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  2. "There is no other productive way to be. I see no gain in throwing a fit, and if it won't do any good I feel it would only be a waste of energy. I am not a child, and I will do my best not to act as one. I'm an not the first to be in this position, and this time will pass. Even if I were the first I can not always control the obstacles in my way. I can only find a way to deal with them." Jade returned the other woman's smile and spoke again, "You are wiser than you years my dear, I think that you will make fast work of being raised to full sister and very soon indeed you will wear the green fringed shawl with pride. I look forward to seeing how you progress and how your battle weaves go. I wish you the best of luck dear, please know that my door is always open to anyone who needs a open ear or a bit of sense talked into them. Being a confidant and advisor to my Sisters is often one of the biggest parts of my duties. So please know that though you are a recruit, it is no different for you. I will wish you farewell and good luck." She bowed her head slightly to the woman, a sign of respect and turned to Rasheta, "Fare well Sister. Thank you." Smiling one last time she waited for the other woman to say farewell and than closed the door as they turned away. Time would tell how Kathleen turned out but she had a feeling this one would do very well indeed... Jaydena Mckanthur
  3. "Today has been very different day than any I have had before. The symbol itself is such a simple thing on the surface, and even with all the preparation I have had for this day, I know the depths of what this day means has only just begun to sink in. You study for years to get to this point, but truly this is just the beginning, and there is no amount of studying that could truly prepare me for the reality of it all. It is still a most joyful experience and I know there is much more joy to come as it truly all sinks in." Jade nodded at Kathleen's words and replied, "I think it's very positive that you are able to look at it in such a manner my dear. It shows the strength of your character and such an attitude will be looked on favorably by the other Aes Sedai in this Ajah when it comes time for you to go before them. We see so many girls who are whining and we understand as we went through it at one point too but sometimes it becomes to much. So thank you for being so strong and joyful about all of this my dear. Do you have any questions for me?" She smiled softly at the other woman and waited for her to respond... Jaydena Mckanthur
  4. The other woman took a deep calming breath and Jaydena's eyes shot to her forehead when she saw that. Loraine was a master of the game of houses and she didn't show her emotions like this. "I'm afraid tea will have to wait, Jade. I've just read the last of a series of very disturbing reports from Amadacia. It seems the Children are moving about, a small band of them, perhaps twenty men. They're systematically moving from one small town to another, scouring it and then moving on to the next." Jade felt her heart stop for a moment at those words, ohhh this wouldn't do at all, this couldn't happen. Those infernal idiots must not be allowed to find Rashima's hidden items. "Jade, they're on a path that will take them directly to Mardecin. Our contact there is getting a little frazzled, hearing the rumors. She fears being able to protect what she's been tasked to hide." She almost laughed, things had just gotten worse, but considering how things had been going lately it wasn't a surprise at all. Lor started to pace back and forth as she handed a sheath of papers to her, "There's precious little time, as the dates on these missives range from a month ago to early last week. The last one is from a contact just a score of miles away from Mardecin. We may already be too late..." The other woman pushed hair out of her face with hurried movements and Jaydena felt her tension rise even more. This situation was worse than she fears if the other woman was this irritated with it all. Jade turned her face away from Lor, looked down at the first report and began to read. She finished the pages and turned to look back at Loraine who was looking around the room in concentration, the other woman looked up and spoke, "I'm sorry to barge in, I didn't think about much of anything after reading the last of those notes. I'm sorry if this disrupts your plans for the afternoon..." Jade waved her hand, "That is of no importance right now, we must act and act soon. I suggest we make our way there and retrieve our items. This situation is much to serious to ignore. What do you think?" Jaydena Mckanthur
  5. Jaydena lifted her head from the desk and stood up, it didn't matter how much her heart hurt, she had to get up. Rasheta and Kathleen could arrive at her quarters at any time, it all depended on who was currently in the Tower and where her room lay in relation to Kathleen's. She stood up, smoothed her skirt down, and headed back to her rooms. With a quick weave she closed her office off from intrusion and walked down the hallway. With quick strides she reached her room and removed the weave from her rooms. A part of her wanted to walk slowly back to her rooms as she felt like she had no energy left, however doing that would only cause her Greens to think something was wrong with her. They were used to her ground eating strides and graceful movements, if she altered her behavior the ones in the Hall would notice. If they didn't the warders standing in the Halls would notice and report it either to their Aes Sedai or to her Warder. Either way it would come back to her and she would be bombarded with questions about how she was feeling. How did they think she was feeling? She had just denied another lovely lady, the world was going down hill, the last battle was coming for sure, and her heart was broken and unmendable. She swung her door open and stepped inside, her eyes roamed