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  1. yippee i love Christmas lights! gotta say though...this is one of my favorites..the Coca Cola trucks! *grins* I've seen one of these trucks in real life going down the road...WOW..it is impressive! Enjoy!
  2. *grins back at Myst* Oh so true if you know the Band and corks! LOL Absolutly fantastic my dear! I finally have read the whole report board and looked at hte pics! I LOVE my garden! In fact I love my House and wish I could actually live there..*grins* I love a bed with drapes!
  3. *giggles* Don't worry myst..no challenge from me! *blows kisses at Myst* you knew I was wondering how that screen shot thing would work HUH? thank you.. ok now my game is in a foriegn language..is that part of the challenge? LOL So far I havn't helped poor Victor, but I will persevere!
  4. As part of this wonderful celebration of all that Kath has done here at DM and in the Tower, we thought it would be nice to have something tangible to touch and hold as she sits and rocks on the porch in her retirement! *grins* So..we are putting together a scrapbook of YOUR memories of Kath! Please send any pictures, momentoes, stories...ANYTHING you want to share to celebrate and keep the memories alive for her to look back on after the celebration is over here! LOL maybe a lock of hair, toenail clippings...(well we DO want to include the warder's in this too!) *grins*, a drawing, a painting or even a cross stitch! Please nothing larger than 7x7 inches square! You can email or PM me any stories, but please snail mail photos and the like! You can find my address for home and email in the Great Hall, aes sedai and der'manshima thread! Please send anything you want included by Oct 3rd! That way the album can be finished by the end of October to be sent to Kath! Thanks everyone! Twinnie!~
  5. hmmm I have red blood and a green crayon...how about a picture story? *grins adorably at her captors*
  6. so uh..what happens if we run out of ink? or our pencil breaks? do you want it in blood? or would crayon be ok?
  7. *stretches, rubs her eyes and blinks looking at the cell around her* Good Heavens! A girl gets some anesthesia and gets attacked and put in jail! What in the world could I have possibly done or even encouraged? *saunters over to the cell bars, looking down at the others, waves and sends a swirling convection of edible confetti to everyone else, blowing Tay kisses good bye!* Sorry I missed you Taytay! Don't worry we'll be fine! *grins* Glad you were here to do that trivia thingy! A story hmmm...i could do that! *blows mystie and kara kisses* I'm sure this is being done for a good reason and not meant as any harm loves! If you go out again..don't go overdoing the cholesteral! *hums, sits down and starts to write*
  8. oh please don't take my baby moat monster away from me!! *cries* I have been working on a naming...but not quite ready yet! Still searching in the White's FOrest for a very special Magic Dust....
  9. *giggles and tickles Mirsh* And just what are you going to do with me? Hmm?
  10. *hugs Kara tight to warm her up, grins and hands her a snowball* Take aim kiddo and join in the fun! edit: It seems to me this might be considered a spammy type thread? And it does fit here well but.. Not really sure if it is...*smiles* I have to say it has been wonderful being searched out! and found!
  11. oh surely not!! Here..*hands a yummy snowcone to make mc smile* Is that better? *giggles and tackles Mystie, pulling her in to the melee with Jade, Mirsh and herself* Now don't go melting all the snow you red hot denizen of Evil!! *giggles and puffs a handful of snow into mystie's face*
  12. Hey mc! Welcome back! *laughs and rubs his cheeks with snow and puts some down his neck in a big hug*
  13. *grins at Jade and laughs with joy* Oh BOY! Snowball fight! *starts pelting snowballs at Mirsh, Bursius and Narina* Whoa..direct hit on two....you better run Narina! *giggles and with a little flow of air sets snow whirling in a personal blizzard around Narina, drags Jade into it* Oh look enough to make snow angels!!
  14. *grins at Jade and whispers* They aren't being very logical are they?
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