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  1. Good day to you, Jaydena!

    I like your other WoT site. =)

  2. "There is no other productive way to be. I see no gain in throwing a fit, and if it won't do any good I feel it would only be a waste of energy. I am not a child, and I will do my best not to act as one. I'm an not the first to be in this position, and this time will pass. Even if I were the first I can not always control the obstacles in my way. I can only find a way to deal with them." Jade returned the other woman's smile and spoke again, "You are wiser than you years my dear, I think that you will make fast work of being raised to full sister and very soon indeed you will wear the green fr
  3. "Today has been very different day than any I have had before. The symbol itself is such a simple thing on the surface, and even with all the preparation I have had for this day, I know the depths of what this day means has only just begun to sink in. You study for years to get to this point, but truly this is just the beginning, and there is no amount of studying that could truly prepare me for the reality of it all. It is still a most joyful experience and I know there is much more joy to come as it truly all sinks in." Jade nodded at Kathleen's words and replied, "I think it's very positive
  4. The other woman took a deep calming breath and Jaydena's eyes shot to her forehead when she saw that. Loraine was a master of the game of houses and she didn't show her emotions like this. "I'm afraid tea will have to wait, Jade. I've just read the last of a series of very disturbing reports from Amadacia. It seems the Children are moving about, a small band of them, perhaps twenty men. They're systematically moving from one small town to another, scouring it and then moving on to the next." Jade felt her heart stop for a moment at those words, ohhh this wouldn't do at all, this couldn't happe
  5. Jaydena lifted her head from the desk and stood up, it didn't matter how much her heart hurt, she had to get up. Rasheta and Kathleen could arrive at her quarters at any time, it all depended on who was currently in the Tower and where her room lay in relation to Kathleen's. She stood up, smoothed her skirt down, and headed back to her rooms. With a quick weave she closed her office off from intrusion and walked down the hallway. With quick strides she reached her room and removed the weave from her rooms. A part of her wanted to walk slowly back to her rooms as she felt like she had no energy
  6. ooc- LOL it's Jaydena ladies. IC- Jaydena started as a knock came at her oak door, she turned towards the door and set the paint brush down. She had decided to paint a mural in her room, though she didn't know why she felt the need or in fact why she hadn't thought of it before, she was rearing to go. Jade had sent her warder down to Tar Valon to get her a bunch of paint and she had started sketching it. Now she was painting some black lines around the sketches she had done in this section. With a smile she walked towards the door and pulled it open. Before her stood the young woman from
  7. Hmmm that's weird!! I am not sure of the date, I know the year though.
  8. She watched, her green eyes clear and calm as Kathleen accepted what was being said, she saw the confusion, the pain, and acceptance on the woman's face. This one wasn't going to freak out it appeared, but she had never seen a future Green take things this calmly. "I understand my place, Sister. I have no questions. I have waited long for this day, I can wait a little longer to prove to you that I belong." Jaydena arched an eyebrow at the use of the word Sister, she wasn't just this woman's sister but they would get to that in a moment. She regarded the woman, waiting to see if she had anymore
  9. Jade hardened her heart as she watched Kathleen and the look on her face. The woman was clearly confused as to her wording. It was a scenario she had seen so many times that she could all but see it in her mind. Kathleen filled with passion and purpose would state all her reasons for wanting to go Green. Her family was killed by shadowspawn, the world was in their hands, she wanted to protect them all, she wanted to learn Battle Weaves and right the evil of the world. Oh yes, she had heard every reason there was in her many years. She had seen girls cry, she had seen them rage, she had seen th
  10. Jaydena watched as the young woman held out a letter to her in a thick and expensive parchment, sealed with wax and seal imprint she didn't recognize. "I have been sent to give you this letter, Jaydena Sedai, and I was instructed to wait for a reply." She arched her eyebrow at the young girl and than spoke, "Alright, my child I shall see what the missive says. Please come into my quarters while I deal with this matter." She held the door open and waited for the girl to follow her into the room. As she walked towards her desk she heard the door click softly closed behind her. She heard a soft e
  11. She strode down the hallway in the early morning, her heart hard and steeled against what was to come. Of course all Greens had to go through it, she herself had done it, however it didn't make it any easier to be the one imparting the news to these woman. Especially on the one that must sit calmly in her desk and break the spirit of the woman in question. She knew why it had to be done, light she had seen the results and knew that they worked, didn't mean she liked it. Her feet fell steady on the white floor tiles, with their green borders, and swords inlaid on each and every one. Her long le
  12. U4ea Elegant Eldest DM - Staff Member Offline Gender: Posts: 12,290 More fun than the average scary MoNster Bad News (Attn Greenie Field Trip Troop) « on: August 17, 2010, 05:16:31 AM » Quote OOC: This is the lead up to our trip out of the Tower, so it will mostly be Rasheta, Jade and I. I wouldn't be opposed to the tail end of this RP bringing in the Warders for a discussion about making the trip, though. IC: Loraine paced her study, three reports from Amadicia clutched in her hands as she read them over and over again. These three reports were a
  13. The words blurred in front of her, running together into one large amount of nothingness. Why do I even try she wondered. All this writing, all these reports, day after day, they didn't do anything for her. In the night their parchment didn't keep her warm and in the end all she did would be forgotten. All her work as Captain General and Sitter would not be remembered after she was gone. She shook her head and ran a hand through her auburn locks, time and time again she had thought about cutting the weight of it off but she just couldn't bring herself to do it. It was the one redeeming feature
  14. The lights of Tar Valon shimmered in the night, dwarfed by the luminosity of the White Tower. Seiaman Kera sat quietly on her horse who twitched impatiently to get to a warm stable with food and water. The last time she had seen the White Tower she left as a retired Tower Guard, former Gaidin of Sirayn Sedai, and a newly-created Darkfriend with a destination to a secluded manor to be trained as an assassin. Much had happened in that short period of time – she had turned around before she arrived to her destination and before the Shadow ascended deeper in her soul. And now she had nowhere to go
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