around the room. Everything was clean and in good order. The night before she had polished all the swords and daggers till they gleamed. There was no dust thanks to their servants and it all looked in good order. Moving from her door she closed it and strode over to her couch, she plumped the pillows, and looked with lounging at the couch. Right now she would like nothing more than to lie down and close her eyes. That couldn't happen of course because any moment she would have a young lady and much tradition prodding her to do the right thing, to follow what needed to be done to the T. With a sigh she turned away and rang for a servant, when he arrived she had him stoke the fire, and sent him off for a fresh pot of tea. She knew he would come back with a tray of cakes and some cheese and crackers. Laras was sure to be there today and the woman was sure that she was going to waste away as she almost had once before. Jade smiled fondly at the thought of the woman and turned as a knock sounded at the door. With a deep breath she opened the door to Rasheta and Kathleen, "This is Kathleen she is not one of us yet but she is sealed to us." Jade nodded to the young woman, "Well we find ourselves in this position again my sister. Only this time you are no longer an Accepted, now you wear that ring on your finger, a symbol it is but a very important one. How are you fairing with that symbol?" She folded her hands at her waist to waited for the woman to speak... Jaydena Mckanthur
  6. ooc- LOL it's Jaydena ladies. IC- Jaydena started as a knock came at her oak door, she turned towards the door and set the paint brush down. She had decided to paint a mural in her room, though she didn't know why she felt the need or in fact why she hadn't thought of it before, she was rearing to go. Jade had sent her warder down to Tar Valon to get her a bunch of paint and she had started sketching it. Now she was painting some black lines around the sketches she had done in this section. With a smile she walked towards the door and pulled it open. Before her stood the young woman from earlier who had brought her the note. "Hello Kathleen my child. I assume you have a response from Tayva?" The young woman had already curtsied and nodded as she came out of the movement. Jade nodded and took the note from the young woman, she opened it quickly and saw in the same script. Tea. Two in the afternoon. My quarters. May the light shine on us all. Tayva ni Ayvery t'Reyon Aes Sedai of the White Ajah Jade closed the missive and looked back at Kathleen, "Thank you my child, I appreciate your running these notes to me. There is no need for a reply for this, so head back to your duties." She smiled at the girl and shut the door with a sigh. Well this was really and interesting development and one she hadn't expected. Jade sat down at her desk and wrote a quick note: Zarinen, I assume you got the same note as me? Shall we meet for a battle strategy meeting before our tea or shall we just go with it. Let me know if you have time. Go with the Light, Jaydena She sprinkled it with sand and than sealed it with wax and her sigil. With that she called for a servant and had it delivered to Zarinen's room while she waited for an answer... Jaydena Mckanthur
  7. Hmmm that's weird!! I am not sure of the date, I know the year though.
  8. She watched, her green eyes clear and calm as Kathleen accepted what was being said, she saw the confusion, the pain, and acceptance on the woman's face. This one wasn't going to freak out it appeared, but she had never seen a future Green take things this calmly. "I understand my place, Sister. I have no questions. I have waited long for this day, I can wait a little longer to prove to you that I belong." Jaydena arched an eyebrow at the use of the word Sister, she wasn't just this woman's sister but they would get to that in a moment. She regarded the woman, waiting to see if she had anymore to say. Before she could speak Loraine pushed away from the wall and began to speak, "What if a little longer is measured in years, decades, even? Can you wait that long? What you've got to learn could take quite a bit longer than mere months. Can you keep that calm acceptance in check when those who you sat through classes with are leaving the Tower on various chores and missions? You cannot wear a shawl, as you have not been accepted by an Ajah. You, most likely, won't stray far from these Halls, for the temptation to cry on someone's shoulder will be overwhelming. Tell me, Kathleen, how long can you curl your fists around that acceptance when you're pushed to the point of tears every single day you draw a breath?" Jaydena gazed at Loraine and nodded her head, they had all been through it, it was a trial to be endured and Loraine has summed the feelings up nicely. She looked over at Kathleen, the woman looked almost as though she would cry. Jade could relate, she spent half of her day wishing she could cry and acting as though she was a wall that couldn't be beaten down. It was actually fairly wearing on her mind, soul, and body. It was however something they all learned to do early on in the Tower. Weaklings didn't make it to the Shawl, and that was what they were all here for after all. Jade waiting silently as Kathleen began to speak, the woman had the right of it. She didn't lack in courage, for after all, she had always believed that it took more courage to face it without whining and crying than to throw a temper tantrum like a 2 year old. Loraine began to speak and Jaydena smiled softly at the other woman's words, she had to agree with her. As Loraine spoke Jaydena turned to look at Katheleen, "Well my dear we shall see how your mettle is tested in the days to come. We are all looking forward to seeing what kind of Sister you shall be. Loraine you may go find your Warder before he has himself a heart attack. Kathleen you shall be escorted on your tour with Rasheta Sedai here. I look forward to seeing you at my rooms when you make it there. That is all. " Jade gained her feet and stood looking at Kathleen as the woman walked out the door with Rasheta. As the women walked from the room she sat down at her desk and put her head in her hands, this part of being Ajah Head was one of the hardest for her. They all knew why it was done, they all understood, but they weren't the ones facing these women's faces as she tore their dreams to bits. Jade took a deep breath and felt a hand on shoulder, she looked up and saw her warder at her side. With a smile she took the hand offered to her and stood up. Her warder handed her a chocolate bar, just what she needed and they strolled arm in arm to her rooms, where she would meet with Kathleen and Rasheta... Jaydena Mckanthur
