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  1. Dear Reds, I'm in a weird mood today... I really wish I wasn't at work right now but it's my last day for a whole week (I work 2 weeks on 1 week off) so that's a plus.
  2. Hi eternalangel! elcome to the Red Ajah. Is that San Diego comic con? I was hopeing to go this year, maybe next year!
  3. There are, I think one of the things I like about this social group is the variety of groups who all have their own special qualities and traditions. I'ts always nice to visit the other ajahs. How are you enjoying your time so far at the tower?
  4. Crystal Tipps - Aes Sedai - Red Ajah I came to the event late as I was away for most of it.
  5. Oh no that's so sad :( *extra snugglebites for Dar* Thank you, I thought my avi needed updating.
  6. *lots of snugglebites for Dar* :( What's happened?
  7. Dear Reds, I did not want to get out of the shower today... I get so cold after working a 12 hour night shift and the shower was so hot... if only I could sleep there lol Brrrr!
  8. 689. When you finished rereading the series over a year ago and are still having withdrawal symptoms
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