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  1. *bounces* oh boy oh boy..I hope it's number three! NUMBER THREE PEOPLE! *grins* I could show off all of my pretty socks..look for pictures? *giggles and wiggles her toes* I could just take a pic of my socks of the day!
  2. hmm...number four just might validate all those stories..*winks*
  3. ah Dwyn..*smiles, hugs tight and then just holds her hand* The Tower fell in love and appreciation for all you are and give to this Org in your tenure as Keeper, finding out what we at the White Ajah knew for so very long..and missed when you became Keeper! Thank you for all you did to sustain the White's as our Head, and then as the Keeper of the Chronicles! You had a delicate balance to keep, supporting and encouraging us in the absence of our Head Reasoner, as the Keeper and our former Head! You did it perfectly! Thank you! I understand your need for some time and space away f
  4. *grabs Loreina in a hug and twirls her around* Hey stranger! *grins* good to see you! How ya been?
  5. Congrats Lily! You look lovely in Green! *crowns with Daisy's and Ivy* Welcome to the Tower Aes Sedai Lily Elizabeth!
  6. Congratulations Elgee! *grins, hugs and showers in Daisy's and then snoopy dances* This is going to be wonderful!! You are going to be an amazing Keeper!
  7. Hello everyone! New month and new things are happening in the White boards! :) The October Logic Puzzles are posted, as is a new Knights and Knave puzzler! Also kicking off this month is a new monthly feature, The Round Table Talks! We will sponsor a discussion every month on a different topic and invite everyone to stop by, join in and sound out! This month as a beginning we are exploring Discussions! What makes a good discussion? What draws you to be involved or chases you away? Why do some folks lurk and never post thier own ideas? What makes a good topic? Lo
  8. *curtsies to the Mother Ducky, and kisses her hand, then in pure Twinnie fashion, bounces up, grabbing her in a huge hug, and snoopy dances her around the Hall!* Thank you Claire! I am excited and pleased to be chosen as the First Reasoner of the White ajah! I know I have a challenge and work ahead of me to bring the White Ajah to a more active and alive place! I'm looking forward to working with everyone, learning from all of you and getting to know many more of you than I do! *grins* And just as a note..those of you who applied for the White Ajah head..and connected with your i
  9. *tackles hugs Dwyn in a very "unwhite" way and grins* Who is going to bring out all my Whiteness with you gone oh wonderful one? Hmmmm? Thank you for all you have done and given to not just DM...but to each of us who benefitted from your wonder and speculation of the world in discussions, challenging us to think! You are a beautiful soul that has been an honor and pleasure to to get to know! Good luck! DO NOT be a stranger! *winks* I know how to find you! *hugs again* Thanks Dwyn for everything! *mutters* Now who is going to explain the logic puzzles to me....*chews
  10. Happy September everyone! New logic puzzles have been posted in the White Ajah for everyone to give thier minds a bit of a workout, whirl and just plain fun! (not responsible for any headaches though!) This month we have the Classic logic puzzle of Einstien's Problem, that gives us the form of the Zebra Logic Puzzle, one of the most common logic puzzles! There is also the challenge of the Knight and the Knave puzzler! Who is lying and who is telling the truth? Is someone Normal? You will have to figure it out! LOL! And last but not easiest..is the Induction Logic Puzzle
  11. *grins, hugs Claire, puts a crown of spring flowers on her head and gives her a big bouquet of diasy's...they are such happy flowers of course* COngratulations! I have only got to chat with you a bit in threads and pm's..but think you will be fantastic and look forward to what you will bring to the Tower!! Good look and may the Light shine on you always!
  12. I had never been to the cafe press store..been meaning to...*grins* but i have bookmarked both of the sights...I love mudflap by the way! I have long been a fan of the Vargas type of art! Actually I am going to have to get my hubby to look...my brother loves this style of art and i'm thinking there is where i may find his christmas gift this year! YEAH!
  13. yeah..it is a headache for Lor!! big time! I think some schools are more difficult than others to get the testing done as well..*shakes head* *grins* Did I start a coffee bar at the pub Jaim? LOL! I'm to lazy to look back at the other pages! Cherise you have stated it perfectly!! I love fresh hot black strong coffee with sweet things!! OMG...it just makes them both taste soooooo good!
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