  9. Jade hardened her heart as she watched Kathleen and the look on her face. The woman was clearly confused as to her wording. It was a scenario she had seen so many times that she could all but see it in her mind. Kathleen filled with passion and purpose would state all her reasons for wanting to go Green. Her family was killed by shadowspawn, the world was in their hands, she wanted to protect them all, she wanted to learn Battle Weaves and right the evil of the world. Oh yes, she had heard every reason there was in her many years. She had seen girls cry, she had seen them rage, she had seen them smile and agree to everything they were told. In fact she had even seen a girl with blood leeching out of her body as they healed her to save her life. Jade cringed inside as she remembered that day. It was only by the grace of the Creator that they had saved her that day, neither she or Sirayn had been able to heal to save a life. Luckily one of the other Sitters had been able to. She shook those thoughts from her mind and prayed that Kathleen would take this news with dignity and respect. That she wouldn't throw a hissy fit as so many before her. That she would realize that they had all gone through this say trial and they had all come out of it stronger and more capable of holding up the reasons she was about to state. "I chose the Green Ajah to be my Ajah because I believe that it is the best suited place for me to accomplish my goals. I have given my choice more thought than I have given any other decision in my life, and I believe that the Green Ajah is where I belong." Jaydena listened silently as the young woman states her reasons, and they were many. Her feelings were well thought out and she articulated them very clearly. That didn't stay her hand though, she had to do what she had to do. There was no going back or going around, the woman had made her choice, and that was that. Jaydena listened as Kathleen said her final words and than she replied, “I would say I would and do feel much as you do, however while your reasons are just and sound you are not yet a Sister of the Battle Ajah. From this day forward you will be an Initiate of the Green Ajah, you will have a set of rooms which will not be your final quarters, you will take classes in Battle Weaves and such things as how to be a Battle Sister. When you are deamed worthy you will go before the ajah and they will decide your fate, at that point you will either become a Battle Sister or continue your training until you are ready. To the rest of the Tower you will appear as a full fledged sister of the Green and you are to represent yourself as such. You will tell no one of your status as this is a secret known only to those who are part of the Greens. I personally will see to some of your training and I am sure that it won’t be long before you are standing before the Greens. At this time I will take your on a tour of the Green quarters so that you may meet your future Sisters. Remember that being part of this Ajah is not a right it is a privelage that we all sacrafise for every single day of our lives. Do you have any questions.” Jaydena Mckanthur
  10. Jaydena watched as the young woman held out a letter to her in a thick and expensive parchment, sealed with wax and seal imprint she didn't recognize. "I have been sent to give you this letter, Jaydena Sedai, and I was instructed to wait for a reply." She arched her eyebrow at the young girl and than spoke, "Alright, my child I shall see what the missive says. Please come into my quarters while I deal with this matter." She held the door open and waited for the girl to follow her into the room. As she walked towards her desk she heard the door click softly closed behind her. She heard a soft exhale behind her and she turned around the see the girl looking around her quarters with a look of awe on her face. Jade smiled softly as she watched her gaze around at the swords, daggers, books, crystal carvings, and so much more that showed exactly how long she had lived. Coughing softly she said, "Please have a seat there while I reply to this my child." With that she walked over to her desk and took a seat. She slit the letter open with the sword letter opener with it's jade stone handle and her name worked into the medal that one of her Sisters had given her on her last name day. Her hand ran over her personal sigil worked into the stone as she slit the letter open. Inside she found a matching piece of paper with a script she didn't recognize, in a think and clear ink that clearly wasn't the cheapy ink you found at some of the stores in the market. Jaydena Sedai, Important things to talk about. Saw you visiting a friend today in the Red Halls. Would like to talk about it over tea tomorrow if you are available. Please give the messenger a reply for me as to when you're free. She's a patient girl so I'm sure she'll be happy to wait. Sincerely, Tayva ni Ayvery t'Reyon Aes Sedai of the White Ajah Raising her eyebrows in shock at the words, she was glad that she was facing away from the young woman seated on her couch. Jade reread the page and than shaking her head she picked up her special jade pen with the dragon on it, and the unstoppered the ink vial. Turning her body