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  1. I've been looking forward to seeing this book; I'd love to have a copy myself. *grins*
  2. I'm with you; this scene has clearly lost the plot. Where's the subtlty and grandeur that.... *pauses, remembers the beginning of this all* Nevermind. Library time it is.
  3. *gives a small, pleased bow to Loraine* Oh, and Daruya -- I can understand the confusion. *grins* I did actually write a self-indulgent Benty Potter fanfiction a while ago...
  4. My identity should have no bearing on my humble addition to these proceedings; I have no doubt the court will hold itself to the highest standards of justice regardless of who might appear before it. That said, I can certainly prove myself, should the occasion warrent. *grins* *whispers* And remember... I know where the pudding is buried...
  5. Mmm, coffee. I thank the court for its refreshments, as well as its wisdom. *grins*
  6. What sort of foolishness is this? A legal court of the White Tower behaving like a pack of Novices on apron strings, and fresh-off-the-cart farmboys? The question is not ownership, for that would hardly excuse misdoings, nor personal favor, for that would not sway justice. I will show that the defendant, the left boob of Nynaeve, is not only innocent of all charges, but above reproach in all things! There is no need, I am sure, to remind the court of the highly relevant decision in Westley v. Humperdinck which holds that whenever possible, boobs deserve the right to be judged as a pair, and accorded the full protection of the law. At no time has any complaint been leveled against the right boob, which by all accounts has been a model citizen. Thus, the charge must surely be considered as to whether, as a pair, some impropriety has been committed by Nynaeve’s boobs. I know I have no need to lecture this court on its proper conduct. As everyone knows, truth is widely held to be an absolute defense against slander, libel, and other public mischief – as the White Tower well upholds, pursuant to its own First Oath. To convict, censure, or otherwise punish a defendant for an act of truth is an offense against justice which this court will surely not permit. I then only need remind this court of the Honorable John Keats’ decision on Urn v. Time; “Beauty is truth, truth beauty, --that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” I submit that these boobs are indeed beautiful – no such charge otherwise has been alleged, nor could it be done so by even a viewer of the meanest character – and the defendant no less so than the right boob. By virtue of their obvious and impressive truth, then, there is no question that all charges against Nynaeve’s left boob must be immediately dropped. Whatever small-minded accusations may be brought, the majesty of the law can admit of no other course of action in this matter.
  7. Let's see... where did I leave that closet full of skeletons? *grins* Setting aside that she appears to have mislead the court regarding her role in the creation of the White Tower, and her well-documeted abuse of the critical resources of our pudding mines, there are more serious matters at hand. For the court's consideration, I submit the "Incident with Sathinar" wherein she did willfully abandon her position as Amyrlin in a time of the Tower's need -- while Darkfriend assault threatened the very walls of Tar Valon, Kathana was off cavorting with known disruptive elements, leaving the Hall of the Tower in disarray. Additionally, consider the string of Keepers that she has discarded through the years -- clearly driven mad by the demands this woman placed upon them, driving them to the limits of their sanity to fufill her mad whims. And of course, there's this JordanCon thing. Obviously a cult devoted to unquestioning obedience; I expect the Consuite to serve a better grade of Kool-Aid next time, by the way. *grins*
  8. Really, Elan? Are you _sure_ you want to say something like that to someone who's possibly secretly Forsaken? *grins* Also, Dwyn, I'd have to say that pretty much any scene with Verin's a good one...
  9. One thing I'm curious about is, where would you recommend that someone new to your work start reading? (I usually recommend 'The Magic Engineer,' but I might be biased as that was the first of yours that I discovered.)
  10. Happy birthday to Dragonmount again! *grins* I'm not around as much lately, but I've always got a fond feeling for this place, as it's been such a part of my life.
  11. Congratulations on your ascension to the Seat, Elgee! *grins* I'm sure you'll do great.
  12. Aww... Many thanks to Dwynwen for being an awesome Aes Sedai and a great Keeper! It's too bad I wasn't around for more of your Keeper-ship-ness, but I know you've done a lot of good work for the site, both for the Aes Sedai as a whole, and for the Whites specifically. And when you go off into retirement, just remember to let me know where you are so I can bring you drinks and rub on your suntan lotion. *grins* A burnt Aes Sedai is not a good thing.
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