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  1. Ok Nerds.... Since we lost March Madness this year (NCAA Basketball Tournament) we will do a Tournament WoT style with Book Chapters! Submit your favorite Chapters of Any Book. Epilogues & Prologues are also Eligible! The Top 32 Chapters will be put into a Bracket and then we will do a Tourney style vote to see which chapter is the Best of WoT! If you agree w/ someone choice, just Quote them and that way we will not have someone rehashing someone's choice!
  2. Which Banner would you follow to The Last Battle? Rand Mat Perrin Lan Egwene
  3. 1, I think Cadsuane already knows Rand is alive. 2, I think Rand would NOT reveal to his children he lives because it would taint (pun intended) the Legacy of The Dragon Reborn. Maybe the mom's will when or after they retire? 3, I can see Rand being a "Friend" to Andor & the Aiel as a "wanderer"/maybe even a Warder or a very good friend of the family. But as far as the world knows, TDR is Dead, and the Dark One is gone! So why mess w/ it. I mean the 3 women he is bonded too know he is still alive. Nyneave will eventually find out. I agree that the close circle will learn of it in time, but not right away.
  4. So last night, 2/26 on The Dusty Wheel, The Innkeeper had a segment called Raves/Rants, and yours truly had a Rant that has now gone "viral" w/ a new hashtag...#JusticeforMat Why?? Because The"SUPER GIRLS" Nyneave, Egwene, & Elayne have NOT Thanked Mat for saving their @$$es 3x over! Nyneave Maybe said thanks to Mat, but Elayne & ESPECIALLY EGWENE did not do it. In fact Egwene in all her Hawtyness & Hoititoiness hasn't even thanked ANY of the "Super Boys" for saving her over numerous occasions. Rand, went into Falme to save her (Yes, I know Nyneave actually removed the collar) but he went to save her! Mat, saved the girls from Tear, Perrin saved Egwene in Tel'aranriod, and Egwene had the audacity to try and bind Perrin, saying it was too dangerous for him to be there. Mat went on to save the girls 2 more times (I cannot remember the others, please someone refresh my memory) but even Aviendha told Elayne that she had Toh towards Mat! So I am calling out the Super Chickas for Not giving Mat or any of the "Super Boys" their due respect or gratitude! Hence why someone in the chat of the show came up w/ #JusticeforMat!
  5. However this is a different reason than should Rand have 3 lovers argument. I get that some people wouldn't like the 3 romance plot in the story, and I can respect that. And maybe the show can do it better. I just don't think they should junk it, just to junk it because people wouldn't accept it.
  6. 1st off...1 Remember in Book 1 when Rand saw all of the different realities? 1 of which was living happily ever after w/ Egwene? So I think that answers the which one Rand would've chosen thing. 2nd, Why does Rand need to choose 1??!!! I know that in this "Morally" Inept world we need to have monogamy, but seriously if people in the world today could get away w/ 3 "Love interests" and all 3 were cool w/ it wouldn't they? Let the boy have 3 Loves...Peace & Love Man!!
  7. But my point is why Fiddle at all? If you read GoT, then you know that in the books it wasn't as overt for some of the T&A or LGBTQ stuff that was subtle in the books but BLATANT in the show. I know that WoT is subtle, and may be more Blatant for a TV audience, and I am saying that you can do the relationships but you do NOT have to change stuff. Keep it all, distinguish yourself from GoT by having a 3-Way Love interest. There wasn't any 4-Way action anywhere in there so why do we have to have 1 guy, 1 woman and that is the Main person & then have 2 Great friends? Part of Rand's growth/turmoil is Because has has 3 Love interests and he doesn't want any of them in danger. (WOOOO HOOOOO 100 POSTS!!) 😄
  8. Due respect to all...I disagree. I think people can handle a lot if your put it in the right way. I also find it pretty Hilarious, that people can accept a 14-18 yo Murder Goddess in Arya Stark and do not bat an eye when she PWNED everyone that was on her "List" in the show, yet those same people went Ape$hit when she had Sex for the 1st time (and not even on screen). People were also "Cool" w/ Jamie & Cercei having Incest (On & Off Screen) when on GoT, and you didnt hear religious outcry or public outcry over that. But Heaven forbit Rand have 3 Love interests & want to be w/ them Carnelly & Relationship wise?? GTFOH!! This 3some relationship will distinguish the show if they do it well & explain it well. GoT was criticized for gratuitous sex for the first 2 seasons but people got over it, when the blood & violence took over. WoT can distinguish itself by keeping the arcs & cultures and nuance that makes the books great w/ the right tweaks in the TV show.
  9. Think of this as sarand wrap. 1 layer is weak, where as 6 is stronger. The women were never linked, I think this is where the hang up is.
  10. What the previous thread said. The women guarding/shielding Rand were NOT in a circle. They were overlapping shield's on him.
  11. Think of it as when they are actively holding the "Shield" they are using a constant flow of Spirit to hold Rand. When they started to break off & fight the attackers they tied off their Shield and that is what made it a "Hard Point" aka like a Stapler. That is when LTT used a Staple remover to take out the Shield.
  12. I think Asmodean is the Dragon Reborn...That's my theory anyway 😄
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