she looked at the young girl, "Give me a few moments to write this and than you can be on your way. I am sure you have many chores and studies to be about my child. What was your name child, I didn't catch it." She waited as the girl answered and than replied, "Very good, as I said it will be a moment. Turning back around she opened her desk and pulled out her stationary with it's roses, Aes Sedai symbol, and a sword. She dipped her pen into the ink and wrote: Tayva Sedai, I appreciate the missive you just penned. I look forward to meeting with you for tea tomorrow afternoon to discuss our mutual issue. I do believe that you may be one the "friends" I have been searching for. Better relations in the Tower being foremost in my mind. I will see you tomorrow my dear. Go with the Light, Jaydena Mckanthur She smiled in satisfaction, there were only a couple of possible reasons for this woman to contact her. One she was a Sitter and wanted to discuss Sitter duties, or two she was an Ajah head who had noticed the two of them together and wanted in on the plotting. She hoped it was the last one as they could use the help of another Ajah Head figuring this out and helping the unite the Tower. She slid the pale green paper with the flowers embedded in the paper that she had made specially for her and warmed the wax up in the candle flame on her desk. When it was warm she put the blob onto the envelope and pressed her personal seal into it. Standing up she turned back to the girl and spoke, "Thank you for waiting Kathleen, you may take this to Tayva Sedai now." She escorted the girl to her door and than opened it for the young woman. As she closed it she considered the meeting tomorrow and moved to her desk to pen a note for the Highest, she must let the woman know what had happened... Jaydena Mckanthur
  11. She strode down the hallway in the early morning, her heart hard and steeled against what was to come. Of course all Greens had to go through it, she herself had done it, however it didn't make it any easier to be the one imparting the news to these woman. Especially on the one that must sit calmly in her desk and break the spirit of the woman in question. She knew why it had to be done, light she had seen the results and knew that they worked, didn't mean she liked it. Her feet fell steady on the white floor tiles, with their green borders, and swords inlaid on each and every one. Her long legs ate up the ground toward her destination, her green formal slippers flashing from under her dress. Jade wasn't a giant by any means but she was on of the taller Aes Sedai in the Tower. The walls that she walked past were green and white and were hung with paintings and tapestries of battles gone by. Some of them she had painted herself, as painting was something she did to deal with the heartbreak of losing her friends, sisters, and lovers even. Her thoughts strayed to losing Jared and his picture that hung with the other warders she had lost within the Green Vault inside of her display. There were quite a few of her warriors inside of that display and she didn’t want to think about losing another one. Her heart broke silently, although her face stayed calm and serene. The picture of Aes Sedai serenity that she maintained, even when she was crying inside. The loss of so many loved ones could be hard on anyone, add in the lack of companionship, and the constant stress and she was bound to want to sit down and cry once in awhile. In fact she had done just that last night, in the cold and lonely bed she shared with no one. The sounds muffled by one of the giant pillows on her large bed. The next day there was no sign of her crying jag the night before, nor would there be. Greens stood tall in the face on danger and heartache, at least to the outside, and most of the time they even managed to do so in private. As she rounded the corner out of the quarters, the torchlight glinted off her auburn hair; with it's caramel colored highlights, her green eyes sparkled inside her pale face with its sprinkling of freckles across the cheeks and nose. Her body was hourglass shaped and there were times she hated it, more than once in her youth she had felt fat, and had hated the looks she got from men. That might be why she had started sleeping with women, they looked at her too, but not in the same way that men did. They all looked at her like a possession, something they could own, use, and then throw away. She had experienced that very feeling to many times in her life to want to feel it again. Shaking her head she thought, my thoughts shouldn’t be straying in this direction, I should be thinking about the coming trials. Of watching another woman swear her oaths to the Tower and take on all the responsibility that comes with it. Turning her thoughts away from that subject she smoothed a hand over the green satin dress with it’s Aes Sedai symbols worked in real gold thread across the bodice, along the waist, across the sleeves, and ringing the hem. She wore a golden belt which her warder of long ago had given her. It was made up of golden links, in which rubies carved as roses, and emeralds carved as leaves glinted. A matching necklace, earrings, bracelet, anklet, and hair pin graced her pale skin. It was a treasured possession and something she only wore on occasions like this. Around her shoulders she wore the symbol of her station. A white shawl with green fringe that trailed almost to the floor, ivy leaves and vines were embroidered across it, a large Green flame on the back of it, and a pin in the shape of the serpent kept it closed. Her auburn hair was twisted up onto her head in an intricate design, it's wave tightly contained, and the hair pins kept it in place. She smoothed her hand over her skirt in a sign that some would recognize as restlessness in her if they knew her. Not that many knew her these days, she had no warders left, and her best friends and lovers had all either died or left the Tower to never be seen again. The