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  1. Torrid red ajah. It's been a horrible year for me. One of the worst of my life.
  2. Dear Reds, My everything is cold. Also, my dog was chasing a ball and slammed her head into the wall. Love, The Red popsicle
  3. New month, new IWW woman! This month the Reds voted to learn more about: Benazir Bhutto Benazir Bhutto was born June 21, 1953, in Karachi, SE Pakistan, the eldest child of former premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He founded the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and was prime minister from 1971 to 1977. After completing her early education in Pakistan, she pursued her higher education in the United States. From 1969 to 1973, she attended Radcliffe College, and then Harvard University, where she graduated with a B.A. degree in comparative government. It was then onto the United Kingd
  4. Dear Reds, Court went really well. Huge fine but no jail time for the hubby. Now he just has to stay smart and not do anything stupid for five years. Dear Tam, You can keep all that! I hate the snow. Love, Thankful Red
  5. Dear Tamerya, It's great to see you back! And yes, those little ones love taking over your life, but the days are long and the years short. Stick around and enjoy yourself! Dear reds, Today is court day for the hubby. Wish us luck but I think it will go well. Love, Torrie
  6. Dear LG It's when you by old run down houses, fix and redesign them then sell them for profit.
  7. Dear Reds, First week at the new job went well, if a little slow for my tastes. On the plus side, I was told by two different people that I look like Joanna Gaines. Lol Signed, Going to start house flipping.
  8. Dear BlomBesie, Love them! **Snugglebites** Dear Reds, I got a job!!!!!!!!! I start on Monday. It's a B2B sales job with a company that works with molding polymer plastics. IT's only about 10 min from the house and has benefits. Not as much money as I would have liked, but It's more than I am getting for unemployment. Love, Finally employed
  9. And our spot lighted woman of the month is: Aung San Suu Kyi! Aung San Suu Kyi led the National League for Democracy (NLD) to a majority win in Myanmar's first openly contested election in 25 years in November 2015. The win came five years to the day since she was released from 15 years of house arrest. The 70-year-old spent much of her time between 1989 and 2010 in some form of detention because of her efforts to bring democracy to military-ruled Myanmar (Burma) - a fact that made her an international symbol of peaceful resistance in the face of oppression. In 1991, "
  10. Will it support my coffee and alcohol habits? Dear Wifi, **Snugglebites the mess out of you** Hope you feel better soon. Dear Reds, Yahoo mail is down. That is the email I use for all my job hunting. *Sigh* Hopefully the one job that I really really want didn't decide to reply today. Signed, Hunting Red
  11. Dear Ryrin, BOO!!!!!! Does that work? lol Dear Reds, I'm so bored. I need a job. Signed, Torrie
  12. Anyone can add their birthday. Just reply with the date and we will add it. Current and former Red Ajah members in Red. January: 19: Damane February: 9: Pankhuri 10: Raijin 22: U4EA - Loraine - MoN 25: Loranflame March: 5: Amadine 17: Millon 18: Deathdealer (Footman) 22: Tessandra 30: Lewstherin 31: Mystica April: 16: Zania 18: Nephitess 21: Mayleigh 23: Yelenia 30: Arya May: 5: Victoria 15: Briakale 16: Myrelle 18: Talya 30: Dragonsworn June: 28:Nailea 24: Damon July: 8: Crystal Tipps 9: Basel Gill 11: Marta Sedai August: 2: Karasayl 8: Elgee 19: ThorkinBarrimore 23: HeroAndros 24: T
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