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  1. FYI, I've sent this in PM to those who participated.
  2. Okay. I can make it private and conduct this via PM.
  3. It's a valid concern, no worries. I don't mind going the PMing information route if need be.
  4. Huh, I could swear it was, because people have put contact information on here before. Eek. Not everyone has FB. Jenn, is it possible to change this forum? If not, I'll make this link private and can have people PM me.
  5. Wait, scratch that, it's not anymore. It used to be private to just DM. I'm going to ask Jenn about this.
  6. It's only open to anyone with the link instead of public on the web, and this forum is the only place I've put it. This forum (Meets and Conventions) is private to members of DM.
  7. Hi, everyone! Someone requested that I make a contact list again so we can have better facilitation of meeting up during the Con. I made a GoogleDoc spreadsheet for this [edit: this forum is public, so please PM me your information if you want it included]. Shortly before the Con, I'll send the spreadsheet out via PM to those who entered their information. Feel free to either access this from your phone or print it out right before the Con.
  8. Dragonmount's very own Co-Webmasters, Jason Denzel and Jennifer Liang, have been honored recently for their tireless contributions to the Wheel of Time fandom. Both are extremely deserving of this recognition, and we are proud to have them at the helm of this website. Jason will be a Guest of Honor at Penguicon this year. Penguicon is a science fiction convention that has a strong focus on computer-related topics. It will be held in Pontiac, Michigan from April 26-28, 2013. When he is not on Dragonmount or engaging in other hobbies, Jason works on Linux projects for a network technology company. He will be the first notable Wheel of Time fan to be a Guest of Honor at a convention. Jennifer was elected President of the Southern Fandom Confederation last weekend at JordanCon. The Southern Fandom Confederation is an organization dedicated to celebrating science fiction and fantasy fandom in the Southern United States. It is affiliated with DeepSouthCon, which is a traveling Southern convention that JordanCon hosted this year. Jennifer's work as both the Chair of JordanCon and Director of the former Wheel of Time track at Dragon*Con made her an ideal candidate for the position. When she is not working on conventions or on Dragonmount, Jennifer works as a special education teacher.
  9. I am pleased to welcome Fnorrll (Rotating Features) and Panchi (Fan Art Friday) to my staff of front page bloggers. Congrats, and welcome to the team!
  10. Here's the link to Ben's "Benty Potter and the Wheel of Time" silly story. It's in parts, so you'll have to go through his LJ to read them all.
  11. Calling all Perrin fans! Our friends at Ta'veren Tees have a great new shirt for you. It features artwork from popular artist Seamas Gallagher. Check out the press release: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW PERRIN AYBARA SHIRT WITH ART BY SEAMAS GALLAGHER AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER The trio of ta’veren shirts by The Wheel of Time® artist Seamas Gallagher is finally complete with the addition of the “Perrin Aybara by Seamas” tee, now available for preorder at www.TaverenTees.com/perrinbyseamas. Preordering this shirt ensures it will be shipped as soon as it is in stock on April 11. In addition, this shirt will be on sale for $26 during the pre-order period. “Perrin Aybara by Seamas” is available in sizes S-5XL on an adult tee shirt. Until now, only Gallagher’s versions of Rand (www.taverentees.com/randbyseamas) and Mat (www.taverentees.com/matbyseamas) were available for purchase, and fans of the blacksmith-turned-wolfbrother have been anticipating the release of the final ta’veren. Ta’veren Tees is happy to release this homage to the Wolf King at last. Why the wait? This shirt features updates to the art that cannot be found elsewhere. Older versions of Gallagher’s Perrin depict him with an ax. Ta’veren Tees, along with Seamas, decided it was time for this Perrin to give up the ax and take up the hammer. The back of the shirt reads “If you could see through these golden eyes of mine, you’d find the world a different place.” This shirt is available through 5XL on a forest green, adult, cotton tee. All “Special Edition” designs have the snake/wheel logo on the left sleeve. Seamas Gallagher Seamas Gallagher started working on The Wheel of Time® as a personal side project. However, he was able to contribute art for The Wheel of Time® graphic novel, and is excited to have his art on Ta’veren Tees, as well. Seamas is an officially licensed WoT artist, whose art can be found at: www.seamasgallagher.com. To read more about Seamas, visit www.taverentees.com/artists.
  12. Welcome back! Before we begin, I want to make a couple of announcements. First, the blogger application deadline has passed, and I will be revealing the new bloggers shortly! Second, I know that there are some Memory Keeper reports that didn't make it up during my LOA; the person who was covering for me did not have a chance to get them up. I'll be gradually sprinkling those in between the regular blogs during the next couple of weeks. A Memory of Light left a lot of unanswered questions about the Seanchan. What will become of them now that the Last Battle is over? Come share your theories in our A Memory of Light Full Spoiler Discussion forum. Please remember not to talk about spoilers elsewhere on the forums at this time. There's still time to join in the Aiel Social Group's March Culture of the Month discussion. They have been discussing the Cherokee. This thread is full of interesting and well-researched information. The Shayol Ghul Social Group's popular advice columnist, Narg, is back. Join him for another exciting round of Ask Narg. What are your online obsessions? Whether it's Dragonmount itself, a popular MMORPG, or something else, the Wolfkin Social Group would like to know about it. That's all for now. Have a wonderful week!
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