only one who might recognize what that move meant was already inside the room she was about to enter, so she had better get herself under control. The door loomed in front of her, something they all must face in their time in the Tower, taking a deep breath she pulled it open, all her Sitters were already assembled, as was the last raised Sister in the Greens. Nodding at Loraine, Rasheta, and Kabria she took her place with them and waited for the ceremony to begin. The young woman walked in and Jaydena almost smiled, she looked so young and scared. She was trying as they all did to appear ready and tough but she really had no idea what was in store for her. Her life would change so much from the regimented existence she was used to over these many years. Jade glanced over and Loraine and her eyebrow arched, one side of her smile pulled up into a half smile. Looking back at the girl she wondered if she would go Green as it was suspected. The oaths began and just as quickly as they had started they ended and the new Aes Sedai stepped toward them. It was clear that she was choosing the Green. Jaydena nodded at her and spoke, “So you have chosen the Green Ajah, please follow me Sister and we will begin your journey.” She nodded at the other Sitters and then led the way from the room. They reached the Green quarters quickly and they parted ways with Kabria before they reached the office. Jade opened the door to her office and walked over to take a seat behind the large desk with it’s carvings of the Aes Sedai symbol in the dark cherry wood. She looked Kathleen up and down and then spoke, “Kathleen Sedai what are your reasons for choosing the Green Ajah as your future Ajah?” She crossed her hands on the desktop and waited for the new Sister to speak… Jaydena Mckathur Head of the Greens Sitter of the Greens
  12. U4ea Elegant Eldest DM - Staff Member Offline Gender: Posts: 12,290 More fun than the average scary MoNster Bad News (Attn Greenie Field Trip Troop) « on: August 17, 2010, 05:16:31 AM » Quote OOC: This is the lead up to our trip out of the Tower, so it will mostly be Rasheta, Jade and I. I wouldn't be opposed to the tail end of this RP bringing in the Warders for a discussion about making the trip, though. IC: Loraine paced her study, three reports from Amadicia clutched in her hands as she read them over and over again. These three reports were almost identical, which was frightening enough. What made them worse was that they documented the movement of a small band of White Cloaks moving through Amadicia. So far, her contacts couldn't figure out what the purpose of the movement was, and Light knows that small bands of White Cloaks moving in Amadicia is not big news. The problem was where they were heading. She paced to a map she'd hung on the wall farthest from the door, her fingers tracing a line between the capital, Amador, to Bellon and then on to Sienda. They were steadily moving East, closer and closer to the one place the Green Ajah didn't want them anywhere near; Marcedin. She pulled a quill from its hiding place, tucked in the elaborate bun on the back of her head and dipped it in the small ink well on the desk under the map, tracing the line and measuring the distance between each town. She cross referenced the dates on the letters in her hand and closed her eyes, sinking into a chair heavily. She had no time. At best, if she left right now, they'd still beat her to Mardecin by a solid day. That was if she could get Kynwric to the stables fast enough and override his tendency to try to force her to rest while they were on the road. Deciding he'd probably take a risk with a headache and bash her on the head with a rock to make her sleep, she pushed herself out of her chair. There was no time to lose and if a rescue party was being sent to Mardecin, then more than she needed to know about it. She tucked the quill back into her hair and swiped the missives off her desk on her way out the door. It only took a moment for her to reach the Captain General's study and knock. She tried to hold on to the sense of decorum that she hung around her like a security blanket, but there was little time for that. She sighed as she noticed the ink stains on her hands while waiting on Jade to answer. She'd be lucky if her friend didn't send her to the infirmary straightaway! She doubted if Jade had ever seen her skirts dotted with ink or her hands stained with it. Perhaps it would drive home the urgency... ...just in case Jaydena didn't remember what they'd hidden in Mardecin... ~Loraine Report to moderator Logged Sig by Torrie! Bonded to Kynwric RP Bios, etc RP: OOC Green Ajah Head/Tower Guard/Freelander Social: MoN/Eldest Jaydena Dragonmount Member Member Online Gender: Posts: 21,008 RP Green Ajah Head IC Re: Bad News (Attn Greenie Field Trip Troop) « Reply #1 on: September 11, 2010, 01:03:32 AM » Quote Modify Remove Her eyes lit on the room around her, everything was in it's place, which meant nothing was out of it's place. Seiaman was expected to call on her today and it wouldn't do for her quarters to be out of sorts. It was the first time since they had been together that Seia had come to visit and she was obsessing about it. Fluffing the pillows one more time she moved over to the buffet and checked the cheese, crackers, and fruit tray that she had prepared. The fact that she had taken the time to slice cheese and fruit would have shown anyone how nervous she was. With a sigh she turned away and pushed all the thoughts away, she was done stressing out about this. For an Aes Sedai to let something like this control her was beyond the scope of imagination. They didn't let anything bother them, or rather they didn't let it show to anyone. She turned back and glanced back at the cheese but her thoughts were quickly erased from her head when a knock sounded at her door. She walked steadily over to the door and opened it to find Loraine standing in the threshold. Only this Loraine looked flustered, something that she had never seen on her face before. To add to it her hands were stained with ink and she looked like she was about to jump out of her skin in impatience. Jade eyed the woman and motioned for her to come in before she fell down. Loraine walked into the room and Jaydena spoke, "Alright dear, what is wrong. I can't say I have ever seen that particular look on your face. What happened and who needs to die because of it?" She arched an eyebrow and walked to the couch, "Do we need tea for this by the way? I don't have any warm water currently but I can order some." She sat down on the couch with her legs under her skirt and waited for the other Green to tell her what was bothering her... Jaydena Mckanthur
