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  1. Hey, how many books can we get autographed at this shindig??
  2. My guess on who Wit is...He is "The Almighty" But the Almighty is Dead...Well maybe he is in Godform, but somehow while the Radiants foresook their voes, The Almighty changed into Human form to understand why the Radiants did what they did. So here is Wit, who basically puts people on Blast just because he can, but also to learn about Human interaction and understand Human concepts. He being w/ Jasnah (I did NOT see that coming btw) at the end of the book kinda puts this theory in play for me. The only other theory that makes sense for me is that while he is Not a Herald, he is a Radiant or some sort of Leader or Higher up in the heirachy of the Radiants. But that just sounds pedestrian when I write it down.
  3. I enjoyed this book...I wonder tho what Wit is??? I have a guess but I am probably wrong. And it was interesting what goes on w/ Shardblades....And what is the deal w/ Honorblades anyway??
  4. Hey all...I found a site that this guy made of Lego WoT http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/355438 There are 2 probs w/ it and you should be able to see which 2 characters are wrong but for the most part it is Pretty Epic!
  5. Dude, WHAT IS THAT??!!! And that doesnt have pictures!
  6. I am satisfied! This was very nice!! Go Lan, Noal, Olver, Talmanes. I am still in remembering mode as I will read the book again next wk. I am happy!
  7. Lan Mandragoran (Malkier) Rand Al'Thor (Dragonsworn) Matrim Cauthon (Band of the Red Hand or Ever Victorious Army) Perrin Aybara (The Wolf Guard) Horn of Valere (100 Companions)
  8. Who has 2 thumbs and is read AMOL right now?? THIS GUY!!! AND IT IS E P I C ! ! ! ! !
  9. Now we just need to survive the Zombie Apocalypse of Dec 21 and we can read this bad boy! Well Said Sir!
  10. I have read the entire series 2ice through & the last 2 books 3x
  11. I dunno Metal...It may be a compliment but some may be a backhanded one...No Disrespect intended, but some of those characters were Bat$**t crazy, and would rip your balls off w/ a sledgehammer if you cross them just as they would kiss you good night...I think that your wife sounds like a lovely person (non sarcastically) Kudos Sir
  12. @Metal Head...LOL ROFL!! You will never know until you try right :p
  13. Dwynwen...Since we are both in Socal would you like to go out sometime? :) I may not be a Perrin type but I do identify w/ Mat a lot! Except I wont do the practical jokes as often just to do them
  14. 1. Nyneave 2. Cadsuane 3. Logain 4. Moridin
  15. FINAL FANTASY X??!! Really...Yeah that means the ending will be a bitter sweet one, but an ending that has more questions than answers & makes you scratch your head if you are not used to FF endings
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