlines in a timely manner. 2. Bloggers occasionally will be called upon to assist the Front Page Admin with brainstorming new ideas for features. 3. Bloggers are expected to dedicate time each week to the Front Page Bloggers Staff Board and the DM Staff Board. As members of DM Staff, they act as representatives of the members of DM and their input is vital in the decision making process. Bloggers should be actively engaged in discussions on staff boards. 4. Bloggers must be able to give at least a 6 month commitment of approximately 5 hours per week. LOAs will come up, of course. Anyone who thinks they can fulfill the requirements may apply. Strong candidates are people who possess the following qualities: efficiency, writing ability, organizational skills, creativity, maturity, and the ability to work well with others. The Application Process: If you are interested, please send an email to frontpage@dragonmount.com. In each application, please include: * Your DM Handle. * Some details about who you are in real life, including anything you think will have prepared you for leadership (including past online leadership experience). * A sample of your writing consisting of at least three short paragraphs. This can be in the form of a brief essay, a blog, a school paper, a newspaper article, a forum post, a short story, or a role play. You do not have to write something new for this application; in fact, many of you already have forum posts that are long enough to count. I mainly want to get an idea of your writing style. * Anything else that you think would set you apart from other applicants. Why are you the best candidate? Note: Please specify the position for which you are applying (Fan Art Friday Blogger or Rotating Feature Blogger) in your application. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will try to answer them. --Dwyn
  6. This is up on the front page now. I made sure to edit in the link to the rest of your pictures in the Gallery. Thanks for the report!
  7. Looks like we've still got some spacing and font bugs on the front page, so please pardon us for the look.
  8. The book tour gap is officially over! On February 1st, Brandon Sanderson resumed his travels for the A Memory of Light signing tour. There are still plenty of opportunities for you to get your books signed. Book Tour Information for the Remaining Cities: Friday, February 1st - 7 PM Salt Lake City, UT Weller Book Works Wednesday, February 6th - 7 PM San Diego, CA Mysterious Galaxy with Harriet Thursday, February 7th - 7 PM Los Angeles (Huntington Beach), CA B&N with Harriet Friday, February 8th - 7 PM Sacramento (Citrus Heights), CA B&N with Harriet and Jason Denzel Saturday, February 9th - 3 PM San Francisco, CA Borderlands with Harriet Monday, February 11th - 7 PM Portland, OR Powell's (Beaverton store) with Harriet Tuesday, February 12th - 7 PM Seattle, WA University Books (off-site; University Temple United Methodist Church) with Harriet Thursday, February 14th - 7 PM Vancouver, Canada Chapters Metrotown Friday, February 15th - 7 PM Toronto, Canada Bakka-Phoenix Books (off-site; Lillian H. Smith Library) Saturday, February 16th - 2 PM Milford, NH The Toadstool Bookshop (off-site; The Amato Center for the Performing Arts) Monday, February 18th - 7 PM Baltimore (Hanover), MD Books-A-Million with Harriet Tuesday, February 19th - 7:30 PM Philadelphia, PA Free Library with Harriet Wednesday, February 20th - 7:30 PM Raleigh, NC Quail Ridge Books with Harriet Thursday, February 21st - 7:15 PM Atlanta, (Norcross), GA Eagle Eye Books (off-site; Norcross Cultural Arts Center in conjunction with the Gwinnett County Library system) with Harriet and Jennifer Liang Friday, February 22nd - 7 PM Birmingham, AL Books-A-Million with Harriet and Jennifer Liang
  9. *sends some love*

  10. Artist Paul Bielaczyc has already amazed fans with his artwork for the Special Edition "Ravens" and "Wolf King" shirts from Ta'veren Tees. Now, the ta'veren trio is complete, and you can wear the stunning "Dragon Reborn" tee as well. Check out the press release: DRAGON REBORN SHIRT AVAILABLE FOR SALE "Like the unfettered dawn shall he blind us, and burn us, yet shall the Dragon Reborn confront the Shadow at the Last Battle, and his blood shall give us the Light." - Prophecies of the Dragon Ta’veren Tees has completed its trio of ta’veren silhouette tees with the “Dragon Reborn” shirt by guest artist Paul Bielaczyc. The new addition is a companion to the “Ravens” and “Wolf King” shirts in the Special Edition collection of TaverenTees.com. Rather than a particular scene in the book, the design contains symbols that make up the character of Rand al’Thor, an homage to the shepherd and savior as he is depicted in various ways throughout the series. The “Dragon Reborn” tee comes in both men’s and ladies’ styles and is on sale now at www.taverentees.com/dragonreborn and www.taverentees.com/ladiesdragonreborn. Men’s shirts are available in S-5XL and ladies shirts are available in S-2XL. All Special Edition shirts have the Snake/Wheel logo on the left sleeve. $7 off a print from Aradani Studios Since everyone needs more WoT art on their walls, Ta’veren Tees and Paul Bielaczyc have partnered up to give you a deal. Through January 31, 2013, when you buy a “Dragon Reborn” shirt, you will receive a coupon code for $7 off either the “Ravens,” “Wolf King” or “Dragon Reborn” 11 x 14 print from AradaniCostumes.com. You can read more at www.TaverenTees.com/specials. Paul Bielaczyc Paul Bielaczyc is an avid Wheel of Time® fan and costumer. He created his first Rand al’Thor costume in 2003 and has been making WoT costumes ever since. Paul co-owns Aradani Studios with his siblings, where they sell art and costumes. To read more about Paul, visit www.taverentees.com/artists.
  11. She was in there. PM me if you want to know where, since we need to keep spoilers off the front page for now.
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