  13. The words blurred in front of her, running together into one large amount of nothingness. Why do I even try she wondered. All this writing, all these reports, day after day, they didn't do anything for her. In the night their parchment didn't keep her warm and in the end all she did would be forgotten. All her work as Captain General and Sitter would not be remembered after she was gone. She shook her head and ran a hand through her auburn locks, time and time again she had thought about cutting the weight of it off but she just couldn't bring herself to do it. It was the one redeeming feature she had left after her face was burned. Her hand kneaded her neck as she waited for the pain in her eyes and her shoulders to go away. You would think her warder would be here to help with this pain, but her Warder was visiting with her son where he lived. She didn't begrudge her that time but sometimes it was hard to have a warder who was pulled apart by so many commitments. There were times she cursed Aran and the fact that he ever existed and the damage he had done to both Cairma and Sirayn's daughter Lyssa. The man had been a player but in the end he had done the right thing and saved the lives of so many in Kandor. Jade shook the thoughts of that battle from her head and signed the report with a flourish. It was the last of the night and she so looked forward to a warm brandy in front of the fire, and the current book she was reading. A favorite of hers the stories of Jain Fairstrider, which talked about the bold exploits of the hero. Of course he hadn't been trapped within the confining walls of the White Tower and beaten down by responsibility and honor. She chaffed under it on a regular basis and it was getting worse the older she got. With another shake of her head she focused on the book, time passing as the light began to fade from the sky and her knees started to cramp from being pulled up under her dress for so long. Knock-Knock-Knock, the sound pealed through her room and almost made her jump up in shock. A moment passed while she wondered who was at her door at this hour. She gained her feet, stretched her sore body, and walked to the door. With a quick weave she straightened her hair and opened it to find a new Novice standing there. The girl curtsied and said, "I b..beg your pardon Aes Sedai but a messenger from an I..inn has arrived and would like to speak to you. He says it is of utmost importance and that you will f..f...flay me alive if I don't get him to you." The girl panted and was pale as a sheet, the girl stayed in her curtsy and Jade almost chuckled. "I am not in the habit of flaying Novices my dear, will take care of him. Head back to your room for the night, you have done well." The girl ran away and Jaydena motioned for the man standing waiting for approval to follow her into her quarters. She readied a weave just in case though she recognized this man as one of the runners for an Eyes and Ears of hers. "Aes Sedai," he started in a gravely voice, "I beg you to forgive my treatment of the Novice Sara. However I knew you would want to know this as quickly as possible. Seiaman has returned to the Inn, Serif sent me to you, the woman is in the Inn as we speak, though she is still dark and angry acting. She has gone to a room for the night, though she could leave at any moment." Jaydena felt her breath rush from her body in a great gasp that she barely managed to turn into a sigh, it never paid to let others see your emotions. She nodded her head and said, "Bless you Alfred, I appreciate this." Reaching into her belt pouch she pulled out a silver Tar Valon mark and handed it to him before escorting him from the room. So Seia has returned to her Inn and has taken an room again, she thought. What did the confounded woman want and was she still dedicated to the Shadow? She had heard from Sirayn that Seia had become a Darkfriend and she had no reason to doubt the woman at that time. It wasn't until later that she began to doubt Siryan's motives and feelings. She glanced around her room and down at her dress. Should she have her brought to the Tower or should she go to the room she wondered? Of course she didn't want anyone to know that Seia was back in town so it would be best if she went to her. Jaydena sent a tug through her bond to Cairma and quickly changed into a clean dress, this one was wrinkled from the busy day and she didn't want to present herself in the wrong way. After all this was the once love of her life who had rejected her and broken her heart. Had left her after horrible burns had marred her face, the other woman had no use for her after her beauty was lost at the hands of Lanfear, one of the dreaded Forsaken. She slid her arms into a mint green silk dress with white roses on the fabric, a rose colored satin belt cinched tight around her waist, it was embroidered with the same white roses from the dress. It reached to her feet and had a low neckline and pointed sleeves that covered her hands from sight. Around her neck she hooked a matching silver rose necklace, on her ears the matching earrings, and around her wrist she added a bracelet. On the other hand was a charm bracelet that Cairma had given her long ago, each year the woman added another charm, while she had been