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  1. Think of this as sarand wrap. 1 layer is weak, where as 6 is stronger. The women were never linked, I think this is where the hang up is.
  2. What the previous thread said. The women guarding/shielding Rand were NOT in a circle. They were overlapping shield's on him.
  3. Think of it as when they are actively holding the "Shield" they are using a constant flow of Spirit to hold Rand. When they started to break off & fight the attackers they tied off their Shield and that is what made it a "Hard Point" aka like a Stapler. That is when LTT used a Staple remover to take out the Shield.
  4. I think Asmodean is the Dragon Reborn...That's my theory anyway 😄
  5. NO...I reject your reality & insert my own ... LOL...I want Mother's Milk in a Cup or Flaming dot dot dot, cuz if you just use modern curse words then it will become ordinary. While I know this is probably not going to happen because we have to cater to a larger audience, DAMMIT, I want my quirky name calling your "Nerf Herder" :P
  6. I forgot 1 more important thing...PLEASE KEEP THE BAD BLOOD & BLOODY ASHES WORDS, MOTHER"S MILK IN A CUP!!!
  7. Hiya, Here is my 1 quibble w/ this quote...I understand where you think Nyneave was downgraded, however this is 1 or 2 tiny details you missed w/ Nyneave... 1. Nyneave SOLVED Curing Madness in Men! Nobody had been able to get rid of what was affecting the men who could Channel & Nyneave CURED the Taint affecting Asha'man. 2. NYNEAVE CURED STILLING/GENTLING! NOBODY thought that this was possible but Nyneave Did It! Restoring Logain to his former Strength & giving back the ability (albeit in a lower capacity) to Leane & Suian. Which led me to believe Women can Cure Men of Gentling & Men can Cure Women of Stilling to be back at their former strength. That is something that NOBODY can take away as Her achievement. Also Welcome to the Fandom 🙂
  9. I think IMHO, they marketed the 1st season as Moiraine's season to 1 sell it to the actor (Rosamund), 2 Amazon (As a Female led girl-power thing), 3 make it different than other fantasy stuff that was out there (GoT). If you center it on Rand, it would give away the premise of the show, and may not hook new viewers. This way you can do a "Rope-a-Dope" and bring em in on the Aes Sedai & reel them in w/ the "Super Boys" and open up the world.
  10. In college, a buddy of mine gave me a copy of EOTW hardcover in 2K. I didnt read it for 1 or 2 yrs, then finally cracked it open. I couldnt get past the first 3 chapters because of how DENSE it was. Prologue was Awesome, but the initial slog of the first few chapters were excruciating. So I didnt open it up again for like 6mos or so. Then I finally started it up again, and then BOOM! What a Ride for 7 Books, until the "Slog" which we all know about...LOL! After my 2nd re-read, I didnt realize how much foreshadowing was just in the 1st book!
  11. Honestly, I can see both sides of the argument. I do believe it was a cultural circumstance for Tylin/Mat, but I can also see how one could see it as Rape. And yes Stockholm Syndrome does come into play because the victim (Mat) identifies w/ his captor (Tylin) and sees thing from her POV. In the movie The World is Not Enough (James Bond) they talk about Stockholm Syndrome as it is a key part for the antagonists POV. So it is part of this argument.
  12. Also remember that Books 8-10 can be made into 1.5 seasons because of the overlap, and the SLOG! You can end 1 of those seasons w/ Rand cleansing the Source, and the other w/ Perrin's Trial as a cliffhanger or Tuon getting back to the Seanchan in an Empire Strikes Back moment?
  14. Lord of the Rings started w/ an Elven Voice over, then the Epic Battle of Sauron being defeated. That set up the whole trilogy. Game of Thrones started w/ White Walkers killing fools out of nowhere, setting up an anti-climatic 8 seasons of what the FUBAR these Zombie whatabes were??!! Wheel of Time SHOULD start off w/ Lews Therin wandering the halls looking for his beloved & ending w/ him creating Dragonmount. Then have Harriet narrate the set up to the following scene and end it saying, The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings or endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning."
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