away she had even sent them to her. Jade smiled at the thought and made sure the marriage dagger which she still wore to this day was hidden from sight under the bodice of her gown. She slid her long legs into green kid leather boots, giving herself ease of movement and strapped her dagger to her side, she added a green velvet cloak embroidered with silver serpents and full of pockets. Inside them she tucked a variety of things, including her money purse. With a grimace she picked a light green mask decorated with raised roses and affixed it to her face with the weave she had created after the burns had destroyed her features. She looked in the mirror before she hooked it in place, starting at the roped burns. Half her forehead, her cheek next to her nose, and down to nearly her mouth was disfigured by the burns. It was one of the reasons that Seia had left and she ought to leave the burns in sight so the other woman could see the horror that she had left. However she wouldn't do it, she wasn't intent on scaring little children tonight. She chuckled and finished hooking it to the left side of her face. With that she moved from the room, and began walking from the room, she could feel Cairma approaching her. As she set the wards on the room, she turned to Cairma and spoke in hushed tones. "Seia has returned to Tar Valon Cairma, I must search her out and destroy her, her evil cannot live in the this world, and as her wife it is my duty to do it." She shuddered at the thought, saw the pain echoed in Cairma's face. The other woman nodded and fell into step behind her. She knew she would have a heck of a time getting into the room without Cairma with her but if she had gone without her Cairma never would have forgiven her. They made their way through the Halls of the Tower, each area changing to match the Ajah it belonged to or the group. She could feel Cairma behind her and she felt the woman lay a hand on the center of her back more than once. Pain must have been radiating through the bond to her. Jaydena was having a hard time controlling it, after all the woman that meant everything to her, her soul mate, had chosen someone else over her. Had than walked away from it all when Sirayn refused to be with her and had chosen the Darkness to the Light. Jaydena knew the dark elusive pull of that Darkness, she had almost gone to it herself as Lanfear had tortured her in her dreams after the burns, but in the end her duties to the Tower and to her Sisters as well as her love of the Light had been enough to fight that pull. It appeared that nothing had been enough for Seia, when she didn't get what she wanted, which was Sirayn she had chosen it. She turned a sharp right towards the entrance of the Tower and walked down the wide walkway, the Inn wasn't far from the Tower and as they walked through the gates, she nodded to the Tower Guards on guard duty. She knew most of them, though there were a couple of new ones standing guard. They walked quickly through the streets of the city, Jaydena didn't take time to admire the amazing carvings or the strange building shapes. Some like waves, others like Sea Shells, another like a Seahorse. The buildings had been carved by Ogier Stonemasons and were awe inspiring, but right now she wasn't feeling very inspired. In fact she was feeling downright upset and pissed off at this point. She had waited a long time to stick a dagger in the other woman's chest. After all that was what Seia had done to her on that long ago rainy night when she had told her she loved Sirayn and wanted her. A sob rose in her throat and Cairma placed a hand on her back again. Turning to the other woman she sent her a smile and said, "Thank you for being here Cairma." The other woman nodded with a quick smile and returned to watching the buildings for danger. As she walked she thought of all the tears she had cried for Seiaman, all the pain she had gone through, everything she had given up for the other woman. She still couldn't begin to sleep with someone without feeling like she was betraying her. Light how messed up am I, see leaves me and dedicates herself to the Shadow and I haven't slept with anyone but her, she thought. Those thoughts twisted in her brain, causing her more pain, as she remembered back in time and how they used to be, how hard Seia had fought to win her back at Namandar, and how the other woman had saved her life after Jared and Corbin has both died there. Finally, they reached the Inn and Cairma walked next to her through the door, looking for danger, and ready to fight any threat. Anyone ought to be scared of that giant sword of hers, light it was almost as tall as she was, Jade mused. With a hardening of her heart she pushed all thoughts of the pain Seia had caused her out of her head and than walked up to Serif, the other woman whispered to her the news and what room Seia was in, as well as the fact that she hadn't left. Jade thanked her and handed her a gold mark before she walked up the stairs. Cairma guarded behind her and Jaydena whispered to her that she needed to stand outside the door, after much whispering the other woman agreed but warned that she would break in the second she thought there was danger. Jade took a deep breath before the door, calming herself the best she could, and assuming the Aes Sedai serenity she had been trained to use. With a air of calm finally in place she knocked on the door loudly and waited for someone to answer.... Jaydena
  14. The lights of Tar Valon shimmered in the night, dwarfed by the luminosity of the White Tower. Seiaman Kera sat quietly on her horse who twitched impatiently to get to a warm stable with food and water. The last time she had seen the White Tower she left as a retired Tower Guard, former Gaidin of Sirayn Sedai, and a newly-created Darkfriend with a destination to a secluded manor to be trained as an assassin. Much had happened in that short period of time – she had turned around before she arrived to her destination and before the Shadow ascended deeper in her soul. And now she had nowhere to go except back to Tar Valon, to the assumed safety of the White Tower. A wry smile crept on her scarred face, the White Tower was far from safe. She could be safer in the slums of Ebou Dar. Before the memories could surface and bring reminders of pain, Seiaman urged her horse forward. The new moon barely illuminated the way but she knew where to go. Her first thought was to seek out the Inn she had established after her retirement from the Tower Guard ranks. Her face became grim as the memories of that not long ago time stormed back like a flood, filled with everything else that she fought to forget. Seiaman reached in her tunic and pulled out a flask to take a drink. Alcohol was a recently acquired habit – it was the only thing that silenced the nightmares and made her dark moods a little more bearable. Yet a single memory refused to be silenced, haunting her thoughts at every opportune moment. Seiaman took another deep drink from her flask, grimacing at the foul taste of the liquor. Her savior from the Shadow was not a sudden urge to be in the Light or to return to the White Tower to be reacquainted with familiar surroundings. Seiaman couldn’t get over what happened, it shook her to the core even more than losing Sirayn at Dumai’s Wells. Her eyes started to well up as the traumatic memory threatened to surface but Seiaman pushed it aside, giving more thought to the reason why she was returning to Tar Valon. Seiaman couldn’t go against those she called brothers and sisters. Against those she had wholeheartedly sworn to fight by their side and to protect, to be the steel against magic. While she sat with the manor within sight on the horizon, the voices of those she had fought with against the Shadow and had befriended with screamed their horror against her for what she was about to do. Her true heart had surfaced, scarred and battered. No. The strength of that single word denied the Shadow from taking over her existence. Be a tool for the Light but not the Shadow. Do not foul everything you have done for the Light, regardless of what happened. And at that moment, she could see two people clearly as if they were standing in front of her enforced that thought – Sirayn Sedai and Jaydena Sedai of the Green Ajah. She couldn’t turn against them. Sirayn stepped towards her, her eyes shimmered with fury. "If you dare, Seiaman Kera, I will hunt you down and wipe your existence from this very Earth." Jaydena stepped to Sirayn’s side, wearing the marriage dagger as Ebou Dari tradition demanded, her hands were balled into fists on her sides, "And when she’s done with you, then it will be my turn, Cuebiyar. After everything we have suffered at the hands of the Shadow, you do this?" A wicker from Seiaman’s horse brought her back to the present. Jaydena’s last words echoed in her mind. They were nearly at the gates of Tar Valon. She took the last of her flask’s contents and increased the pace. The guards gave her a wary look over but let her pass without a word. She knew if they had any idea of how many weapons she had on her person and tucked in her saddle bags, they’d definitely stop her. But all they could see was the quarterstaff bound to the saddle. Seiaman was grateful for the late hour for the streets were quiet with a few stragglers and drunks, she arrived to the Rose’s Thorn. She had no idea if her arrival to Tar Valon would be welcome considering the circumstances of her departure although if the White Tower knew of her betrayal, they would be alerted by now and would be en route to Seiaman’s location. She flipped a coin at the half-awake stable boy one she didn’t know of and took her belongings off of the horse. Seiaman knew if her suspicions were correct, she would not have much time. Entering the Inn through the kitchen, she startled the Innkeeper who instantly grabbed a meat carving knife with a scowl on her face. “Relax, Serif. It’s me.” The woman’s eyes widened at the mere sight of her but before she could utter a word, Seiaman stepped closer. “It’s critical that I avoid being seen right now. Anyone who asks if I’m here, you are to tell them I have not returned from my travels, is that understood?” Serif nodded dumbly, as if she saw a ghost. Without a thought, Seiaman moved quickly and silently up the stairs, the years spent in training and in battle becoming second nature. Seiaman walked in her quarters and instantly went towards the far corner. Before long, two small wood boards had come loose and Seiaman was sorting through her saddle bags, placing two recent journals and several valuable belongings that she could not afford for others to find. Seia pulled out a wrapped bundle from her bag and hesitated to put it in her safe. She felt as if time was running out quickly but she could not just put it away without looking at it. With deft hands she pulled the covers away and revealed the slim dagger that Jaydena had given her so long ago. Her fingers caressed the emerald at the hilt with the dragon draped elegantly around the hilt. Seiaman shook her head, she knew it was impossible to be reacquainted with Jaydena. The last time Seiaman had seen her, she boldly and harshly pushed the woman away from her heart in the midst of a fervent rainstorm. Jaydena had threatened to kill her with the marriage dagger but yet – she didn’t. Seiaman extinguished the memory, tucking it deep into her subconscious – just as she did with the dagger, tucking it deep into her vest. It was too valuable to allow for it to be lost. Recovering the boards in their place, she stood and walked towards a cupboard, opening it up, took a bottle of aged brandy and a glass and poured herself a hearty portion. At that instant, the sky crackled and thundered, opening a flood of rain from the sky. A knock resounded through the room Seiaman closed her eyes and let out a long sigh, preparing to face the worst. Seiaman
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